COVID and the Great Reset

Arénie, 9

Here are some of my essays on COVID, transhumanism, 4IR, and the Great Reset. I became outspoken about the totalitarian nature of the beast in April 2020, and never looked back. In a funny way, these three crazy years became the years of the truth. Do you feel the same way?

The Great Reset for Dummies

What's Happening in the Medical Freedom Movement?

A War on (Free) Natural Immunity

Corruption in the Medical Establishment

The Last Squeeze: Digital Colonization as Manifest Destiny 2.0

Pandemic, Meet Panopticon. Panopticon, Meet Pandemic.

The Synthetic Age: Welcome to the Genocide

Emily Oster: The Broken Child. The Missionary

What Is a Conspiracy?

#BuildingBackBetter: A "Respectable" Conspiracy

"Killing Nurses of the Third Reich": A Stunning Documentary about Disgusting Things

Betrayal and Extermination of Property Owners: A Thought Experiment


Hello, Smartmask? Hello, New Normal?

First the Great Reset, and Now Happytalism

Hello, New Normal. Hello, Behavioral Modification

The Heart of a Child

Attack on Herbs and Supplements Is a Racket

Politically Homeless: How I Kept My Soul in 2020

What's in the Vials? A Conversation with a Team in New Zealand About Mystery Objects They Found

You Will Eat Ze Bugs and Mobsters Will Make Ze Money

Who Is the Terrorist?

The Physical World Is The Only World We Have

(It’s my first Substack essay from April 2020, and it is built on the juxtaposition of our real world, in which we interact with in each other in flesh, and the digital dystopia.)

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