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Laughing Hysterically Through Tears: A Russian-Style Conversation with Riley Waggaman

War and peace, 2023

This story is about my conversation with Riley Waggaman, my favorite “COVID Russia” blogger and a friend.

We talked about the things that weigh on many souls: the disgusting nature of wars, the cannon meat, and the tragedy of “the current thing.” We also rather passionately ridiculed the trend of turning honest differences in opinion into crusades.

All in all, the conversation turned out a little cray-cray but charmingly so. Very Russian cray-cray.

On that day, Riley wasn’t feeling particularly chatty due to, well, there being a war. So we talked about philosophy and laughed about all the horrible things like proper Russians do. (Riley is American, of course, but he has lived over there for so long that his sense of humor is more Russian than mine.)

This was our second conversation. Our first one happened just before the start of the war. That time around, it was all “information,” we talked about the Russian “great reset” and the connections between various Russian characters and the WEF.

All in all, Riley is my go-to source for all things Russia. He is a very deep thinker and a witty writer. Go Riley, in other words.

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