Why Bother Speaking the Truth

Because it matters.

This story is a little bit lofty and a little bit personal.

I had a serious conversation with myself and I asked myself again why I am doing this. And the answer is, it’s for my truth and for my ancestors. It’s also for the people around me and for the future generations. What’s happening around us—the lies, the propaganda, and the censorship—is built on years and centuries of deceit, and it so happens that the tricks of today have a great similarity to the tricks of the past that I know a thing or two about. I also really don’t like normalizing heart attacks in children and blaming the atrocity on climate change (and this has already started).

Subjectively and emotionally, it took me well into adulthood to learn about what my family had to go through due to, in human terms, the grand lies of ambitious opportunists who whipped together the “revolution” of 1917 and subsequent abuses. (No, this is not a rant about “communism,” and I am not saying that things in Russia were perfect prior to the revolution. After all, serfdom was only abolished in Russia in 1861. And in general, the early 20th century was disruptive to many people all over the world due to the effects of the industrial revolution that lured the children of peasants into cities where they were forced to work long hours and inhumane conditions.) However, I have a strong emotional issue with cons. And what constitutes a con, in this case, is the notion that the bolsheviks cared about the people or made things better. Yes, in the end, going along with the times, Russia advanced in terms of industry, science and education. Whether it was good or bad is a matter of opinion but it did advance. And yes, eventually the bloodbath evolved into mild oppression and whispered jokes about the party leaders (although I remember how terrified I was when I was caught passing a political note in class; my teacher looked at the note briefly, threw it out, and told me to not do it again.) So fine, it did eventually mellow out. But there was a bloodbath. And there was a con where theft and murder were covered up with language about “respected workers and peasants.”

And I do take issue with cons that create suffering. That particular con (“land to the farmers” etc.) created suffering that impacted generations, including mine—and I feel responsible for insisting on clarity and love today, to counter the con of the past and the con of today. Our lives are mysterious and meant for happiness, not for some kind of zombie existence in which we outsource our feelings and perception to the Machine that first takes our souls away from us and then lends them back to us, in segments, piecemeal.

It just so happens that the grand fraud of today is very similar to the fraud that hurt my people a century ago. I register my contempt for both! The fraud I grew up with was the proverbial “communism.” To be philosophically precise, I believe that the term itself is misleading as no such thing exists. When today’s kids say “communism” in a positive way, they are really saying, “I want a world in which no one is mean to me. I want a world where I am loved and treated with dignity regardless of my accomplishments. I want a world in which I am not oppressed.” And to that, I say, every human being deserves a loving world—while being internally responsible for being one’s best self and being useful to people around—but a loving world is not going to show up in relation to class struggle and means of a production! It may show up out of spiritual honesty.


In practical terms, the truth really is the most important thing on the planet.

For example, if you have a business, and your trusted business partner is stealing, you can choose to believe it’s impossible and avoid thinking about it. Yes, you can. But eventually, you’ll run out of money—and you’ll still have to face both the emotional pain you meant to avoid and the financial ruin.

Or, you live in a village—and one day, a stranger shows up and tells you that he has a magical cure that also increases your crop yield. It is magical, and very expensive. And somehow, your peers get very excited and take out loans with interest from the stranger to purchase the cure—hoping to repay the loans next year—and you stand there like a fool, assuming that this is a dangerous scam, and feeling rather alone. And perhaps, it turns out that the stranger was good and the cure was magical—or perhaps, after a year, your peers find themselves sick and in debt. Human life is a dance of choices and risks, and uncertainty is a part of the game!

Or imagine, you are on board a ship called “Titanic.” It’s all dandy, and the dance floor is gorgeous and the music is loud—but you have this funny feeling that something is off—yet the people around you are dancing, and when you tell them about your irrational feeling, they look at you like you are insane and tell you that objectively, the Titanic is the safest ship out there, and if you are safe on board any ship, you are certainly safe on board the Titanic. Are they right? Are you crazy? And so what do you do about your irrational feeling? Believe it or not, I have thought it through—given the fluid circumstance of today—and here is my hypothetical strategy for the occasion. What I think I would do if I found myself on board the Titanic is make sure I stay even-headed and stay close to life boats, just in case my irrational feeling is accurate. It is near impossible for a human being to know with certainty what can happen tomorrow, and no strategy is a guarantee of survival (especially given that everyone eventually dies) but I would definitely try to stay even-headed and stay close to life boats, while having the most meaningful interactions with people, in case that is all I have left. And if the Titanic keeps sailing, then I will admit that I have overthought it—no loss. If, on the other hand, the ship ends up sinking and my reliance on my senses has saved me, then hey, a vacation spent in extra alertness and looking a little crazy is a tiny price to pay for staying alive!!

Or you live the West in 2021, and all of a sudden, the wealthiest people of the world become emboldened, decide that they have the technology to control the biology—and that your body is the next frontier of “mining” and monetization. And here you are. It’s a fact that they don’t love you. It’s a fact that they don’t care about your well-being. They view your body like Columbus viewed his “India.” And just like Columbus proclaimed that his act of “discovery” translated to “ownership,” these people believe that because their science got a little bit deeper into knowing how really small things inside the body function, they now “own” biological processes inside your body and can and should monetize them and control your life. And if you resist the colonization of your body, you are a “hostile Indian.” And so what do you do?

History and psychology.

I think that we, the people of today, are solving the emotional problem that was set in motion centuries ago. I view today through my feeling of history and my connection to my good ancestors. I think it’s about restoring the truth and meaning of life.

I don’t think we are exempt from finding ourselves on the receiving end of controlling ambitions of the super wealthy megalomaniacs. This dynamic has been acted out many times before us throughout the centuries. And at the moment, there are many bread crumbs pointing in the direction of an attempt by a handful of maniacs to downgrade the peasants’ existence worldwide—using the latest crazy philosophy (transhumanism) and the latest technology (gene editing, nano-everything, geoengineering, biologically executed behavioral modification, and other tech designed to transform both natural ecosystems at large and individual human bodies into the likes of remote-controllable mechanical tools). The road map of where BlackRock and friends want us to end up seems to be written in giant letters in the sky, you just have to look.

All it takes to attempt it is a handful of very motivated maniacs working in relative collaboration—like the ones invested in BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street—and peasant compliance. The maniacs collectively own major stakes in most major companies and who also seem control at least some central banks (look at BlackRock). They can put up helluva good game of cultural and economic coordination. And then it’s a matter of how strong our souls are! If our souls are strong, they have nothing on us. If our souls are wobbly, they own us.

Predators’ weapons.

The most important weapon that the predators have on the people, aside from physical violence, is convincing the people that they are guilty of some kind of a sin that can only be cured by giving away the autonomy and submitting to the demands of the predators. (“Grandma killer!” “Carbon breather!” “Toxic male!” etc. etc.) And that is the reason that COVID fear—and now the fear of a climate emergency—have been promoted so aggressively and with such terroristic enthusiasm. The moment one stops feeling secure or liking oneself or one’s family or one’s species in a complete, spiritual way, one becomes very vulnerable to emotional manipulation. My heart goes out to those who have been successfully scared. Unfreeze! You are worthy of actual love!

“Climate” guilt.

For a second let me zoom in on the emotional marketing of “climate emergency” and how the predators use it to make people self-hate. What is the foundational feeling of dirt that the predators are trying to insert into people in the context of the “climate emergency”? That there are too many people, that we are dirty, annoying polluters, and that having babies is selfish. (Mind you, the predators tend to have a million babies.)

[On a side note, here is a collection of very cynical opinions about overpopulation, including a 1980 interview with William Paddock, advisor to the State Department, and "an outspoken proponent of global population reduction.” Among other things he mentions is that it would be great if the population of the United States were reduced to a hundred million people, and mentions a program that is designed to promote that goal. Amy mentions of that program subsequently disappeared. And here is the notorious 1974 Kissinger Report that brags about successfully incentivizing Indian men to do a vasectomy. Both documents are at the very last food for thought.]

The predators are using the actually existing emotional state of being too crowded on the inside. That state comes from being trapped inside an unnatural speedup, being bombarded by ads, being “on” 24/7, the electromagnetic pollution that impacts us on the cellular level, etc. It comes from the lack of opportunity to stretch one’s soul out slowly and freely and think about the eternal. It’s the piled up electrical tension that has nothing to do with being dirty or sinful or the amount of people—but has to do with the fact that everything has to be fast and efficient, as opposed to enjoyable and following a natural pace. I wrote about speedup before the pandemic—and my story still stands.

Thus, the real reason for confusion and guilt is not logical but physiological. Literally, physiological. Our bodies are folding under the pressure of being overloaded. And in order to stop feeling guilty about our species, one needs to slow down and breathe.

Life is beautiful.

People are entitled to being alive (and to breeding).

Earth is our home. She can feed us and nourish us lovingly.

We are legitimate people.

Our truth is our way out of this mess.

May it be so.