A War on Touch

Joy, please.

First, let me take you on a short tour of the “new normal” when it comes to human touch. These are real headlines from serious newspapers, starting with The Guardian headline from a few days ago. If they read like a cartoon, it’s because our life is a cartoon right now, and I am sorry, it’s high time we call a spade a spade.

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Now, aside from these ridiculous headlines—and most importantly, ridiculous, impossible but yet undeniably existent reality behind these headlines—there is also such thing as intentionally messing with people’s important sexual energy and making them wary of touching due to the perceived danger or making them sincerely disinterested in sex due to stress, a feeling of helplessness in the face of the Machine, and the effects of cognitive dissonance that comes from knowing on a sensory level that something is horribly wrong but being in denial. Interestingly, a drop in sexual function is considered one of possible effects of COVID. I say, bullshit. Take any human being, beat them on the head for a year, and see what happens.

A religious reform.

Sexuality, both in the broad and in the narrow senses, is a quintessential part of being alive and free. People whose sexuality is in a happy place are more relaxed and centered—and thus, they are much harder to control or manipulate—be it by tyrants or by corporate salesmen. Controlling people’s sexual expression has been a popular weapon of all religious reformists. I have been positing for many months now that we are in the middle of a religious and economic reform, driven, among many other factors, by the fact that some people with transhumanist beliefs and too much money have managed to squeeze themselves into the driver’s seat and to bribe a number of leading politicians into making this insane reform reality. I believe myself to be correct but no mater what you think about the Great Reset, the signs of sexual and tactile control are straight in our faces, and they do not even live on the same planet with anything that would ordinarily be considered “normal” in a Western democracy.

The UK government discussing when they permit the citizens to hug? For real?!! Even if they are merely wasting public money debating nonsense that no one pays attention to, this is a scene out of an Ionesco play, alongside the earlier discussion about a curfew exclusively for men. And yet, it is our real world in 2021…

Religious reforms usually come with major economic perks for the reformers. When it comes to oppressing people’s sexuality and restricting human touch, the benefits for the reformers are two-fold. One, the citizens who are lacking healthy touch are a little emotionally disoriented and carry a lot of tension, and thus they are easier to milk or “sell.” Two, in the words of the World Economic Forum, who, through convoluted partnerships, currently has a significant influence on the world’s overall trajectory, “we may find mediated solutions in fields such as extended reality (XR), a growing industry that received more than $4.1 billion of investment in 2019, led by major tech companies.” The WEF further proposes that we should redefine human touch as such and incorporate VR, devices, special “gloves” etc. Great! Manufactured problem, lucrative solution! Less nature, more biometric data to train AI (the ultimate existential goal), and we’ll be so crazy without real touch that we’ll eventually do anything they ask to relieve the piled up frustration.

I suppose, if you are masturbating in a special glove and are disinterested in human contact because you are too depressed or terrified, you are ripe to be eaten by the Machine without mercy. Virtual cannon meat.

My stance.

I am tactile. I perceive the world through physical touch. The current war on intimacy and the physical world at large outrages me because it attacks the very foundation of what makes a human life worth living. Plus, it is based on treachery.

Let me address the famous counter-argument head on: “Hold on hold on, no one is canceling the world, all of this is simply a reaction to the pandemic, don’t you see?” 

No, it is not. We are being lied to. Let me repeat: We are being lied to. We are being lied to, there are signs of fraud all over the place (from censorship to bad statistics to suppressed effective cures to the fact that the “health response” was ready before the pandemic even started). Right now, it is only our fear of losing our non-existent dignity that is preventing us from calling a spade a spade. See, we have all the power but we only have it if we find the breath to claim it.

Life is complex and interesting, and for a while, us westerners enjoyed a pleasant relative immunity from human rights abuses—and today, many people are very understandably having a very hard time recalibrating their radars. After all, being abused and subjected to a reform on such a massive scale is crazy. It sounds crazy, it feels crazy, it’s too unpleasant. But look around. Look around through your 2019 eyes. A reminder: nothing in nature has changed. Any virus would be dangerous to some without cures and with unprecedented levels of stress and medical mismanagement.

And finally, if there were any actual honest science behind the paradigm of imprisoning healthy people, separating families, closing schools, and betraying beloved elders who have died alone in nursing homes—if there were any actual science behind it, I reassure you, there would not be many skeptics. People generally want to do what helps them stay alive. But no luck with honest science at the moment. Instead, we’ve been barraged with blatant, Soviet-style propaganda, and shaming cries. Yikes. It all feels like a communist party meeting, and this is not a reference to isms, this is a reference to actual communist party meetings that were all about loyalty to the soundbites.

I want to end this story with a tale from 2017 about how religious authorities mess with people’s sexuality (please click on the post).


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