When I was posting yesterday, I accidentally uploaded a video of Alexandra's interview with extra 20 minutes of silence at the end, apologies for the confusion, so I uploaded the corrected copy and re-linked this story to it. The old video is still up for the people clicking from email. But here is the new version (same interview, it just ends where it should)


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I find this eases my mind. I hope it does yours.

“Fear not, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10).

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Thank you for this article, and noting the importance of balance. I read it after feeding the animals here on the homestead I am overseeing, before I head to one of the two organic farms I work at. This lifestyle keeps me sane, fit, and secure in insane times. There are many benefits to getting to know your local farmers!

Have you been able to gather with others in person? Have you found a community in the real world, offline? Are there strategies people are using to find like-minded humans to work and play and organize with? I am considering attending the greater reset convention in january. Are there other networks of aware people?

My mother grew up in nazi Germany and my dad is southern Italian, so I knew early on growing up (on Long Island) that all is not as it appears. Totalitarianism, as Hannah Arendt points out so often, is deeply rooted in unreality - in deception, lies, obfuscation, etc. The murder of a sitting president in broad daylight and all the other psyops including 9/11 were fed to us by an absolutely corrupt media (but don't get me started on the CIA). Their general acceptance by the populace primed the way for bigger frauds, now including the covid two-year global shutdown and injection program.

As Arendt said, "the result of a consistent and total substitution of lies for factual truth is not that the lie will now be accepted as truth, and truth be defamed as lie, but that the sense by which we take our bearings in the real world - and the category of truth versus falsehood is among the mental means to this end - is being destroyed."

Thank you for also mentioning mafia tactics. The things that we are seeing today all have massive precedents historically that we should all be well aware of. The problem is that once people buy in far enough to reach middle class living, they fall prey to comfort, forgetting the keen struggle that underpins a life of integrity. Many are also addicted to pharmaceuticals or alcohol or other drugs or junk food, so were already weakened and overwhelmed before covid. People need to cleanse and strengthen, get back to the land, and remember to struggle! Love -

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I'd like to share here something that happened just a few days ago, that kind of demonstrates in actuality what is happening before my very eyes.

First, we live near Vancouver, BC, Canada, and now it is getting colder after an amazing long

warm, summer. But now, darker, colder as winter begins to set in a bit. Normal, really.

What I'll share I don't find normal. I hope I can express this so you get this sense also.

My husband and I often do a weekly shopping and then walk home, that being an

exercise as our carts are quite heavy. So, sometimes we'll say we should stop

at McDonald's for a snack before heading home. A normal idea.

But it hasn't been at all 'normal' there. That McDonald's was cheerful, warm, attractive

for as long as it's been open here, a long time.

The last few times, when we've gone late in the day, early evening, it's really

cold in there, frigid, the air conditioning on. Thus, not many people are eating


This last time was the worst, around 7 pm, darkening quickly, colder and again

when we went in, really cold. But, in addition, they didn't have any lights on and

it was dark! My husband took the time to actually look into the gloom, and

said that none of the people sitting there had anything, that they were all just

homeless people with nowhere to go, not ordering anything!! The place also

seemed not that clean, either.

Now, I don't feel responsible to tell McDonald's their business, and this often

can backfire. But this represents to me an example of what you're saying,

Tessa, the lack of interest or care in service, even survival. Absolutely no pride

or whatever word we should use. This was a very nice restaurant.

In Canada, you may know of the advancements made in euthanasia, and all those

categories of people who might want to or even should 'opt out'.

A few days ago, a very long 'ad', 180 seconds long played about a woman who

had no reason to go on, so hopeless because she had COPD, but upon realizing

she could 'opt out', she was smiling again. This was followed by a form asking if

I wanted to 'opt out'. This ad flipped off before I could write down the information.

I'm on the lookout now, so of course, it's not playing.

As it happens, I have COPD, so was this some kind of 'message' from the

powers that the only way to GO, was TO GO? To consider others, and


Don't think this is a small thing. Over a year ago, over 20 people every day were

'opting out', dying and saving our elites a lot of money in recaptured pensions.

I notice I don't hear of any of them thinking of 'opting out'. Too busy killing,

destroying. Like the purest joy arsonists have at seeing a building burn down.

We're up against a strange group of people, like serpents that care not for their

own young but EAT THEM. That are just interested in themselves.

I'm thinking these are not what we'd refer to as 'people', or as 'human', but using

the biblical term of 'beast'. Cold blooded, calculating, very dangerous.

More normal people, nice people are being trashed, getting trashed, getting

totally down and more and more unable to even cope or even wanting to bother.

There's euthanasia!! One shot stop.

Please keep bringing up what is hard to discuss, what we just hate to face,

because if we don't face it, we likely don't make it.

Thanks for deep and intuitive discussion.

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The evil underlying humanity has been exposed in devastating form. It’s a shock. It’s awful. But it also must be exposed before it can be purged. That is my hope for the future.

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Everything they are doing seems designed to shutdown the right brain hemisphere's way of attending to the world, a la Dr Iain McGilchrist. This model predicts, for example, that since the evolutionary role of the right hemisphere’s way of attending to the world is the open sustained vigilance needed to look out for threats and predators, those under the spell will be left totally exposed to predatory forces.

So folks under the spell will be completely blind to clear and present dangers and warning signs, and will be unable to heed the warnings of those around them, until it is too late, even when it comes to the children.

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We don't have to impute intentions upon people's actions,but if the people are players, and will be in the game (any game) for awhile, then it is helpful to understand their intentions, and their needs and motivations.

The COVID-Task-Force in the US has always included representation from The Defense Intelligence agency. All proceedings are classified as Secret. All of their influence in hospitals and the CDC through the days of the pandemic when they were stamping-out hydroxychloroquine in hospitals, to what drug trials were run in the US, all of the press releases, come from that core body.

Classified Secret and military-deep-state.

Actions have been partisan, favoring military deep state players like Pfizer and Moderna.

The casualties have been American civilians.

Dissenters have been de-monitized in various ways. i was fired for vaccine refusal, after treating with repurposed antivirals, vitamin-D, zinc and other supplements.

I see it as fair to impute intentional class warfare by these actors against all subservient classes.

Absolutely reliable loyalty is desired, and there are now ways to be more certain of that than ever, but they will take time to get everybody chipped, wired and social-credit-banked.

For now, it's what we see.

If we drag our heels and move to the edges of these technologies, spend cash and grow vegetables, the decaying economy may never be able to fulfill these selfish dreams of world-enslavement.

That will even be better for the would-be-gods of men.

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What you describe is an aspect of the culture of simulation that envelops communication media and our human interaction through social media. I’ve written a series of articles distinguishing the culture of simulation from reality. https://edbrenegar.substack.com/p/the-culture-of-simulation-series

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Yes, this gradual and relatively 'gentle' genocide is real. It's real, it's happening. It's terrifyingly real.

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I love your writing, Tessa. I am sad with you.

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I do care about what the perpetrators of this horrorshow are thinking, what their motivations are, and how the system works that installs them into their positions. Why do I care? Because I want it to stop, in our time and for all time. I care because the default assumption that they are just evil is a non-explanation that short-circuits broader understanding of causes. The better we understand the enemy, the more effective we will be in the sruggle.

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Thank you Tessa! Another powerful and insightful blog. Hey, have you ever thought about putting these out as videos? You could even add some of your music or a little performance art. I'm actually thinking I might like to do that -- pick some of my favorites from you, Steve, and others, and just do a little on-camera read to help spread the word. Anyway, just some food for thought. :))

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I really liked the presentation with you and Alexandra thank you both.... the inconsistancy in the vials might actually be what saves a lot of people. Saved because of sloppy manufacturing and administration. The vaxxes are industrial waste contaminations of the worst kind. Did you by the way catch Dolly Parton singing Vaccine-Vaccine to the tune of Joeleen...?

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Growing exhausted by the plethora of bad news and expectations of worse things to come, I stopped watching television two months ago. I now get all of my information from Imprimis, the Geller Report, and Substack.com.

Even using this filter, I find myself overwhelmed with the number of posts about the alleged COVID vaccines (discussion of COVID has literally ended). Nevertheless, I always read Tessa Fights Robots and I feel compelled to comment on this Post.

First of all, I would love to read your understanding of quantum physics and how it fits in the turmoil that we are living through.

Secondly, I must note that, as a social worker, I had too many contacts with men suffering from Black Lung Disease and other work-related diseases. It made me sad to see how many lives are ruined and lives shortened because of employment; but that does not compare with the planned murder of millions by the Oligarchs who run all of the nations of the world.

It seems that our rulers have decided that the Georgia Guidestones provided the only positive resolution to the problems of the 21st Century and the solution they've come up with is the removal of a large percentage of us.

Possibly more alarming than the fact that the tyrants are systematically killing us is the fact that information about the injections is being hid from us and that we have been lied to for nearly three years.

Sadly, there is no end in sight except for our abbreviated and poisoned lives.

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article that references a book from 40 years ago that is very relevant now. https://jessicadavidson.co.uk/2019/07/08/saturn-pluto-and-the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it/

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“Silent weapons for quiet wars”

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