Pfizer in the Sky: "Science Will Win"

Oh, the little symbols of the Great Reset...

This hologram show came to life courtesy of the advertising agency called F5 Shanghai, to “spread Pfizer’s expertise in very unforgettable ways.”

1,000 drones formed symbols, and thus acted like a health tips pictogram projected in the sky. Health tips could be seen by villagers and those who lived miles away. Pfizer also worked closely with the local health government to ensure that the symbols were truly relevant, customized, and useful to all villagers. There were six health tips — one for every member of the family — baby, child, mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother. During the performance, a narrator on-ground also provided more details to the audience about what the health symbols represented. There were also speeches to let people know more about Pfizer’s mission, the objective of the campaign, and how everyone can benefit from Pfizer’s innovative spirit, no matter where they lived.

The outrageous show in the sky has a funny personal meaning to me.

When I was a teen, interested first and foremost in figuring out the meaning of life—and looking into every philosophical and theological tradition available to me to figure that out—I had an Eastern philosophy phase. While I was in my Eastern philosophy phase, many adults were telling me (frequently, and out of love) that it was very imprudent of me since everybody except Orthodox Christians was certainly going to hell.

That brought me pain. I had to constantly defend myself, and because the threats of hell were made from love, it was a very confusing thing. And no matter how strongly I argued and thought intellectually that it was a fabrication by broken and hurting adults, the constant lecturing on the prospects of hell was rubbing off on me.

So one day, I had a dream. I dreamed that the word in the street was that the world was about to end. And I thought, “Oh crap. What if they were right, and I am about to go to hell? Should I repent now just in case? Who is right?!!”

As I was waiting with great unease for the plot to unfold, a voice thundered in the sky, announcing something along the lines of the end of the world.

And then, from the horizon and into the sky, in place of the sun, a giant Pepsi Cola rose.

And then I just started laughing from my gut, and I laughed so hard that I woke up.

That dream somehow got stuck in my head, so last year, when I saw that the Pfizer logo in the sky, I thought, wow, some dreams come true.

My old dream about the corporate end of the world was the dream of the Great Reset!!

Also, for giggles, this (not a real dream, a Pfizer satire).

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On a related note, I few years ago, I wrote this song about a dystopian transhumanist world and 3D advertisements in the sky. I didn’t mean is as an instruction manual, though!! I really didn’t!!

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