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What Drives the Great Reset? A Conversation with Steven Newcomb

A difficult conversation about love, human relations, and the Mother of All Psyops


Shocking, but I am at odds with the mainstream. Not only have I been at odds with the mainstream of the past three years—that’s a no-brainer—but in fact, I have been at odds with the mainstream of the past few thousand years, and I have been at odds with it ever since I was a kid.

All my life, it has been extremely important for me to understand the truth about how things work. All my life, even before I learned any fancy philosophy, my spiritual radar has been sensing a rat in the plot. Then—little by little,  through pain and mistakes— my brain learned to unlearn the noise, followed my heart,  and connected the dots… but then what do you do when you connect the dots but the world still remains a psyop?

People really don’t like to be challenged on their idolatry (i.e. addiction to dogma), and that is a fact. Contradicting one’s dogma is the easiest way to “offend.” But see, the world still needs to heal! And while there are many issues with our world, the underlying issue is that we’ve been lied to about the sacred. Our parents have been lied to about the sacred. Our grandparents have been lied to about the sacred. The parents of our grandparents have been lied to about the sacred. Their parents, and their parents’ parents have been lied about the sacred, and…

And here is a big paradox. Despite that crap,  there has been soul-healing beauty all along. There has been love. Even when horribly deprived of the facts, people have been figuring out the real sacred from the inside, and showing each other love. Sometimes with difficulty, sometimes successfully, and sometimes (often), through many mistakes. But, in the absence of reliable wisdom from the outside, what do we have besides the compass of our pure hearts?

Now to the story: the Mother of All Psyops

This story, based on my third interview with my brilliant friend Steven Newcomb (1, 2), is about our capacity for love as our only weapon against the Mother of All Psyops—which is that God Himself is a eugenicist God.  

Why is it the Mother of All Psyops? Because it is the elephant in the room, impacting all human relations and weaving our entire world history as a sequence of great resets—staged as a twisted game of musical chairs. Without getting honest and pure and brave beyond words and honoring the love of our ancestors while expelling the ancient sorcery, the lie of a eugenicist God, all our talk about defeating the Great Reset is just that, talk.

Acknowledging the fictional and cruel nature of this foundational psyop and its role in the Great Reset—and rejecting the ancient spiritual abuse done upon us all (in different ways, depending on where we found ourselves during the last round of the game of musical chairs) is a prerequisite for our ability to restore our true spiritual home and our real strength against the Great Reset.  It is a prerequisite for being able to heal our relationship with the divine and with our ancestors, as they were, in all the complexity of our history, as it has been.

And we can only do it with love. Without love, it is easy to drown and get confused, dogmatic, angry, or sad. Without love, we are just bodies.  And, messy as everything has been, we are certainly not born to decimate each other in turns. We are also not born for guilt and pain. We are born to be able to tolerate the pain of the circumstance for as long as we need to deal with the circumstance while working to improve it. We are born to brave the stormy waters, and to live in humble awe and joy. (The humble part is not sad, it’s just submitting, as a valid and dignified person, with trust, to the loving force that carries us up in ways that sometimes we can’t understand.)

Meanwhile, the elephant in the room is requiring attention—and this uncomfortable elephant is not going to tiptoe out of the room on its own. It’s going to make a scene!!! And if we don’t voluntarily deal with reality, reality will have no problem transforming itself into a not so great reset of such gigantic and global proportions that the formerly dignified and the formerly proud will find themselves in rags and without a stone to stand on, and stay this way until the very last squeak of pride evaporates. I’d rather we let go of our arrogant tendencies on our good will and remember the love with awe and don’t wait until we have nothing left.

This interview is extremely important. I personally believe that Steven’s framework, his work about the System of Domination, is one of the best and most useful formal intellectual frameworks anyone has come up with in the past few decades to explain the world and its great resets. His explanation is honest, and he has the love. And we need honest explanations like we need oxygen if we want to solve our problems, as opposed to just switch the channel to a different fake program and dream a sweeter dream.

So the question is, how do we keep the love of our dear ancestors and the respect for all the good energy of their hearts, all the good energy and hope and love that they have put into this world using the best words they had—and reject the big lie?

Perhaps that is why we are here on Earth, today, to figure it out. Perhaps, it’s time to let go of dogma and remember the love.

UPDATE: Here is a Rumble link as well.

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