A UK Funeral Director and a VAERS paper

The gruesome edition.

This is a quick report on two gruesome things, and then some hope. I usually don’t like to report on gruesome things because even as we are living through dramatic times, it’s still about prevailing with love and dignity, not about anything else. I am convinced that even the worst psychopaths on this Earth exist mostly to remind us of our powers and to bring out our love. And that once we awaken to our powers, they will fall off.

But at the same time, I very much believe in full situational awareness in the moment and intellectual honesty. And it so happens that a few gruesome interviews landed in my mailbox, and I feel like it’s important to share them as food for thought.

One is a conversation with a UK funeral director, John O'Looney. Early in the pandemic, when everyone felt shaken and went along, he was official enough to be interviewed by the BBC about the horrors—but now that he has developed dissenting opinions, no one in the mainstream is in a hurry to interview him.

And the other one it a presentation and a paper on VAERS by a viral immunologist, Dr. Jessica Rose, in which she posits, based on a technical analysis of the data, that most likely about 150,000 in the U.S. have passed in relation to the COVID v-e.

Can I promise that their opinions are accurate? Of course I can’t because the world is complex, and all we have most of the time is hypotheses. But their opinions are consistent with a lot of other data I’ve been looking at, and in any case, it is better to consider all points of view and practice honesty.

One thing that moved me about John O'Looney’s interview was when he said that he continued honoring the deceased who were labeled as COVID deaths even as he thought it was risky because that was his job. It is my general observation that the people who put their hearts into their chosen work tend to at least try to be honest about other things. But see for yourself and please draw your own conclusions.

You can also find the gist of John O'Looney’s interview in this article by Mark Crispin Miller (which is how I found out about John O'Looney to begin with).

Now, Dr. Rose’s paper and presentations.

The below is Dr. Rose’s 2-minute presentation at the FDA session in which she talks about a 1000% increase in fatalities reported to VAERS for COVID injections and the possibility that the v-n campaign is driving the emergence of variants of concern. The slides can be found here. If you go to her website, you’ll find her CV and more or her work.

The below is another interview with Dr. Rose if you are curious.

And finally, here is the paper in question in which she talks about her estimate of 150,000 probably dead in relation to the COVID v-e.


I want to finish this gruesome report with a talk by Sobonfu Some that I’ve shared a couple of times already because I love it. No matter what darkness we may be living through, we have the power to rise up and win with love.