Soul & Philosophy

Why Totalitarianism


Letter from 2021 to Children of Pandemic

The Great Reset and the Tyrant in the Mirror

A Proud Intellectual: A Tale of Strange Conformism

Breaking Up With Fear and Conformity

Grow Some Balls: A Sour Letter to Establishment Intellectuals

Anatomy of Forgiveness

A Philosophical Boo to Political Correctness: People Are Not Machines

Against the Thievery

Broken People, Isms, and Great Reset

Coming of Age and Not Being Bothered by Monsters

On False Prophets and Lying as Form of Sorcery

The "Chaos Agents" and the Marketing Tricks; Also Love

On Loving Our Elders

A Prayer for the Imperfect

The Sorcery of the Cancel Culture and “Mass Formation” Neurosis

The Myth of Progress

Deprecating Free Will: A Future We Don't Have to Accept

Emily Oster: The Broken Child. The Missionary

"Emotional Physics": A Poetic Analysis of the "System of Domination"

On the Ghost of Disconnection

The Ghost of Self-Importance

On the Tricky Ghost of Joylessness

War Is Horrible

Born to Dare

The Establishment. The Machine. The Human Being

Why Bother Speaking the Truth

Imperfect People, Pedaling toward Happiness

Resisting the Great Reset Without Being Scared

On the Soviet Man and the Groundhog Day

On Healing Forward

Tale of Tiny Man with Scissors: How Abstract Thinking Became Concrete Prison

Philosophy Hour: Russian Exceptionalism vs. American Exceptionalism

No Fear in the House of Love

On Massive Love

Anatomy of Deceit

Reality vs. Lie

A Pfizer Dream

A Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors

Made of Love and Fueled by Courage

Love and Unity During the Ugly Attempt at the Great Reset

Love vs. Ghost-Feeding, at the Time of the Great Reset

Parasites and Mind Tricks: A Story of Seduction, Gaslighting, and Poisons

Yes, We Do Have Soul Authority

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