Sitemap - 2021 - Tessa Fights Robots

Merry Christmas: Dark Comedy Edition

Merry Christmas and a Prayer for Joy

A Conversation with Dr. Emanuel Garcia in New Zealand

"Reality Privilege"

Quick Update: Nick Perry Promises to Strike A416 (a New York Bill Allowing Detention of Those Dangerous to Public Health)

Totalitarian Trajectory Vs. Courage: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

Santa Gets Arrested, Healthy People Get Force-Quarantined... Dr. Francis Collins Sings

Reality vs. Lie

Little-Known Facts about the 1918 Pandemic + Life or Fiction?

Honest People Series: Professor Mark Crispin Miller's Victory at NYU

A Song for a Child

My Article on Natural Immunity on Mercola + Boosters for Life + Australia

Honest People Series: Dr. Mary Bowden

Look! Look! A Golden Goose! Everyone Meet Omicron

Seeing the Face of the Machine: Medical Edition

No Fear in the House of Love

Anatomy of Deceit


My Article About Complete Overhaul of U.S. Financial System Published by Mercola

Why Bother Speaking the Truth

Honest People Series: Dr. Byram Bridle

Land Grab for "Climate"? Land Confiscated from Midwestern Farmers

On Healing Forward

My Article on Secret Military Experiments Published on Mercola

"Emotional Physics": A Poetic Analysis of the "System of Domination"

My Story on AI "Doctors" and 2019 Report Pushing for AI Medicine Published by Mercola

Reader Story: Umbrellas and Love

The Great Reset and the Doctrine of Domination: A Conversation with Steven Newcomb

Under New Normal, Your Umbrella Won't Work Unless Everyone Has One

A Great Interview with Dr. Lee Merritt, Plus Gruesome Past Experiments

DHS and Friends Dispersing "Harmless Substances" in New York

On Loving Our Elders

Healthy Technology Act of 2021: A Bill to Introduce AI Doctors

Dr. Peter McCullough's Stunning Talk and More

On Medical Sovereignty

Military Doctor Affidavit and "Reproductive Responsibility for Men" (Hopefully, a Satire)

On Existential Mystery and Robber Barons Masked as People's Reformers

"Killing Nurses of the Third Reich": A Stunning Documentary about Disgusting Things

A Prayer for the Imperfect

A UK Funeral Director and a VAERS paper

A Crisis in Idaho or in Journalism?

Yes, We Do Have Soul Authority

On Gain-of-Function, Lawsuit against De Blasio, My Talk, Etc.

Anaïs Tekerian: A Mother's Letter

A World Where We Can Make Choices

A Great Interview with Robert Malone + CDC's New Definition of V-Word

FDA Recall of "Life-Threatening" Breathing Machines: Horse Guide

On Science and Faith-Based Product Safety

Ernst Wolff: Digital Financial Complex


On Curious Transformation of ACLU's Position on Mandates

A Conversation with Cat McGuire: On Cyber Polygon and Spiritual Activism

What Does the Word "Unv-d" Mean?

Lawsuit at Houston Methodist Hospital: Conversation with Dr. Venu Julapalli

Why Totalitarianism

On the Tricky Ghost of Joylessness

On the Happy Feeling of Being Conned

On Love During Horror, and Why We Need to Face Reality Head On

When the V-d and the Unv-d Come Together to Insist on Liberty

On "the Vermin" and What to Do About It

On Sadism and Scientific Creativity

On Medical Censorship, Terror and Hope

Made of Love and Fueled by Courage

On Shamelessness

When Bullying Comes from Love...

"Lab Alert: Changes to CDC RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 Testing"

A Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors

V-Word: The Multi-Billion Dollar Sacred Cow

A Choice Between the Courage and the "Utopia"

An Ode to the Healing Power of Sincerity

Fauci, Magical History, and Awakening

Hello, New Normal. Hello, Behavioral Modification

On Massive Love

A War on (Free) Natural Immunity

Love vs. Ghost-Feeding, at the Time of the Great Reset

First the Great Reset, and Now Happytalism

Solstice Celebration on Roosevelt Island, Sunday, June 20

On Conflict, Community, and Not Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater

The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset

Some Impromptu Thoughts, Plus, What We Have and Schwab Does Not

On Fear of the Monster and Fanaticism

On the Ghost of Disconnection

Children and the New Normal: A Conversation with Anaïs Tekerian

A War on Touch

Former UN Employee's Brave Mission

Born to Dare

Corruption in the Medical Establishment

Hello, Smartmask? Hello, New Normal?

My conversation with Mark Crispin Miller

Love and Unity During the Ugly Attempt at the Great Reset

Hugs, Smiles, Awe, and This Past Weekend's Celebration of Life

The Little Boy and His Mystery

New Normal, Go Away

Broken People, Isms, and Great Reset

Pandemic, Meet Panopticon. Panopticon, Meet Pandemic.

The Last Squeeze: Digital Colonization as Manifest Destiny 2.0

Letter from 2021 to Children of Pandemic

A Coup in the Corporate Head