This is about my commitment to stand unvaccinated as a conscientious objector, and to soon be fired for it, suddenly divorced from all the people I care for, and they from me. I will be unemployable, also, I think. I cannot morally be in any other, more favored by the machine, group. https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/08/in-crosshairs.html

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I am in agreement. I have spent over 30 years in forestry, gardening and permaculture design and I can tell you complex systems will buckle or degrade heavily with the simplistic systems of management and control even AI is capable of. We are a part of that complex natural system and it is buckling and degrading.

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Thanks Sister Tessa.

I am practicing generating a strong, comforting loving-feeling and channeling it towards others in my meditations. I feel like this is a "special power" that has been granted to me, and I need to learn to channel it fully and freely.

Love dissolves fear.

This succinct video summarizes the work of Hannah Arendt and Carl Jung, who intimately lived through the process of creation of totalitarianism through directed-fear.

"Mass Psychosis"


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Well wrtitten.. Gets right to the heart of the matter and was very moving. You grandfather was of my father's generation and whilst I have no experience of the Russian way of life, the way it was back then, I could see clearly in my mind's eye what you were portraying and it is of concern to me about this slow tiptoe into this great reset that they are talking about. It is not for our good at all. I am in my 70s but it saddens me to think that future generations are being programmed and are sleeping-walking into a soul-less way of life. I can't see there being any room for creativity or aspirations.

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Tessa, you write with such wisdom, strength, beauty and LOVE! I am immensely grateful for each article you post and the good vibes you bring to this moment. Thank you!💖

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re: digital money and controls, I highly recommend the Stanford Prison Experiment docudrama


It's ugly

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Amazing stream of philosphical unconsciousness.

Not an existential assertion of the way out or the portrait of a plan for action or even the suggestion of a theory of survival, but rather an intuitive assertion of the need to resist proceeding from felt necessities.

Struggling to connect the pointilist dots is rationally possible, but at best the struggle would create an impressionistic overview, not a pattern, not a map, from which to begin la resistance.

From your verbal impressionism I quote these clear words of historical observation as a moral rallying point:

"I am disgusted and appalled by the havoc that the bolsheviks brought upon the people by weaponizing jealousy and trauma, by dividing families, and by turning people into snitches—and this is not a statement about isms. It is a statement about people destroying other people’s lives for material power and control and ideological domination—while lying about their true motives and pretending to be about “the people.” The lying was unjust and cold-blooded and inhumane, and I am glad the tower eventually collapsed. And yet, on the ground, there were all those sincere and broken people…"

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Thank you so much, one of the best essays on Totalitarianism I have read.

You have a heart, you have a soul. This always results in true eloquence.

Perhaps they will defeat us for a while on this plane, they are certainly feeling triumphant now, and what they, clearly, plan is horrific; but the mystics -of every faith - assure us that Love and the Heart triumph, and I'm betting on that.

By the way, it might be good for you to talk to, or look at, James Delingpole in the UK, and Alison McDowell in the US - the later has been doing deep research into the Transhumanists and their plan for domination, although she sees it as a kind of colonial predator drive turned inwards. Lots of energy of the right sort there.

All the best


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Look forward to your essays Tessa. Very informative with lot's of food for thought.

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Very moving-you write well-Cyrano 829 approves, along w/King Lear and PM

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"On the other hand, a society that masks the boot and applies the boot selectively—especially if it focuses the boot on the people outside its borders and allows for a zone of respectability on the inside where the boot is velvety—and also allows people to walk from under the boot and into the zone of respectability—that society is a democracy."

Perfecto! Claro! As perfect a definition of democracy as I've read.

Great article.

How to fight? Claim our soul and know that it comes from the Joy that is the great spirit, or God, or however that is defined. Laugh in the face of evil, and it shrinks faster than those cocksure bullies who think they own the world. Nothing a bully hates more than to be laughed at.

Thank you Tessa. I feel honoured to be in this process of exposing the light within in order to dissipate and dissolve the ostensible darkness without.

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Beautifully said. Your background serves you well in these times and serves as a lighthouse for the rest of us with different backgrounds. Thank you!

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Historical evidence shows that no Western totalitarian regime has been able to maintain its power permanently. This is evident from examples such as the fall of Rome and events from the 20th century. Currently, there is a significant amount of misinformation and efforts to hide the truth. I concur with this observation. In my country, the government led by Trudeau has put in place policies that include the seizure of firearms.

Just to confirm, are you discussing different time periods in which individuals have differing levels of freedom?

Drawing from past events, I notice certain parallels between the current situation and Germany during the 1930s. The experiences of the Ceausescu duo and the closing moments of the Nazi regime serve as illustrations. Nevertheless, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union provide a glimmer of hope that liberty can be regained (albeit temporarily). Regrettably, such changes frequently entail significant human sacrifices.

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this is one powerful essay. grim too.

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Have any of you read An Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic by M. Prechtel? It is quite important to me, what he says in that book. It speaks to your last 3 sentences with great beauty.

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Dear Tessa,

You are a rock of truth, in the surf of lies!

Thank you for your educational texts.

People who have experienced totalitarianism in the form of communism seem to recognize it more easily. My grandparents and their children fled to West Germany when the Wall was built in the GDR and left everything behind.

As a teenager, I was able to observe how the lives of those who stayed there changed for the worse at annual family get-togethers.

Now history seems to be repeating itself. It is to be crazy.

Fortunately, there are fighters like you who write wonderful, albeit frightening and warning texts about it.

Martin Armstrong (the forecaster) is also one of these courageous warners.

I pray for my children that people will wake up and put an end to the madness together.

Greetings from Germany.


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