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Venom, COVID, and Neanderthal Genes: Conversation with Dr. Tau Braun

A delightful conversation and a non-sensationalist take.

First, a clarification about the article I sent this morning. That article was written on this day three years ago. It was my first “COVID dissident” post— and my step into the unknown. When I was clicking “Publish” three years ago, I had no idea what would happen once I go public with my views. But I had to go public because a coward, I am not. I am not a coward. I am many things but a coward, I am not.

And also, that article talks about the physical world because it was the very beginning of the war on touch, the very beginning of the military-grade psychological operation to make as many people as possible love and trust Our Dear Leaders more than those in their lives who remained unaffected by the propaganda and unhypnotized.

When I shared that three-year-old outcry and song this morning, I kind of assumed that it’s obvious that we are not meat bags, and that we exist in many places besides the visible, three-dimensional world. What I meant by saying that the physical world is the only one we have is that life is lived in person, face to face, skin to skin. It’s not a screen affair, that life of ours.

With that out of the way…

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This story is a conversation with Dr. Tau Braun, and you just have to watch it since it’s impossible to pin our conversation down to any one talking point. Dr. Braun’s brain goes at fifteen hundred thousand miles an hour, which I greatly enjoyed because my mind kind of works the same way. So to me, it was just intellectual delight.

I could make a super sensationalist post out of our conversation because we talked about some juicy stuff but it’s against my principles, so I am just going to say, it was a really interesting, unique and unrestrained conversation done with intellectual integrity and joy of life.

We talked about crisis management, venom-like attributes of the spike protein, “war strategies” of parasites, and the war of modern day humans against the Neanderthals.

The latter intrigued me. Dr. Braun is of the opinion that the thing that we know as “spike protein” was specifically designed to be not so great for the people with genes inherited from the free-roaming, awe-feeling Neanderthals. I knew nothing about it at the time of the interview, so I looked it up, and what do you know, even the CNN says that having genes attributed to Neanderthals was making people’s “COVID” bad. Here is also a Nature paper. But then the CNN says the exact opposite. And here is a Science Daily article that claims that it works both ways. Allegedly, some Neanderthal genes make “COVID” better, and some make it worse. I honestly don’t know and welcome educated opinions, and I also think that human body is very complex, and genetics is not a thing in itself but something that works in conjunction with many factors including the microbiome.

Speaking of the microbiome, it was last year’s presentation by Dr. Braun that sent me down a particular rabbit hole and compelled me to write these two articles that I consider some of the more important articles that wrote (here and here).

Dr. Braun’s formal bio:

Dr. Braun is a clinical psychologist and a counterterrorism expert. As a U.S. National Counterterrorism and Emergency Management SME, Dr. Braun advises and trains educational institutions, healthcare facilities, corporations (including Fortune 100 and 500 companies), and both state and federal government organizations in Violence Prevention Strategies and Crisis Response, such as Threat Management; Active Attacker Prevention and Response, Counterterrorism, and Crisis Leadership. In 2019, Dr. Braun provided testimony on Mass Violence to the Texas Senate, and is regularly a speaker at global conferences. During the COVID crisis, Dr. Braun found himself in the epicenter, New York City, and shifted his focus towards mitigation and prevention strategies against the virus, a non-human mass casualty attacker, causing immense amounts of human suffering. Dr. Braun is currently investigating the bio-synthetic aspects of SARS-CoV2, the possibility that it is a military-grade biological weapon, and mapping its pathophysiology.

Last but not least: Dr. Braun is the founder of BioChem Engineering, and he makes a very good copper product. This is not sponsored product placement, I just really like it and it is not widely known yet, so I feel good about mentioning it.

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Tessa Fights Robots is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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