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I have an idea. What if all of us here, all of us who care passionately for the truth to prevail (whatever it is), say a very passionate, pure-hearted prayer for just that, for the truth to prevail in the kindest manner for all of us? What if we do it with an open mind, and with the willingness to change our mind if new facts come about, as long as it's about the truth and the real spiritual honesty? I think putting our heart together to oppose the dark energy of forced domination is one thing we can do, and keep doing, and keep doing, and keep doing. The world needs us more than ever.

PS. Gratitude for all your sincere comments. It takes a village to figure things out!! And I like this village. :)

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How I see it. Breggin/Breggin are the spiritual side and love humanity. Desmet is the scientific analyst side and I doubt he puts much deep thought into the spiritual realm. Humans are just something to be observed and studied. He comes from a part of the world that leans that way. Malone, well he worked for fedgov agencies for decades and that tends to create a little bit of "how dare you" attitude and having worked for the big machine, he went to part of that the big machine to fix it. The courts.

It's all just human nature, who we were raised by and around, our life and work experiences and paths we took. It takes a lot of introspect and courage to look back at life and recognize the things that shaped you, for better or worse and seeing the worse parts of yourself. Most people who have "made a good life" for themselves, as judged by society/culture, tend to not do that because it might cause that "good life"($$$) to come crashing down.

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Tessa, thank you so much for this post. It is a balm to my nerves rattled by seeing so much ugly division in the movement. I join in the prayer for the truth of the matter to clearly reveal itself and for us to reunify.

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Great post! As the Covid vaccinations wind down, we freedom fighters find ourselves at an impasse.

Will we keep our audiences?

Will we find another evil windmill to fight?

Why is the public not waking up?

Whose fault is this?

Should I be the purest opponent of evil, or should I allow nuance?

Should I transfer my attention from now-irrelevant authorities to some of my less-pure allies?

These questions probably do not come to just my mind only.

The result is more infighting as the "opposing covid vaccine" ice floe becomes smaller due to the public now rejecting vaccines and mandates evaporating.

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Thank you for what you shared in this article and in the thread of comments it generated, Tessa. I always find your articles well-worth reading because of how love-infused, light-infused they are. Thank you again!

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Well said! I, too, was soooooo disappointed and dismayed when I realized that CAF was backing the Breggins and that CJ Hopkins jumped on the bandwagon, too! I had just read CJ's book and Desmet's book and loved both books....didn't agree 100% with each of them but when do I ever agree 100% with someone? (sometimes with you, Tessa!!) But I don't care - I don't need to agree 100% with someone. And this finger pointing is just disgusting and now makes me totally suspicious of CAF and CJ! Did you read through the comments on CJs article where he came out with such shocking, surprising vitriol against Desmet? Woah baby. He told us all to F Off and said the ugliest things to me. ME! (I changed my username because he banned me - I did say that I sensed some self-loathing and some underlying issues that are hidden from us! Ahhh well) But, yeah, he said really ugly things to all of us. We were all totally shocked and bewildered at his attack. After all we were all there because we really loved CJs work! Ayyyyy...so crazy. Doesn't feel right and that's the bottom line. We're all on the 'same side' here and anyone who is trying to undermine that is quite simply stupid or immature or vain, in my opinion! (unless they are being coerced/bribed into being shit-disturbers) Sigh.

I, too, thought OK then - let's get CJ and Desmet to talk - that's the solution! But, alas, nope. But, I don't care really...I still only follow my inner compass of Knowing...I trust my own Discernment and the details are not important to me - what's important is that with every cell in my body and every hair on my head, I KNOW that there is nefariousness going on of the highest order and the Transhumanist, Technocratic, Billionaire Bankster Globalists are trying to implement there very anti-LIFE agenda on the world as hard as they can. I feel like that's the bottom line and all the other details are superfluous, ya know?

Thank you for this article! And that Monty Python clip was PERFECT!!! Sharing!

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I haven’t found any examples where “we think” wasn’t the perspective that they position from.

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IN MOST INSTANCES, C. A. Fitts is a woman of great integrity. However, she is also an excessively liberal baby boomer who cannot understand that ethnicity plays a significant role in "Mr Global" and how this nebulous term is defined. The belief that one can assert a single working model of the NWO dynamic through the lens of finance is obtuse. She does a great deal of damage and a disservice to her following by shielding and deflecting certain subjects due to her unwillingness to address their effects directly. Thank you, Tessa.

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Very well said, and wise. Thank you.

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Great article Tessa. & thanks for the links to the tyrant in the mirror & thievery posts. Yeah, we have no external enemies, just the internal habitual reactiveness to internal "discomfort" which looks outwards to explain itself. & fights court battles etc. I don't think it's part of nature's ways that we all agree with each other, on everything or just self censor when it's not the case. Perhaps it would be more realistic, humble even, to celebrate, as a miracle, when we , as small groups, large groups, societies etc do agree on something. Then let it go & get back to fighting, bossing & enjoying that. The Indians do this very well, & should be lauded as great examples. Bossing fighting enjoying life as it is.

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Tessa, I have an outlook that I believe is unique. It will I believe if nothing else give you a different perspective and a new lens to see the turmoil you write about. Here is the link. I am a subscriber to you so you should have my email. I love questions. I hope you will ask if you have any. For me this is the only viable solution for us all we call the Human race. And in no way do my views cancel what we call, "spirituality". which is something I do not believe we completely understand yet.


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The "becoming what you fight" is a trap meant to cause people to rather be passive than risk doing some imagined wrong or other, therefore making oppressors and tyrants so much safer.

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Your approach of trying to remain unemotional and balanced in the truth seeking promise is too radical for some noise makers.

Keep being you.

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This is what I got in my comments section, too, "please negotiate, or maybe debate".

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I have never heard of Breggins, and no disrespect, I don't have personal knowledge of any of them, but I had already questioned Desmet and Malone as being sketchy for different reasons which I will skip. Mass psychosis has always been a thing. There is no need to rename it, or to suggest that it is not a common tactic of authoritarian takeovers.

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