A Great Interview with Robert Malone + CDC's New Definition of V-Word

A short update for curious minds.

Two interesting things came my way. One is a phenomenal interview with Robert Malone (his full “Perspectives on the Pandemic” interview, which offers new insights). The other one is the CDC’s new and extremely creative definition of “v-ne.”

First, Malone.

And now, the CDC.

According to the CDC, v-nes no longer need to produce immunity.

(To speculate, the change might have been inspired by various lawsuits around v-nes and natural immunity, such as, for example, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty’s lawsuit.)

Here is “before and after”:

Wow, wow, wow. Their new definition is so broad that, by their own logic, it can include any immunity-boosting prophylaxes, including supplements. I hope it doesn’t dawn on the bureaucrats too soon because then they’ll have to recommend banning all useful immunity-boosting supplements in order to stifle competition on “v-nes” — or tell us that vitamins C or D are for horses only.

For a more in-depth take on the concept of “v-e” and how it plays out in a broader context, please see my article called, “V-Word: The Multi-Billion Dollar Sacred Cow.” For more information about linguistic sleight of hand and various surreptitious terminology updates, please see “What Does the Word "Unv-d" Mean?” And for the war on natural immunity, please see “A War on (Free) Natural Immunity.”