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"Sometimes Experts Just Lie": Conversation with Jeremiah Hosea

The WHO and a Quick Collection of News

How They Tricked Us in 2020: Are They Doing It Again?

Three Years of COVID: A Tale of S&M

Isolation Camps in New York: Fighting the Dragon That Doesn't Want to Die

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The Return of the Soviet Cashier

The State of Modern Medicine: How We’ve Been Duped

Swimming with Zombies: How To Protect Your Heart

Color Revolutions in the Post-Soviet Space: A Conversation with Johnny Vedmore

Want to Fight Climate Change? Chop Down 'Em Trees

False Advertising: A Short Collection of News and Thoughts

Laughing Hysterically Through Tears: A Russian-Style Conversation with Riley Waggaman

"Should We Erase Bad Memories?"

Manufacturing People and Large Language Models for Biology: Mommy, No!

A small Substack milestone

Philosophy of Medicine: Everything Is a Relationship

Leave it to the experts to screw things up!

Washing Clothes with Recycled Toilet Water, Coming to You Soon

Theft of Words and the Nose

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Meet the Clumsy Elephant in a China Shop: Can Tonsil Removal Provoke Polio and Autoimmune Disease?

Living History Bravely: A Conversation with Anaïs Tekerian

A Great John Taylor Gatto Interview

Trust and Trickery: A Conversation with Mathew Crawford

The Bad Witch and Weaponized Pain: A Children’s Tale

Rejecting the Plastic Cage: A Conversation with Paul Cudenec

Existential matters and historical perspective: a conversation with Dr. Garcia on his podcast

How Real Optimism Works

Zoopharmacognosy + my interview for Johnny Vedmore's podcast

Doubling Down on Love: How to Stay Calm When It Hurts

Anatomy of Forgiveness

Good and Evil, as Seen Through the Eyes of a Friend

COVID and the Left: Conversation with Mickey Z

Companion Robots: A New Way to Betray the Elders

Synthetic Human Embryos and Other Hype

"Science wars—How much risk should soldiers be exposed to in military experimentation?"

Does Humanity Need DARPA's Travel Adapter for Human Body?

Better to Be Human Than a Robot

When No One Can Work, What Will We Do?

Control Maniacs: Envy, Thievery, and Proverbial Vampires


Infectious Theory of Alzheimer's Disease + "Unusual" Increase of Severe Myocarditis in Babies

Healing Trauma: Better Than Holding on to Trauma

The World, Explained

"Most COVID-19 Deaths May Be The Result of a Completely Different Infection"

Siri, What Is Fascism?

Dignity + Courage + Love = Holding the Line

Running Away from Cults: A Conversation with Alicen Grey

I am back + the history of lobotomy

Back in the USSR

Venom, COVID, and Neanderthal Genes: Conversation with Dr. Tau Braun

Redefining "Hospital"

SARS-CoV-2 mentioned in 2006 (thanks Igor), Tucker fired, and alternative math

Censorship is Absurd

Running Away from Cults

Welcome to Infiltration

Do NOT Flush Your Toilet, Planet Killer

What's Causing Adverse Health Effects? Today in New York, It's Ozone

Is Your Hero from the CIA?

Anthem COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive Program

Stop the Presses! J.J. Couey Ends the "Virus or No Virus" Debate by Bringing in Nuance

Twitter is Censoring Substack

American Gestapo Doesn't Like Memes

The Brave Heart Behind Legal Victories: A Conversation with Leslie Manookian

What Drives the Great Reset? A Conversation with Steven Newcomb

Long-Distance Kissing Machine

My CHD Interview and a Beautiful Conversation with Dr. Meryl Nass and Vera Sharav

Soul Deprivation and the Trojan Horse of Wokism

Smart Cattlewear for All the Citizens, Please, Sooner

Talking About the Historical Global Trauma with Mathew Crawford

The Battle for Your Brain: A Conversation with Igor Chudov

Triggeroo and the Mother of All Psyops

The Treason of the Experts: A Conversation with Thomas Harrington

A Maneuvering Peasant Trying to Survive: A News Digest

On the Nature of Good and Evil and Historical Psyops

The Absurdity of the "New Normal": A Conversation with Dr. Emanuel Garcia in New Zealand

Air Vaccines? A Conversation with Whistleblowers at Houston Methodist

Skipping Breakfast for the Rockefellers and Other News

War-Time Rationing from the U of Leeds and a Call for Older Japanese to Kill Themselves

“American Chenobyl”

"I'm Not Going to Stop": A Conversation with Attorney Jeff Childers (Coffee & Covid)

One Step Closer to Capped Programmable Money

Impersonator alert: Don't text that number, please

The Walls of Surveillance and Indignity, Erected Before Our Eyes

Honest People Series: Pascal Najadi, an International Banker Who Filed Criminal Charges against President of Switzerland

Researchers discover a previously unknown part of the brain, says the World Economic Forum

“We made some mistakes”: A project at restoration of (fictional) normalcy

Saviors! Deloitte Improves Humans

The Long Arc of Life: Choices and Costs

Solar Panel Bandits + Whistleblower News + Armenian Song

What's Happening in the Medical Freedom Movement?

“COVID Response”: Abuse Is Abuse Is Abuse

Davosrobofolk: "Transforming Medicine, Redefining Life"

Universal Digital Payment Network Unveiled at DAVOS

Unusual Podcast Episode: A Conversation with Cyd Ropp

Censorship of Private Communications and an Old Tale of Radioactive Paints

Mickey Z: "Amazon Clinic" is here (healthcare without the health or the care)


How Real Is Our Reality? An Old Interview with Ex Agent John Stockwell

Soul & Philosophy

COVID and the Great Reset

Coming of Age and Not Being Bothered by Monsters

Defeating the Bulldozer with Love

The Butchering Laughing Stock of Most Normal People: The CDC

Andrew Bridgen MP Suspended But Fighting Back

Pfizer in the Sky: "Science Will Win"

How Do We Know What We Know?

The Little Guy under the Military Boot, Trying to Get Out

Fired for Helping Patients: A Conversation with Dr. John Day

Bloomberg Magazine: Forget About Peaceful Protests

On False Prophets and Lying as Form of Sorcery

A Fauci Prayer That Sounds So 2022