Hugs, Smiles, Awe, and This Past Weekend's Celebration of Life

The old normal, readily available.

I want to start with a statement of gratitude. I am grateful to the Creator for all the sweet things that we can enjoy. I am grateful to all good energy in this world that helps us unite, treat each other with love, be affectionate with each other, seek forgiveness and healing when we make mistakes, forgive each other’s messes, and heal each other. I am grateful to the ancestors who have lived and walked the path on Earth so that they can help us heal today. I am grateful to the infinitely beautiful, mysterious, mighty Mother Earth who is much more powerful than any of the rich misguided people, and who is waiting patiently for all of us to get our shit together. May we all heal and reach our highest potential in the kindest way. May we forgive each other and respect each other’s spirits. And may we stop fighting about political and religious symbols.

It’s March 2021. We are one full year into the “health response.” As the society is being force-transformed, the aspiring managers of everything are aggressively trying to divide us—so that the transition toward their dream digital dystopia meets the least resistance from the people.

The great resetters know a lot of tricky words—and so they are throwing many words at us with the idea of capitalizing on our pain, our anger, our fear, and our desire to finally belong. The liars are mixing up real problems with imaginary problems, they are artfully directing peasants’ blaming fingers at other peasants, and they are hoping that we won’t notice the chicanery.

Well, we notice.

And as the world is being ushered toward new digital colonialism, I personally object.

I object to the virtuousness of human isolation. (It’s abusive.)

I object to viewing healthy people as biohazards. (It’s impossible to live with.)

I object to the attempt to cancel the physical world so that billionaires and their corporatchik servants can enjoy control and enrichment at the expense of everybody else.

I object. We are more than function.

Mechanical conveyor parts, we are not.

What makes life worth living is caring human touch, our relationships with friends and family, the people around us, our community, the joy of unrestricted interaction. (I can’t believe I am even typing this… unrestricted interaction is the only interaction that there is unless one is a prisoner… oh wait. And please keep in mind that when it comes to the “pandemic measures,” every measure that unfolded has been in the works for years.)

I also object to the distortion of our language.

Case in point. As more and more people are waking up and starting to protest the abusive and unnatural “pandemic measures,” the more surreal the media coverage becomes. Pravda lives!

And so, I feel compelled to post a few things from this past weekend’s celebrations of unity, humanity, and life. See for yourself if this looks like a bunch of alt right crazies. (And yes, on a side note, there absolutely were provocateurs in the crowd, which was very obvious, but their desperate attempts did not succeed.)

First, check out the music from the event (can’t embed it but please look, it was so uplifting).

Then the speeches. I am only posting three because my phone was not cooperating—so I was only able to record Vera Sharav—but the ones by Jo and Alison were also stunning (as were many others, but Alison and Jo have already posted theirs… for which I thank them!)

Here is a beautiful, heartfelt speech by Jo Rose.

Here is a must-see video of courageous Vera Sharav talking about the parallels between today and early Nazi Germany.

Here is a very powerful speech by Alison McDowell.

And this one below happened on day two in Central Park. The old normal, readily available!

You should have seen the trending Twitter though! From reading Twitter, you’d think it was a rabid alt right gathering. So I am glad I filmed this bit of people being human.

In conclusion, I want to say again that we really are human, and deserve to be treated as such. Sharing our expression and our gifts with others—in person—is what makes us feel alive.

And for some reason, I am compelled to end this article with a video by the Dagara elder Malidoma Some. Not related to the event but very much related to being human.