"Sometimes Experts Just Lie": Conversation with Jeremiah Hosea

A sparkly conversation about the drama of the past 3 years


This story is about my conversation with Jeremiah Hosea. Jeremiah is a legend of the New York underground music scene, a bass player, and a chess teacher. Recently, he started a Substack, and he also has a brand new show on Gary Null’s Progressive Radio Network called The Bassline. The archive of Jeremiah’s radio show can be found here, and I am very happy to say that I was a guest on his show the same week we recorded this interview.

In this interview here, Jeremiah and I talked about his journey, including how everything changed for him in 2020 when the politicians stole his ability to work as a teacher or as a musician, and his “lefty” activist friends denounced him, stopped talking to him, and accused him of being “right-wing” based on his personal medical choices. What a familiar plot….

We also talked about how some of the people who had been militantly yelling at the dissidents and accusing us of all sorts of ridiculous things are now starting to come around.

On my end, I feel generally loving about it, as opposed to bitter. People make messes—we all do at different times and in different ways—and then hopefully, have the balls to come around and fix them. This is a big part of how we learn. Once the other person who had done hurtful things not due to bad intention but due to being under the influence of bad habits or bad ghosts, made a choice to leave the bad habits behind, opened his or her ears to me, stopped being so damn arrogant, and demonstrated good will with consistency, I forget the pain in earnest and focus on joy. And if that doesn’t happen, I just move on and still focus on joy. That’s what my entire approach to forgiveness is about, it’s about focusing on joy.

Jeremiah seems to have a kindness in his heart toward the people who come around also—but I don’t want to put written words into his mouth, please watch the interview and see.

On a side note, here is Jeremiah’s song from 2009 (!!) called “Fascism.” It’s a great song that has a new meaning in 2023.

As a call / response kind of thing, I am compelled to include my song released in 2017.

I hope you enjoy my conversation with Jeremiah as much as I did talking to him!


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