Trust and Trickery: A Conversation with Mathew Crawford

Good, bad, and ugly. And a must-watch


This story is about my conversation with Mathew Crawford. The conversation was recorded a few weeks ago (late May), and I am glad to be finally publishing it, with apologies to Mathew for the delay.

This is one of those interviews that you just have to listen to as it flows. The first hour is a sparkly philosophy hour, and the second hour is, to my senses, also a philosophy hour but that is where it also gets to the intensity of the plot, the overall shared concerns, agreements, disagreements, and the differences between Mathew’s battle style and mine. The second part starts approximately at 1:11:00.

I originally wanted to include proper written analysis, as in, here is what Mathew thinks, here is what I think, here’s where we agree, here’s where we disagree, here’s why, blah blah blah. But I can’t. It all just hurts too much. It’s similar to how I can’t write an “analytical piece” about the war in Ukraine. I just can’t do it. My people, on both sides!  In tears and blood. So what analysis do I do, analysis of tears and blood?!! (This is a comparison, Mathew and I didn’t talk about the war in Ukraine in this interview but the reason why my fingers aren’t so eager to type an “analytical piece” about this interview is because I hate to see good people in pain, in more ways they know.)

Here is a semblance of analysis. I think that Mathew is spot on about DMED (DoD’s medical database) and here is my first interview with Mathew that describes the DMED plot in great detail, and also another article of mine about it on Dr. Mercola’s Substack)

I think that because Mathew is spot on about DMED—and it’s bigger than life—he is being targeted with cruelty in multiple ways, including dirty ways. Whether it’s happening exactly how he sees it or differently, time will tell. I think that the MFM is packed with dirty players, pretenders, hypnotists, and spies who are very good at hiding and blowing smoke. In any case, Mathew has been through a lot, and I applaud his desire to stand his ground with DMED.

Whether silencing Mathew implies directly World War III and the destruction of the United States—and whether it therefore justifies scorched earth (which is my subjective impression of Mathew’s approach as of this second)—I am not so sure.

My battling style is much different. I am going to speak of my own experience here because this is what I know best. In my own life, I have found that even when your life is threatened, you make for a much more effective warrior with a much better situational awareness and decision making ability when you fight your battle from love (“love” is not an abstraction and not a call for kumbaya, it’s rather a word that describes the state that shows up once after many years, you suddenly grasp on a sensory level how the world works at large, and feel absolute faith in the Creator and the universe). For the record, I have not lived a sheltered life and have dealt with life-threatening situations, physical violence, etc. For the record, I have my challenges now that I deal with, yes, from a place of love. And yes, like somebody said in comments about something else, slaying monsters is what we do to protect the ones we love. Yes, yes—but without being spiritually grounded and willing to let go of any anxiety and delegate your judgement to the higher powers, you may start slaying everything around indiscriminately because everything looks like a monster when you feel like a target, and then it quickly becomes a mess. And I think there are lots of people in our dear alphabet community who love it when we, good people, do that.

All in all, I completely support Mathew on his DMED quest, and I think that the people truly messing with him are thieves. Some of what Mathew says I am not qualified to talk about because I have not looked into it enough, and one thing where I don’t agree with Mathew is his stance on Robert Malone. You can hear all our back and forth in the interview, it’s a good interview, and it gives an idea of who thinks what, I am not writing a gossip column here, so…

The way I see it is that Robert has his own piece of the puzzle that is “bigger than life,” i.e. his mainstream credentials that make it easier for him than for, say, me, to get through to the regular people in the mainstream. (And let’s face it, without finding a common language with the regular people in the mainstream, we the dissidents are small in numbers, and as good as it feels to praise each other and shake our fists in the air, it takes more numbers to “defeat the great reset.”) And, because Robert’s piece of the puzzle is also bigger than life, he is also targeted and messed with, perhaps by the same Bad Witch (I actually wrote that fairy tale in part because I wanted to describe a dynamic without going brainy and getting lost in “talking points.”)

There is a very specific psychological (and hypnotic) technique that pushes all the painful buttons, destroys the social connections of a “dangerous” person by activating the person’s weaknesses and making the person overreact to genuine oppression and intimidation, and voila. Like, does anyone seriously think that there is not an army of psychological specialists and proverbial Bad Witches trying to mess with people’s heads so that the people who full well could counter them instead spend all their time feeling pain and shaking the fists in the air? Like, it’s been done all throughout history, and not now?

Yes, there are real bad people involved in all this. I think the “cast” of that movie is a little bit different from the usual content of our MFM gossip columns (not referring to Mathew, Mathew is not a gossip columnist, he is sincere). But time will tell.

In any case, what I see is, in addition to proverbial Bad Witches, is many good men going at each other with blunt weapons and war cries. All sincere ones feel wounded and threatened. And frankly, they do in earnest hurt each other, too.

What I see is a proverbial Bad Witch waving her magic wand to weaponize people’s individual weaknesses against them and our entire community.

So how about this call for action. Each of us is free to decide what we think about each individual plot, who is good, who is bad, etc. I, for one, am capable of maintaining honest relationships across intellectual lines.

But, regardless of individual feelings about anyone involved, can we all please pray for clarity and truth? Whatever it is, can we set aside our desire for the truth to be what we think it is and just pray for the higher powers to bring us clarity and truth? Can we pray to be guided to see who is helping us, who is trying to harm us intentionally, who is messed up and wounded, and how to protect ourselves in way that is spiritually sound?

My request is to pray for clarity and, if there is a spell by a Bad Witch, for its speedy removal and for the restoration of our good senses and our hearts.

I pray for the restoration of clarity. I pray from my heart.

I am just one person, I know nothing, and I need help.

There has been enough suffering.

There has been enough bad choices made from spells.

Time to put our brave hearts together and pray to undo them.

Let us have peace and good senses, and let the Bad Witch leave us and look for prey elsewhere. Not here.

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