On Medical Sovereignty

A quick note, interesting news, and some philosophy.

This is a very short note about a story of mine that was published on Mercola today. Working with them makes me happy since I have a ton of admiration for Dr. Mercola’s courage and strength amid all this madness.

The story was published directly on Mercola, so I am including the link below. The story is about “medical freedom and physicians' professional sovereignty during COVID. It is also about the emotional roots of algorithmic hunger and what we can do.”

On Algorithm, Soul, and Medical Sovereignty (update: the original link no longer works since they only keep stories for 48 hours; it now goes to a PDF).

Also here is the link to my interview with Dr. Venu Julapalli.

Speaking of physician’s professional sovereignty, here is a tweet by Pierre Kory. Honestly, being a patient in 2021 is getting scary. A number of people with great financial power and a crazy vision want to get us to a place where medicine is all about algorithms, AI diagnostics and telemedicine—a place where the doctor-patient relationship is weak, and both doctors and patients are powerless. As usual, when human agency gets discredited, it is human beings who suffer the consequences.

The bulldozer is pushing hard but the future is not the property of the wealthy crazies. The future is what we all create together.

And in practical terms, every single one of us may at one point become a patient—and become dependent on human medical care. Seeing the face of the Machine is not fun.

Oh and here is a publication from 1978 that I just found. It’s called, “Medicine and the Waning of Professional Sovereignty.”

And here is my earlier story called “Corruption in the Medical Establishment” that has some really interesting perspectives and interviews.

Oh and here is just in from Berenson (just arrived in my mailbox). A good reason to stop and think about philosophy, trusting the authorities, and the nature of reality.

In conclusion, I would like to say that surely, we are not robots—and when it comes to medicine, good medicine is rooted in love, honesty, and human agency. There is no way around it. We are not machines.