Rejecting the Plastic Cage: A Conversation with Paul Cudenec

On tyranny and our power


This story is my interview with Paul Cudenec. It is my third conversation with Paul, the earlier ones can be found here and here.

I like Paul’s work a lot, and I really enjoyed our interview. He is a very original and honest thinker who does fantastic journalism with soul. Like I wrote in my earlier article,

Paul has written a great number of superbly extensive articles about the Great Reset, Global Shapers, Prince Charles, and so many other things. If you start anywhere on his website, you can stay there for days! Recently, he published a book called “Fascism Rebranded.”

(Since that time, Paul has published more books, they can be found here.)

Every time Paul and I talk, we end up going deep, which I love! This time around, we talked about the challenges of being real in a plastic world, about the upside-down use of language to smear dissidents—and most importantly, about joy.

Speaking of joy, here is a quote from one of Paul’s articles where he wrote:

The joy we gain from coming together with other people is the joy of remembering our belonging to a greater natural entity, the joy of remembering who we are.

The system wants us to forget. It wants us to forget our history, it wants us to forget all the crimes it has committed against us, it wants us to forget that we need love and freedom in order to flourish, it wants us to forget that we belong to something much older and much more powerful than its ephemeral money-based empire.

But ignorance or denial of that belonging does not affect its reality.

When we come together and feel with-energy, we connect to that reality.

When we understand what this with-energy is, we are remembering that reality.

When, together, we consciously use our with-energy to reclaim our belonging to that reality, we will become so strong and so free that no system will be able to hold us down.

Amen to that, and thank you, Paul.

PS. The interview was recorded in early April. I wanted to publish it much earlier but had to deal with a bunch of personal stuff and ended up with a huge backlog of interviews, and I will be publishing them one by one in the next few days, they are all really interesting interviews, and I am excited about all of them. Importantly, I feel very grateful to all my guests who have been kind. I tend to deal with issues like a proper Russian (very stoically!) but sometimes, I, too, need kindness. Kindness has the tremendous power to make things good no matter the circumstance.

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