On Gain-of-Function, Lawsuit against De Blasio, My Talk, Etc.

A few bits of interesting news.

I kind of really need to get back to the mode of writing long-ish philosophical essays (I have several of them half-written, and also a new interview with Steven Newcomb) but those news bits are just too interesting, so I am going to toss them into the world for you to dig in as much as you want. If you are looking for philosophy to soothe your aches, please check out my fiction story from before the pandemic. It reads very strange right now but I wrote it with hope.

#1 Origins of COVID-19 report (House Foreign Affairs Committee Report, Minority Staff).

Please click on the image to see the PDF or read Mercola’s detailed reporting here. Very interesting! In short, the report concludes that the virus was accidentally released from the Wuhan lab, likely prior to September 12, 2019. It also goes into how the U.S. and China worked together on the gain-of-function research.

There are five philosophical essays right there but I am determined to first finish the ones I am working on!!

#2. Self-explanatory from Canada.

#3 A conversation about Pfizer’s deal with Israel.

#4 American Frontline Doctors’ complaint challenging de Blasio’s Emergency Executive Order #225 (“EEO225”).

#5 My talk from a couple of weeks ago.

#6 Fauci seemingly at a loss about how to lie elegantly about natural immunity.

#7 Victory Boyd.

And finally, some timeless beauty.

Even though I have never been big on anthems of any kind—and I still remember the day when the record playing the Soviet anthem got stuck during an important school event, and everybody just had this fun deer-in-the-headlights expression and didn’t know how to react—even so, the below is a stunningly beautiful rendition of the American Anthem and a longing of the human soul for timeless dignity. This version is by Victory Boyd whose who v-n status got her canceled from performing the anthem at the NFL season opening game.

More artists should act like her and publicly push back against bullying. The world will heal much sooner if the bullies find out that they don’t get a free reign! And history always comes around. It always does—and when it finally makes a cirlce, it’s the brave ones who are remembered fondly.