What's Causing Adverse Health Effects? Today in New York, It's Ozone

"The New York State Department of Health recommends that individuals consider limiting strenuous outdoors physical activity to reduce the risk of adverse health effects"


Yesterday, I found myself in front of a TV. I don’t have a TV at home, so when I saw one, I just stared. :)

During the first five minutes in front of the TV, I saw a news announcement that made me rub my eyes.

The running line at the bottom of the screen was saying that today, due to an increased air quality index based on the levels of ozone, New Yorkers are advised to limit strenuous physical activity outdoors so avoid “adverse health effects.”

And I was like, wow. They are really setting the stage for climate lockdowns now, aren’t they? Wow.

First, for the sake of good journalism, here is the “straight” context of the running line:

Air Quality Health Advisory Issued for Long Island, New York City Metro, Lower Hudson Valley, Eastern Lake Ontario, Central and Western New York

And now let’s look at the Orwellian, Pavlovian side.

In my opinion, this little running line kills several large birds with one stone.

  • Is there maybe something else that most people in New York took and that is causing unusual adverse health effects at an usual rate? What could it be? Anyone knows?

  • And yes, it’s true, air pollution is bad for health. Very bad.

  • However, air pollution would be a less if they didn’t do things like, for example, spraying the skies with crap. Are they by any chance going to stop spraying the skies with crap?

  • There is also an incestuous relationship between the talking point about “air pollution” and the talking point about “climate change,” and we know how the latter one goes.

  • By the way, continuous poisoning of citizens with multiple toxins, including glyphosate—for decades—is also bad. And radiation form Fukushima. And multiple chemical spills. And food additives. And “lab-grown meat” made from fast-dividing precancerous cells. And EMFs. And the trend is only growing, and it includes that one thing that obviously does not cause any adverse health effects even though everything else does.

  • And finally, call me a conspiracy theorist despite the past three years but methinks that advising people to limit strenuous physical activity outdoors is psychological prep for the climate-flavored two weeks to flatten the curve. Perhaps the proverbial “elites” have figured out that the peasants have stopped reacting to their barking obediently—and so they decided to convince us to “stay home (smarthome, preferably) for climate” because the air outside is dangerous to our health? It’s for our own good.

    I want my unpoisoned world back. I miss it. I want my unpoisoned world back.

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