Yes, We Do Have Soul Authority

It's legit.

This story is about the dance between the soul authority and the machine authority.

It is about unobstructed joy, as well as control and hunger.

It’s also about the longing of a child to leave an imprint on the world and be recognized for it. It is a little bit personal to me because… well, you’ll see.

We are living through an amazing period in history that brings the key features of our civilization to the forefront, and I aspire to connect a few dots in a poetic way to help us see how history and personal emotions are intertwined.

Let’s start from afar and produce a series of serious statements, adjusted to the news cycle of today. Here are the statements:

I think my religion is good, therefore you should convert.
I think your religion is bad, therefore you should abandon it.
I think my religion is good, therefore you should be forced to convert.
I think your religion is bad, therefore you should be forced to abandon it.

I think the vaccine is good, therefore you should take it.
I think ivermectin is bad, therefore you should not take it.
I think the vaccine is good, therefore you should be forced to take it.
I think ivermectin is bad, therefore you should not be allowed to take it.

My reaction: If you are a happy person, this transition is insane.

It sounds insane because expressing our free will is what gives us a chance at happiness. Free will is what makes us human, as opposed to zombie. And yet, this train of thought, rooted in dispossessing others of their free will “for their own good,” has been driving our civilization for quite a while.

For the historical context, I’d like to offer an insightful perspective from my friend Steven Newcomb who is a Shawnee/Lenape scholar of the Manifest Destiny and the Doctrine of Domination. This interview with Steven is from April. I think that the parallel he brings up is very poignant, and just like the original people of this land who had no idea about the “new normal” coming for them when the first ships arrived—the “new normal” in which they were not entitled to free will or spiritual authority— we here are facing a similar dilemma.

The prophets of the transhumanist religious mindset have a plan for us—but we are mostly clueless because their plan falls outside of how a normal person thinks. Thus, it is my conviction that in order for us to make sense of today’s attempted reform, we need to involve our hearts in how we think about history and present. After all, we the people means we the people, not we the machine.

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“I think my religion is good, therefore you should be forced to convert.
I think your religion is bad, therefore you should be forced to abandon it.”

So, how does this work? What drives a missionary heart? What logic permits a mid-level missionary to feel entitled to dispossessing others of their right to choose?

And what turns a good child into an initiate of the Machine and a choreographer of machine authority?

Let’s get into the head of that child—and walk the entire journey that is responsible for the transformation.

The visible part of the journey starts when the child is born.

Every child in this world is born with authority and an intention to walk his destiny.

Let me say this again, with joy. Every child in this world is born with authority to walk his destiny. Everything that has to do with obtaining that authority has already taken place before the child was born.

In older cultures, it was considered a self-evident truth—but in the modern world, the Machine has managed to break many people’s connection to their own soul authority—and consequently, their respect for other people’s soul authority as well.

I posit that breaking our connection to our soul authority is the main weapon of the Machine. When we walk straight and are connected to our soul authority, we are protected, and even if we have to go through hard times in order to learn an important skill, we come out of tough experiences with dignity and a renewed spirit. But if in the process we rescind our soul authority and accept that we are “bad” or need external validation to feel like we exist, we turn into fuel for the Machine—and then it eats us even if we play along.

That, I believe, is the reason why the Machine works so hard to bully or trick us into self-betrayal. It wants us to self-betray and rescind our soul authority because it is the only scenario in which the Machine can spiritually chew us. Forgetting or disregarding our soul authority is what turns us into chewables as opposed to free people with dignified spiritual agency. And I believe that the most important obligation one has is to one’s soul authority—and that in some existential way, we are here to help each other walk our destiny. Free, happy people are better company, and the more people wake up to their soul authority, the better we do as a community. And then we’ll live in a way that is foreign and unbearable to the Machine, and it’ll have to go away!

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Now, imagine that you are a child who is just entering this world. You just went through the trauma of birth, you are in shock, and you are now dependent on the kindness and wisdom of the adults who welcome you.

And what about those adults?

For those who are welcoming the child into the world, there are different ways to look at the child. One is like this:

“Here is a beautiful, perfect child who comes to this world with authority to walk his destiny, with a personality, with spiritual mystery and a collection of gifts designed to help us all. The child is a miracle of the universe whose soul holds a wealth of treasures, and whose mission is meaningful simply because he is here. As an adult, it is my job to honor and nourish this child’s soul, to guide the child to stay rooted in dignity, navigate this imperfect world without getting broken too much, and always remember that his soul’s mystery is his ultimate guide.”

Here is another way to look at the child:

“Here is a child. The child doesn’t know the rules unless properly trained. The child’s desires are innately questionable because this world is not designed to satisfy desires. Life is hard, and that is a fact. And if I want to be a good mentor and prepare the child for the real world, I need to teach the child about complying with the rules. And yes, there are rules. And the child better get trained to understand and respect the rules because, if not guided by the rules, the child will create a mess, and what will the people think?!! So it is my duty as an adult to manage his expectations and to teach the child about the rules so that the child is accepted by society. May the imperfect child be happy (although it’s hard). May the child be happy in society and accepted by other people.”

And yes, there are infinite gradients—but in general terms, this is how it works. This is how a community with poor emotional habits passes the suffering on.

And yes, each child has different tolerance when it comes to being able to deflect the adults when they are driven by fear. Boys react differently from girls, etc. etc. Some people can be subjected to a lot of abuse and come out glorious, and some get knocked off their soul connection easily and then take a long time to find their way back. But in general, this is how people are trained to comply.

And our missionary?

See, no matter what kind of a greeting a child receives and how the child processes it, the desire to imprint on the world remains one of the most influential driving forces in life. We want to propagate our energy, no matter whether it’s ours or the ghost’s.

And so, if the child has received proper love, then most likely, the imprint that he’ll be trying to leave on the world will be his own.

However, if the adults and the society have kicked the child off his axis and he never walked back, he becomes a wobbly flower in the wind, and any charlatan who plays the “respect” card or pretends to give “meaning” can potentially insert himself in the driver’s seat of that person’s mind. And—let me use a fashionable metaphor—just like the an mRNA injection can use the ability of human cells to make proteins and command the cells to make whatever it wants, a proverbial psychological ghost can use the person’s innate creative energy to propagate itself.

In that light, “public good” is an empty phrase. Community values are as good for well-being—individual or collective—as the community members’ connection to soul authority. And it’s true. Free, happy people make much better companions.

To me, the story of this dance between the soul authority and the machine authority is filled with deepest personal meaning.

I was forced to ponder this dynamic as I was trying to understand my mom, whom I love with totality. My mom is a part of my heart. She is kind. She is infinitely brave when it comes to saving me. She brought me to this world—and my respect for her soul is total. But she is big on rules. She was raised in the post-war Soviet Union. Given my mom’s upbringing, she believes in rules as a method of getting along and getting ahead. She is very sincere about it. And so, all my life, I’ve been trying to balance it, scream for acceptance, rebel, run away, then scream for acceptance some more…

And then I stopped screaming for acceptance—since it didn’t work anyway—and started listening to her. And I realized that things are imperfect but the only way to approach it is with love and a prayer for healing. I may not know the answers most of the time but love is my soul’s authority. That much I know.

And the more love we spread wherever we are—while rememering our soul authority—the sooner we have a community that heals us as we heal it.

We are born with authority to walk our destiny. We are love.