Former UN Employee's Brave Mission

"Be the drop that tips the bucket."

This article is about courage, the weirdness of this moment, and dealing with the unknown—head on—as a human being creating light in the dark out of courage. My thoughts were inspired by a beautiful human being who decided to fight the Great Reset by talking to people. Her name is Mary Otto-Chang. She impressed me so much that I had to interview her for my podcast. Mary talks about being a drop that tips the bucket—and I think that this is what we all are.

This past year has been so heavy, and heavy as it is, there is a recurring theme. The recurring theme is the moment when we say, “Enough, I am saying no to this.”

In my own life, a little over a year ago, I published my first pandemic article. It was a piece about how the physical world and human contact were irreplaceable, and how weird the onslaught on our physical existence felt to me. Before I published it, I thought so hard about whether I should speak up. I obviously worried about my social image, my income, and about turning into more of a weirdo, etc. etc.

But then I thought, what if this is exactly how the people in the early Nazi Germany felt? What if I don’t do it, look in the mirror, and see a coward? What if this experience repeats again and again in history and it’s on us to learn? What if it’s on each of us to tap into our inner courage that can only be grown from the inside?

Anyway, I decided that I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I didn’t speak up, and so I did, and the rest is history.

Looking back, I feel mostly joy. Yeah it’s sometimes difficult. Yeah a few people (very few, in fact) chose to feel sorry for me based on my conclusions. But so what. My truth matters. I am entitled to figuring out life from the inside!

After I started speaking up, I discovered so many brave and outspoken people that my heart is filled with gratitude to all of you.

One of my new friends is Mary Otto-Chang.

Mary is a former employee of the United Nations who had a very gratifying and respectable career there.

Then 2020 happened—and like many of us, she started looking into the Great Reset and 4IR agenda—and was so appalled by it that she felt the urge to act.

Mary then created a communication campaign to educate UN employees, government workers and citizens of Canada in general about the Great Reset agenda and the 4IR, in the language that is easy to digest. She went for it as a solo warrior, a move that takes some guts. Currently, she is reaching out to people—including in the UN—bringing their attention to what really is going on.

Taking a leap into the unknown, as one human being, is not an easy thing to do. I admire Mary’s courage. And so on my podcast, we talked about her personal journey, the challenges she faces, friends gained and lost, and also about the impact of the agreement between the United Nations and the World Economic Forum that created a public-private partnership of gigantic proportions and opened a huge can of worms.

Please take a listen, and maybe some interesting collaborations may come out of this. You can contact Mary at