Some Impromptu Thoughts, Plus, What We Have and Schwab Does Not

The only way to stop the bullies is to upend their entire way of thinking.

These are some quick impromptu thoughts inspired by what’s going on (this is not the analytical article I am still writing, but it felt important): 

One, there are a lot of debates regarding the changing mainstream narrative. It seems like it has been changing at a pace faster than before, and a lot of people are wondering: Why is it okay to talk about the lab theory all of a sudden? Was it because Fauci has taken his lies it too far? Is objectivity starting to prevail? Or is it yet another trick?

(As a matter of social commentary, here’s a puppet of Fauci’s nose made by my friend Elliot Crown. And on a side note, here’s an interview about Fauci from 30 years ago.)

Some things never change though, and corruption seems to be one of them (see below).

Overall, I suspect that the explanation for the change is multifaceted, complex, and only time will tell. It is possible that Fauci, just like Gates, became too much of a liability, or their luck just changed, which is a part of many powerful people’s destiny. It is possible that pointing fingers to China is a way to distract Americans from the fact that the Great Reset is still going full speed, and this entire past year has been a tower of logical fallacies. It is possible, as the German lawyer Fuellmich suggested, that the “bioweapon” narrative is being elevated in preparation for when the flu & cold season hits this fall, and a bunch of people who have been tricked or coerced into accepting the medical product of the day, potentially start having all sorts of unusual and unpleasant immune reactions to otherwise innocuous pathogens, someone will say, “See, we told you, it was a bioweapon, so now you have to take three dozen booster shots.” (Fuellmich didn’t say anything about three dozen of them, that is my theatrical rendition, and by God, I hope he is wrong, and I am wrong, and none of this takes place. I care far more about the people than about being right.)

(While I am at it, as an aside to the main story, here is Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph, who is seemingly freaking out over the recent scientific findings about the trendy medical product, and I mean really freaking out, while also not at all desiring to ruin his career. So he sounds nervous. Hats off to him for stepping up.)

All in all, all this is very much an existential matter, and it makes a lesser difference whether the mad scientists are Chinese, American, or Russian, or all of the above (I think the latter is the closest to reality). What matters is that the mad scientists of today are really playing with military grade technologies—and that remains a fact regardless of the Wuhan lab—and that they have very little respect for us, the little ants in their grand video game. And while in the past, those technologies were tested on select “disposable” populations—no consolation here, either—now the ambition is to test their creep tech on everyone. Which is extremely depressing, but it also means that we need to be resourceful and stick together.

Like, which of us has the realistic power to individually stand up to the most powerful politicians and the wealthiest corporations in the world? Do we stand a chance against the alphabets while playing their game? I think the answer to that question is very humbling. We may literally never even find out the names of the people who are behind any of what’s been going on. And even if we do, what happens then? In the game of corruption, they are usually ten steps ahead of us, regular citizens. And besides, if the history is any indication, even indisputable facts don’t necessarily determine people’s choices at all times.

That, however, doesn’t mean that we are powerless. It just means that our power is different from theirs. And I believe that our collective power is tremendous, however difficult it is to find it.

See, the social media era and the corporate propaganda of the past decade has created this illusion of a new kind of superhero, where a superhero comes in, feels glorious, uncovers unseemly facts, everybody applauds, follows the superhero on social media, and the villains tremble and come down in flames. However, I don’t think this is how it always works in real life. In reality, prior to the villains coming down in flames, years or decades or centuries may pass—and in the meanwhile, we still need to live, and build, and love, and try to stay alive. We still need to defend our bodies and dignity because no one else will, we need to honor our spirits, we need to trust the wisdom of the universe, and to invoke that love and courage in a sensory way, because the intellectual way is not enough.

(Lofty words? No, reality. We are not the first ones to deal with this kind of monster, it’s a quest spanning many generations, and we have the support of all our good ancestors in figuring out how to fight it. Here, for example, is a story I find extremely inspiring. For some reason, it disappeared from the original website but here is an archived copy.)

I think (sincerely, so this, again, is not lofty talk) is that the solutions will come from all of us invoking love and courage in our lives, cultivating it like our life depends on it, defending and bringing out our dignity and our truest gift, protecting the people close to us, not being afraid to stand up for what’s right, and being laser-focused on choosing our own conscience over the peer pressure, even when it feels terrifying. I know, life would be better without bullies, but since they exist…

I think that this is one thing that we have over Schwab and his ugly crew. They are bullies who are dying to steal our world and our livelihoods from us, and the only way to stop the bullies is not be afraid of them.

May we heal. May we really heal.