Military Doctor Affidavit and "Reproductive Responsibility for Men" (Hopefully, a Satire)

A quick collection of striking news.

This story is a short collection of news. I put it together quickly for you to dig in and explore. The long-form story I am working on now is about the new evidence showing that the product might negatively impact broad spectrum immunity. I want to do a thorough job so I will send it as soon as I finish it. And now the news.

#1 An affidavit by Theresa Long, M.D., requesting the grounding of v-d pilots on the basis of a possibility of unpredictable health events following the v-n, leading to jeopardized military flight safety. (Link to the main Complaint is here; link to the Affidavit is here).

#2 Latest Project Veritas

This one is the latest Project Veritas video about v-nes. They secretly taped three Pfizer scientists speaking privately—and what the scientists said privately was that natural immunity was better than the v-ne, that the aggressive product push was driven strictly by money, and that, as Pfizer employees, they were fully and utterly prohibited from expressing any doubt about the product. Oh—and that only now the company is looking into the possible connection between the product and the inflammation of the heart.

To that I’d like to add that I don’t like at all the concept of recording people secretly. There is something about it that is just wrong—and that’s regardless of the fact that it is also wrong to be aware of large-scare corruption and the suffering caused by it—and do nothing about it. So, as a human being, here and now, I am sad about every side of it—both the cynicism of Big Pharma and the dishonesty of secret taping. In this case, I don’t know how to go around it, and here we go. The footage is strong (although too sensationalist).

Also here is the link to the video in case the tweet disappears.


#3 A bizarre Memorandum posted by Christopher Rabb titled, “Enforcing Reproductive Responsibility Among Men”

The line between reality and satire has been blurred. Supposedly, this (completely official) Memorandum is intended to bring attention to “reproductive rights of women.” I guess, in line with calling women “people with vaginas,” this Memorandum calls men “inseminators.”

The Memorandum reads,

I will be introducing legislation that will require all inseminators to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.
Further, this legislation will allow Pennsylvanians to take civil action for unwanted pregnancies against inseminators who wrongfully conceive a child with them.
This legislation will also empower Pennsylvanians to enforce this new law by offering a $10,000 reward for reporting to the proper authorities those scofflaws who have not complied with this statute within the allotted timeframe.

What I see here is a total erosion of standards and sanity. Whether it’s meant as a satirical bill (not yet introduced but announced), or a prank, or a clever testing of psychological waters to see how far the Machine can eat into the bodily freedom of citizens, it is disgusting.

(And let’s face it, in 2021, there is nothing that is fully off limits. If two years ago we were told that dining would require “showing the papers” certifying the fact that the presenter has undergone a medical intervention, we would either laugh or rebel. Not today!! I still remember the time when DeBlasio first squeaked about reporting social distancing / masking non-compliance, and was met with expletives. Again, not today!! Don’t forget, very soon we are likely to move from “COVID emergency” to “climate emergency,” and who can promise that “cis straight males” won’t become the new antivaxxers? At this point, quite honestly, there are no guarantees…

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#4 NY Judge

#5 Attorney Thomas Renz (lawsuit) did an interesting presentation citing unseen before Medicare data.

Now, when it comes to the people who sadly passed within 14 days of the injection, it is of course necessary to take into consideration the fact that they were elders, and there could be many reasons for their passing—tragic in any case. However, it is also important to note that the CDC counts people within the 14 days of the v-ne as “unv-d.” And there were seemingly more than 48,000 elders on Medicare who passed within 14 days of the injection, which is a large number. And also, when “COVID fatalities” were counted previously, before the product became available, people could be counted as COVID fatalities based on a positive test from months ago.

One of the sources that Renz cited in his presentation was the below publicly available but not widely advertised data from DOD’s Project Salus / Humetrix. (I recommend you look at all slides.)

On the positive side, despite all the craziness, there is courage—and we can fight this battle with love.