Great distinctions Tessa. The language aspect is important - words are maps of the territory being discussed, not the territory itself. This itself is important to keep in mind.

It is further complicated by so many of our exchanges being written, and online, and thought out only in our own minds... whereas oral cultures created knowledge by way of negotiation - one person speakes and then the other feeds back their take, until common ground is found.

Further complicating matters still are the biases of particular languages, in particular English, which color our perceptions. This includes the syntax of sentences.

Your point is particularly well-taken that it is helpful to accept how much we don't really know, since so much of what is considered objective are models. Some would argue that objectivity itself is questionable, as it is all based on projections - I think this is one of the complexities humanity is dealing with in general right now.

What I find is that there are a precious few things I actually can know, and they are usually learned through suffering and compassion. When we get down to such root things, we can begin to rebuild a consensus reality. This is why TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION processes are so important, for they take into account the SUBJECTIVE experience of numerous parties, especially victims of violence or genocide. And from these perspectives, we can hone in on a common reality again. Indigneous perspectives are particularly important in so many ways including this one. As we strive to overcome the current push by bosses to colonize all of humanity and life, we can learn much from those who have been resisting this assault for 500+ years. Grateful to you <3

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Mar 10, 2023Liked by Tessa Lena

I was triggered by vaccine mandates, and mandatory mask wearing.

I'm still triggered by loud people on the bus.

Tyrants don't trigger me, because I don't associate with them.

Not associating with unpleasant people is a good form of inoculation. But most regular people I encounter in public are far from being unpleasant. Maybe it's the rural character vs. uptight city folks.

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Thanks Tessa! Always refreshing to read your writing. Your comment on “things” reminded me of a wonderful book by Iain McGilchrist called: “The Matter with Things: Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World.” One of the arguments he makes is that there is a difference between the kind of attention favored by the left hemisphere of the brain with its emphasis on what is capable of being manipulated and controlled and the kind of attention favored by the right hemisphere of the brain that is more attuned to the presencing of the whole and of relationships. What you attend to shapes what you perceive. “Western civilization,” by focusing on domination has doubled down time and again on technology and so contributed to the “unmaking of the world” as while both hemispheres are needed, the perception of the right hemisphere is more accurate. Here’s a review of the work: https://channelmcgilchrist.com/the-matter-with-things-by-iain-mcgilchrist/. You might also be interested in this brief update of my old webpage from when I ran for Congress in 2018. I now have some difficulties with some of what I wrote back then, but the update still seems pretty good to me: https://www.schwartzbergforcongress.com

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Thanks, I hear you. I call it, originally, 'the black box model'. We see the inputs and the outputs but don't really know what goes on in the black box, but spend all our time and energy arguing over that. But from the output, which is always us getting F*cked in the arse, we should all agree it is bad, and work together to stop the perpetrators. Or just say no out of free will.

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This little piece of propaganda made my hair stand on end and also made me want to send Stella Immanuel a big hug, or a medal!!


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Conspiracy therapy - the self administered therapy of those affected by various combinations of abuse, fear, cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndrome , intentional misinformation, censorship, and mass formation psychosis, consisting of the patient accusing anyone who mentions an uncomfortable truth of being a conspiracy theorist, thus creating a powerful Dunning-Kruger effect, an illusion of competence and control.

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"Lots of widely accepted verbal structures of today are ancient psyops, subsequently re-appropriated and cleansed by sincere people through the purity of their hearts." I don't know if it works that way, Tessa. Do they purify or whitewash the psyops? I try to follow the first of the Four Agreements: be meticulous with your words. Don't use ones that have been appropriated and made to mean their opposite. The ancient psyops have become calcified and fossilized, metaphors that lead our thinking in particular ways, paradigms that we assume before we're conscious of thinking. As you know, my book goes back 3500 years into the ancient psyops and questions 28 of those paradigms. I recommend that, in any discussion, people define the question and what they mean by any of the important terms. That way we can get past 'trigger' points and instead do the important work of understanding what's happening, how it's being done, and form a strategy.

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Tessa - maybe this is the intro to the book you get out of all this. or the first volume. We get your view from 5K feet, and then you zoom in?

working hypothesis: your "tortured servants of the metaphorical vampires" are the ones we deal with on a daily basis - at least those of us who aren't "lucky" enough to bypass the foot soldiers and work with their twisted masters instead. and those tortured servants vent their pain and rage on the nearest available object. and that's usually us.

seems to me you found the ultimate source of all societal problems: when a mystery was reduced "to a “sampled” mechanical beast." the future is analog :)

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Thank you Tessa, your scenarios are intriguing :)

Our technologies create the ‘viruses’ and our ignorance and not thinking spreads them. The one strong antidote that I know works well for ‘viruses’, ‘parasites’, ‘zombies’ , dark energy and the fake gods out there is LOVE. I use it every day, works miracles !

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Hi Tessa.

Great article thankyou!

I do not usually talk MFM evidence based comments but this one I believe is important.

Unfortunately the Zombie comparison to the new normals and the pincushions is rather apt. The Worsening behaviour of these poor people is similar to the stages of Dementia.

Many people have made the connection between the toxins we are being fed and the vaxxs to the destruction of the myelin sheath and resultant Alzheimer's and Dementia.


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Of course, it is okay in itself that people’s opinion should be not be too easily shifted - the trouble if the BBC, CNN etc were suddenly to switch round people would follow the new line instantly. They get angry because what you say is discordant. One thing we do have to try and do is be accepting of people when they do change their mind, and this is sometimes difficult.

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probably not a lie

molecules, viruses, flat earth, aliens, bigfoot are independent of the models used to describe them

science, the useful spirit, doubts and checks

those checks yield evidence in support of or against a model

the model will always be an idea, a portrait

a portrait of a pipe is not a pipe

The Science is the new mask of the machine. A tired and used rag draped over unfeeling metal.

Discernment is difficult but essential.

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You're correct. Nobody is going to convince you whether viruses exist or not.

Why? Because it's the same logic my girlfriend had about the vaccines in 2021. She didn't want to decide whether they were safe or dangerous. She never got the shot, BTW.

Despite the info about the trials and other things, a part of her didn't want to see that yes, they were bad and her family was hoodwinked.

Same goes for the virology debate. Believing in viruses is dogma that we're taught at a young age. It's no different than being indoctrinated into a religion and being told to fear the devil here and there.

My big issue with virology is that they're used to trick us. They covered up pesticide poisoning with polio virus. They push toxic vaccines to protect us from these things.

These days, they use this to push control on people, pandemic response.

Sasha Latypova and others who believe in viruses have repeated that the Spanish flu was caused by poisoning, not a virus.

Ebola happens in toxic areas of Africa where mining is unregulated. But they blamed a virus.

We got lucky with con-vid... It was not really deadly at all, whatever caused it.

If the next pandemic was really deadly, perhaps chemical... And they said it was ebola and it matches the symptoms, would you believe it's a virus?

I'm going to exercise free will and by default assume it's not a virus and look for other causes. If it turns out to be a virus, I can change my mind.

But I don't think sitting on the fence is wise during a time when the fascists are hungry to make people give up their freedom for safety.

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When You Ignite

A Genuine Emotional Response

You Are Capturing Territory.


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A truly wonderful reflection put into words. It took me a while to get to it (so many prolific substack writers!), but I’m so glad I set aside a quiet moment to read this.

All true words and highly resonant. As we surf through comments on various stacks, everything you highlight here is evident, simultaneously both saddening and enlightening. Commenting has become nearly a bloodsport at times, and more often than not, pausing to reflect on various people’s perspectives yields more than engaging. Not that engaging is bad, per se…but I think too many engage for the sake of engagement rather than true dialogue and conversation.

Your stack is always a balm, and one that I appreciate deeply.

Thank you for this. 🙏🏽

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Yes I see the term as a CIA device to exclude and mark our for exclusion.

It's a characteristic reversal or inversion from an institutionalised conspiracy or masked agenda set in secrets and lies.

But I look at the roots of what conspiring together meant. (Breathing together is of a common spirit or purpose) but is associated with covert or concealed intent by which to escape unwanted attention or consequence to open or full disclosure.

Your 1. doesn't need 'theory', It is as assertion or claim of conspirational intent is active.

Such as the revolving door between government and corporate positions of influence.

They may claim no conflict of interest and frame the accusation of corruption as a theory, as their cover story. They might even 'believe it' on some level.

There is paranoia associated with loss of trust and relational connection that sees everyone and everything in the fame of "You Are Being Lied To!".

i see this as very destructive - and also as an intended result of stated CIA objectives of bringing people to a state of not being able to determine truth from illusion.

A true centre is fluid and living intelligence within a relational field.

If we assign intelligence to predictive modelling as a basis for agency, we can act from fear to manifest its effects as reinforcement to double down in the model - that is not a relational field (alive) but an input of defined parameters, (machine).

Secret thinking is posited as the result of Adam and Eve listening to the Serpent.

"And WHO told you you were naked?" relates to a masked identity.

Self-consciousness seeks concealment in socially coded behaviours.

Susceptibility is reinforced by attempt to boost its defences.

Forgive me if I am taking the theme out of one specific usage.

I see social masking as conspiracy to avoid intimacy of being associated with being put down, rejected or excluded. But when we know what we do - we can extend love in ways that are recognised or accepted without triggering defences.

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