Solstice Celebration on Roosevelt Island, Sunday, June 20

Please join us for a summer Solstice Celebration on Roosevelt Island.

This is more of an event announcement than a story. I am very happy to be a part of it, and I hope to see many of my friends next Sunday! Special thanks to Cat McGuire who, on a side note, did a stellar presentation on Cyber Polygon last week, which is a must-see.

Please join the New York health freedom community for a summer Solstice Celebration in the park on Roosevelt Island with a picnic and activities, including a commemoration of the late Rosa Koire, the renowned activist. 


2:00 – Walking Tour of Roosevelt Island
3:30 – Gong-Bath Storytelling Performance by Mary Ann Schmidt and Michael Jay
4:00 – Acceptance Celebration and Healing Circle
4:00-7:00 – Music by Africa Forestdance
6:00 – Solstice Circle by Danny and Vanessa Panzella-Velez


The tour starts at 2:00 at the café at Cornell Tech, 2 West Loop Road, a 10-minute walk south from the Roosevelt Island subway station.

2:00 – “Transhumanist dream” by Tessa Lena (at Cornell Tech)

2:30 – “The biomedical roots of the Covid plandemic” by Dr. Karin Burkhard (Smallpox hospital ruins)

3:00 – “The evisceration of our freedoms” by Cat McGuire (FDR Four Freedoms Memorial)


The picnic will take place in Southpoint Park, at the southern end of Roosevelt Island.

Gong-Bath Storytelling Performance (3:30)

Mary Ann Schmidt and Michael Jay will combine storytelling and the harmonic vibrations of the gong for an experiential performance that touches the senses.

Acceptance Celebration and Healing Circle (4:00)

From the day we are born, we are beaten on the head with how our gifts are undesirable, and our spiritual needs are probably imaginary. We offer our gifts to our family, and our family says, “No idea what this is. Please change.” We offer our gifts to the society, and the society says: “No need for your creative energy, conveyor meat. Who do you think you are?” And so we walk in circles, trying to offer our gifts to SOMEBODY, as they are getting heavier and heavier in our hands, and as we feel more and more estranged from the society of robots. And of course, this past year has only made this dynamic worse, where families were split, and intimacy has suffered, bringing mountains of unnecessary pain. 

It often takes years to realize that the purpose of this pressure and pain is not to beat us down or separate us from our gifts, and not to make us succumb to helplessness or irritation—but to give us a soulful opportunity to insist on our right to give our gifts and to heal. Many lofty words have been said about self-love and self-acceptance, and words can sure be too lofty, but when we do it in practice, with courage, in real life, it has tremendous power to create change.

What’s happening today with the Great Reset and the ugly transhumanist reform is a continuation of the old battle against our tremendous spiritual power and the power of a healthy community. We are not the first ones to deal with this ugly beast. In order to have a chance at winning, we owe it ourselves to heal and to accept ourselves—no matter the amount of rejection—which then makes us fit for helping others and leading (which really means serving) with love and even-headedness. We have the power. We need to heal. 

The format of the celebration, led by Tessa Lena (a.k.a. Tessa Fights Robots) is about sincere conversation, a conversation from the heart. And hugs. Lots of hugs.

Music and Dancing (4:00-7:00) 

Africa Forestdance will provide the joyous sounds of acoustic African traditional music. People are welcome to dance in celebration of the solstice.

(Here is a fun video of Africa Forestdance from a love and freedom celebration earlier this year.)

Solstice Circle (6:00)

Vanessa and Danny Panzella-Velez will lead a Summer Solstice circle.


Take the F line to Roosevelt Island subway station.


  • Bring a blanket or towel to sit on or portable seating (there are no tables or chairs at the park)

  • Bring your own food, drink, and cutlery (maybe bring some finger food to share with people)

  • Dress for the weather

  • Stay hydrated

  • Restrooms nearby


The Café at Cornell Tech, 10 min walk from subway station.

Real-life view of Roosevelt Island. Note Southpoint Park.