Born to Dare

I was dirtied for so long,
I want to be pure!
I was dirtied for so long
I want to be pure!
I was dirtied for so long,
I want to be pure!
My good ancestors,
Please come and make me whole again!
Please be sweet to me.
I am ready.
Thank you.

There is a ghost floating around that whispers into people’s ears, trying to distract them from their destiny. It tells you that if you dare be you, they’ll kill you.

It whispers into the ears of the parents to advocate for their children’s spiritual defeat.

It whispers into the ears of the children to accept the wounds and to be so wounded so as to reject their parents.

It whispers into the ears of born-to-be-sacred lovers that whatever defeat has happened in their parents’ lives—any stupidity, any mistake, any self-betrayal—is going to repeat, so there is no point in even trying to break out of unlove. That joy is not for real. That we are robots.

It is a very inventive ghost.

It speaks through family and school.

It speaks through those who were supposed to love us and support us but who have stumbled on the way, forgot to love themselves, and out of confusion decided to either reject us or protect us by having so little faith in us that we don’t even dare do things that others may reject.

It is employed by governments and corporations on a military scale.

It has a bag of tricks that masquerade themselves as rational ideas.

It hops from one generation to another, from parent to child, from heart to heart, tricking, distracting sacred people from their destiny.

I tell this ghost to go away.

I have no affinity to it.

I have no obligation to cooperate with it.

I am of love. I am of courage. I am of spirit and water. I deserve to reject the ghost, and I reject it now. May we all help each other break the ancient cycle of confusion and break out of unlove.

May our souls find home and real joy, and may our spirits be respected.

We were born to honor who we are. We were born to dare.