A Deadline Coming Up on Jan 27: A Conversation with James Roguski on the WHO Power Grab

Let's make noise!

This story is a conversation with James Roguski about the most recent update on the WHO attempted power grab. James doesn’t need much introduction, we all know and love him for his relentless plight against the extremely corrupt and ambitious WHO.

In this particular interview, we focus on a deadline that is coming up on January 27. James explains what it’s all about, and what you can do.

If you would like to catch up on what the WHO has been up to, a few months ago I wrote a detailed article for Dr. Mercola about that.

James has of course written a massive number of articles about the WHO. Here is a link to James’ Substack. Here is his page dedicated to exiting the WHO.

And here are some suggestions from Dr. Meryl Nass’ organization Door to Freedom, also dedicated to countering the WHO power grab.

I hope you find this interview and the background information helpful! There is also a philosophical point. The philosophical point is not in the interview but both James and I believe that the WHO already has the power to bribe and coerce “world leaders” into doing what their donors what them to do—which they demonstrated very convincingly in 2020. What they are trying to accomplish now is add another symbol of power to their crown. Which means, it’s on us to raise so much noise that the house of cards crumbles as soon as existentially possible. Let’s raise noise!

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