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COVID and the Left: Conversation with Mickey Z

We talked about COVID, corporate activism, and good manners :)

This story is about my conversation with Mickey Z.

Mickey is the charismatic person behind the Post-Woke Substack and podcast who has lived quite a fascinating life so far.

He is one of the very few “successful” lefty activists and writers who saw right though the COVID weirdness early on, and who chose to speak his mind despite the pushback from “his” crowd.

Mickey is also a kind, compassionate person who has a habit of going out of his way to help the ones in need, which is perhaps the real authentic meaning of the word “activist.”

In the interview, we talked about life, Mickey’s adventures, the sources of courage, and the danger of getting used to popularity and censoring yourself for “likes.”

Mickey is such a lovely human being, I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!

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