Love and Unity During the Ugly Attempt at the Great Reset

This story is about being grounded as we push back against the Grand Bulldozer.

Hello, new child.
Today, into this world you are born.
So listen,
Here are a few rules for you:
Succumb to their trauma.
Respect neurosis.
When you see it,
Just give in.
Fear other people’s ghosts.
Keep punishing yourself
For feeling useless
To the broken people.
After all, you are here,
And they don’t see you—
So clearly,
You don’t belong.

Hello, new child.
Another tip:
When you get tired,
Of your invisibility,
Of all injustices,
Of all the disrespect.
Get angry.
Be like your bullies
And be your wound.
Act on fear.
Act like your fear
Is your only friend.
Like an unwanted child.
Like you have no family.
Refuse to listen
In order to be heard.
Keep yelling
Until your yelling
Is so loud
That they can’t refuse
You, you, you.

Child, beloved child,
I am your soul.
Your wounds are real
But you and your wounds are
Don’t take in the ghosts.
Yes, people carry shame
From long ago.
Yes, they have neurosis.
And they feel afraid.
But they’ve been hurt.
And they forgot
The most important thing.
The joy.
The love.
The beauty of the spirit.
They forgot like you are trying to forget.
But I am here!
I’ve been here all along.
Yes, it’s hard
But don’t give up.
Your mission is respectable.
You chose it
Because you are strong.
You chose it
Because it’s difficult.
You have support.
You chose your journey
But now you have to find the map.
You are here for a reason.
Don’t let their ghosts take you down.
You have all the love.
Inside and out,
You have all the love.
Child, you are loved.
You are here for a reason.
You have support.
You are loved.
Be you.

I want to write about unity.

The real kind, not a soundbite and not a children’s drawing of a rainbow with a sweet hashtag.

The kind that requires work, ridiculous patience toward the ones who we may feel are slow or wrong, and lots of excruciatingly frustrating self-restraint in the face of well-intended differences. The kind that requires total purity of intention. The kind that in the end yields the sweetest fruit because it’s genuine and pure and heart-felt.

As someone who is strong, I can say that patience isn’t easy. But I call on everyone who feels like they are strong: If you are angry, you need to pray for healing. Strength comes with responsibility, not just for understanding facts but for being kind to others.

Real unity of this kind is something that maybe hasn’t happened on a larger scale in thousands of years, yet it is real and possible. (We know that the ones who attempted it and succeeded at uniting people across different groups were quickly persecuted or even murdered because that kind of unity is dangerous to the Machine. We know. So let us make it so that there are so many of us carrying the message of love and unity and doing the required internal work that they don’t know whom to kill.)

Perhaps that kind of unity hasn’t happened since human beings chose the fleeting pleasure of relishing in fantasy over the joy of plowing through reality and finding love. Both are expressions of our nature-given creativity but the first one is creativity of a child who feels unloved and has given up, and the latter one is the creativity of an adult who has worked and cried and screamed and finally found his mystery.

It’s been so long that we haven’t breathed and sung together that our lungs forgot the taste of love and unity. We feel suspicious. We feel wounded. We feel smart and stupid simultaneously, like brainy orphans who were never understood.

But we need it now, and it’s both existential and necessary for our survival.

And at this time, I believe, we especially need unity among those of us who oppose the ugly Great Reset.

We are already pushing with our bare bodies against the Grand Bulldozer. So what that we all don’t agree on everything?! So what. There is more than one way to push against it.

And one important thing. It is impossible to know another person’s mystery. It is impossible to know what’s right for them. It is impossible to know the larger existential trajectory. Some things are just bigger than us, that is a part of the human destiny. So why don’t we focus on being our best selves, help others be their best as well, with full respect for their soul, and leave the rest to the universe?

I personally don’t have one person in the world with whom I agree on everything, so if I only made friends with those whose talking points are identical to mine, I would have trouble finding friends. It’s critical to remember what we are here for. It’s healing.

The Great Reset is too atrocious, we simply can’t afford those splits and microsplits. And the unity has to come from the heart, from a pure place, from a place of trusting the universe to lead us wisely where we need to be.

Evenheadedness about our differences is necessary!

United, we listen to each other. Through pain and differences, we listen to each other—as long as the sincerity is there—simply because we know that we need each other to survive.

I don’t think that the current battle is about any particular technology. Yes, some of them are dangerous and I am appalled, but destructive use of tools is a consequence of a broken heart. [On a side note, there is a mind-blowing film about trying to prevent others from being tempted by a new technology. It’s a Bangladeshi film called “Television.” Please look it up, it’s an amazing film.] Technologies—good and horrible—come and go, and the heart is what drives our journey. The Earth knows how to deal with everything, what’s asked of us is to listen to our hearts, be sincere, be humble, and try to be our wisest and bravest selves amid this mess.

Be even-headed.

Be kind to our relatives.

Be patient with the ones who disagree with us.

Be honest about our wounds and pray with the purest feeling for clarity and healing.

Pray for mending what’s broken, for clarity about what to do, for wisdom about dealing with other people.

The world is very beautiful, and solutions come not from how smart we are but from the ever-loving mystery of life and how willing we are to walk our destiny with courage and leave the rest up to the universe.

Good Ancestors, please let us act with wisdom, and please make us whole again.

Let it be so.

[Below is a short segment of my conversation with brilliant Steven Newcomb, in which we talk about divisions and the need to resist “divide and conquer.” The full episode can be found here.]

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