A Crisis in Idaho or in Journalism?

Which one is it?

This is a very quick note because this trending Twitter editorial made me scratch my head. I am completely willing to assume that I am missing something because lying that obviously—even for a Twitter editorial—would be a little bold. I mean never mind the recent horse dewormer scandal but none the less. So, if you are in Idaho—and especially if you are a doctor in Idaho—please chime in!

This is what Twitter says.

And these are the number for hospital availability Idaho.

True, compared to, say, New York, there is a high percentage of COVID patients in the ICUs in Idaho. That said, there are a few unknowns.

We don’t know how they count COVID patients. (As in, do they count anybody with a positive test on admission, even if the patient is there for a broken leg?) Even the Atlantic said recently that half of hospitalized COVID patients were not in the hospital due to COVID.

We don’t know if COVID patients are receiving adequate treatment. I suspect not—and even monoclonal antibodies seem to be experiencing a shortage.

Additionally, we don’t know if there is a shortage of medical staff in Idaho due to v-e mandates. That seems to be the case nationally, including the recent situation where a hospital in New York state had to stop delivering babies as a result of the mandate. (It’s for our health). Allegedly, the mandate in Idaho is on hold due to a crisis in care.

And finally, based on my understanding, this level of ICU occupancy is not considered insane. Allegedly, ICUs need to be pretty full to be commercially viable.

Bottom line, let’s discuss. All the curious horses want to know.


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