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My god Tessa, you have really bored in with precision (and fine word crafting) to identify the covid crowd's doppelgangers. And love that photo! LOL

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Wonderful piece 👍 We need to welcome the newly awakened to strengthen numbers. Here in Poland the people often look west lately in increasing disbelief at the spectacle of self immolation. I tell them that's why I left fifteen years ago having seen it coming, though the past two years has really accelerated the madness and perhaps for the best as it will awaken even more.

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I remember all the fear my mom lived with, and tried to pass on to me

It made her ill and robbbed me of the only parent I had

I got replacement parents , ten sets, but they were not too interested in keeping me, obviously , except to harm me.

One set of replacement parents was a couple of Holocaust survivors...with their own terrible fear disease

But my mom's fear from USSR was I believe more devastating to her than even the Holocaust, if that's possible...

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I think a lot of people who experienced communism, either through living in those countries of visiting them, quickly felt a similar vibe two years ago.


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What a fantastic article! For a young woman, you have a deep understanding of the human psyche: I congratulate you! As a 70-year old (?) man, I wish I had your insights when I was younger... I also wish more young (and older) people could be so intellectually open-minded as you are... Keep on going, I love you! Dr. Guy

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glad you brought up Soviet Man. On one level, the prominence - maybe predominance? - of women among the heroes who've emerged since March of 2020 is encouraging. Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Lee Merritt, and of course you yourself just to name a few. But it seems to me that men, at least here in the US, are underrepresented in the resistance. Dr. Mark McDonald has addressed the failure of men in this context very eloquently:


Of course, in a situation where disempowerment of men and women alike is the ultimate goal, this is to be expected. But look at who the men of the resistance are - maybe this is an inaccurate assessment (I hope it is) but other than Jordan Schachtel, it looks to me like all the guys in the movement are in their forties or older. Where are the young lions?????

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Brilliant piece. I love this. I'm going to read it more than once. There is so much in it.

Your perspectives are invaluable and your voice so rare. Keep writing Tessa, keep fighting Robots. You're winning!

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It is fascinating to read your thoughts.. I also thought the same about my grandmother from Chelyabinsk who just visited us and stayed for 2 months! 87yo and an old devoted communist… and I myself caught it early and went through an abusive relationship! Incredibly how stories can be shared like this..

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Paul Kingsnorth just recommended you in his missive! I was happy that I already read you, :) and hope his words send you more readers! You deserve them. (us!) Thank you.

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That jacket looks nice and stylish, Tessa. Do you remember it well?

The picture is in springtime, from the bulbs sprouting.

That is a hopeful time, and you posed for a nice picture, with your stylish attire.

I think you must remember what you felt. I'm not demanding to know, just reflecting on taking pictures at that age. We all did...

I suspect that it's Groundhog Day for you, and others who have been through this.

I am a traveler and a "student of history", so I am recognizing history play out, as in Great-Depression & WW-2. as in the Cultural Revolution, as in the Bolshevik Revolution, as in the collapse of USSR, and somewhat as in the deflation of the British Empire, which was managed better than most imagine. It sort-of handed the reins over to the American Empire, and Kept London and New York, maybe analogous to the Western and Eastern Roman Empires co-existing in some form of cooperation.

Societies are coordinated in their works, efforts and aspirations by shared narratives of meaning and purpose. Those typically degrade over time, as they are gradually corrupted for selfish gain. What remains is a worm eaten corpse, which must not be closely examined at all, or the delicate societal glue will dissolve.

I think we're there again, like in the Great Depression. China was there in the Cultural Revolution. Russia went there in the 1990s. These Social Contracts and civilizational narratives take a whole lot of sustained work, with frustrations, fears and disappointments at betrayals, by the entire society, to be renegotiated and reworked, so that society can again function. This takes something like 10 years to bottom out and turn around. How far are we? I have to ask, so I don't think we are anywhere near a bottom, a "capitulation".

The Western Empire is still pretending it can rule the world. The globalist "owners" don't seem to have an alternative, except finding ways to reduce the useless-eaters and motivate the useful eaters to excellence-in-service.

I was recently a useful-eater, but I bucked the narrative and refused COVID vaccination, on principle first, and on scientific evidence also.

Now I am a problem, because I examine the corpse of the governing societal narrative.

It stinks. It's dead. It cannot be resuscitated rationally, because it is completely irrational and counterproductive for everybody except the globalist owners, and it breaks for them next...

The oligarchy consists of global finance, backed by global military-industrial complex, which forces countries to accept American dollars at interest, through a new BIS-controlled central bank, which is promptly installed. International investors buy resources, assets and human labor at a discount, extract extra at interest, and periodically crash the economy to buy at an even deeper discount. Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Venezuela. It's the same game plan, but it doesn't always work the same. It also hollows out the economic core of the centers of empire, like the US. That's been done.

If the rest of the world abandons the $US as global reserve currency, and uses something else for international trade, (gold would serve) then the price of everything in the US would double, and valuable things would be bought by foreigners with their dollars, and exported to them. Printing dollars would no longer be an option to fund the government. This began in the decade after Nixon had to default on the gold standard, when America ran out of gold, funding the Vietnam War.

The petrodollar was arranged by getting Saudi Arabia to only accept $US for oil, and coercing other oil producers to do the same. those $US could be recycled into US Federal debt, holding the system intact. The American/NATO global military (the biggest users of oil on our planet) would enforce the regime.

This worked well for a long time, but all of its foundations are now rotten, all of them.

The interests of global finance and the military industrial complex are well aligned, and Big Pharma is an eager ally. Big media, the corporate-state-propaganda-apparatus (Free News!) is completely on board, as is the information-search-monopoly, Google, as is the computer software duopoly of Microsoft and Apple.

What is not holding is a narrative that this is good for society, because that is obviously false. Scapegoats have been created, like Russia's President Putin, America's recent President Trump, middle aged white Americans with political opinions (aka "white supremacists"), productively-employed American farmers, truckers, craftsmen and factory workers ("deplorables"), and other "homegrown-terrorists-spreading-disinformation".

That's a pretty big tent excluded by the narrative, but it is sustained by the increasingly stressed Professional Managerial Class and all of those "compliance officers". Political Correctness helps put boots-on-the-ground.

Supporters of transgender rights ignore that the great majority of transgendered people just want to be invisibly accepted and left alone. They don't want to be standard-bearers for the social alliance that supports the status-quo at such a low actual cost to the owners.

Most black people I talk to have seen this movie before, would like the check, please, but don't want to be pawns in street riots. They are some of the most suspicious about the COVID narrative (killed a lot of black people) and the mandatory vaccination "solution". All of the black patients I served were very receptive to getting their families on vitamin-D to help their immune systems work better, all of them, for two years...

It is too late for this corpse, and I'll keep pointing that out.


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Have you seen the alphabet vs the goddess lecture? It explains that something turned humanity into a warring contradictory mess-


Also I see that the Daniel Quinn books of the Ishmael series say similarly but with a different focus: humanity is domesticated.

The Hunter gatherers served mother nature as a whole. Distributed authority.

Current civilization serves a centralized authority. Be a good domesticated human and you can be happy and own nothing lol

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Gratitude to you. Really appreciate what you have shared.

In a world seemingly dominated by a mechanistic reductionist point of view bar codes, or QR coded humans has become possible. The human as a product, no human or property rights.

Only by taking a holistic systems thinking point of view is there light at the end of this tunnel.

Here in Canada you can only discuss one health concern at a time with your Dr. An excellent approach for the symptoms dominated pharmaceutical prescription solution. A whole human body is a miracle of interacting systems not to be reduced to individual ailments. An awareness of systems thinking could be the antidote to the anti human, anti life, world domination hopefuls.

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I have watched the film Groundhog Day a couple of times. It is a magical film with such a powerful exposure of consequences - but how many picked up on its profound message. I tend to think these are mistakes of Hollywood more than intentional nudges to go deeper, but perhaps for the writer it was always so.

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Canadians have been too polite for too long. Our civic-mindedness is being abused, and we are being led to a dark place. The arrival of the freedom convoy may be too late... or be the home run needed in the bottom of the ninth (baseball analogy).

I wonder about Russians, if only because they are a northern people, shaped by the land and its climate. Like Canadians, they enjoy hockey!

If Russian truckers were to start a convoy, would the people have turned out to encourage them? Would this sort of protest movement be considered possible?

I don't know what to believe about generational differences. When we (non-boomers) generalize about the Baby Boomers, they are perceived as privileged, selfish, and childish. A generation that would force children to wear masks so they can live a little longer. The generation that watches television and trusts TV news.

In real life, the resistance is comprised of people from all walks of life, from several generations. I never see a Boomer or a Karen unless they talk and behave like the stereotype. Then I think "Uh-oh, time to slowly back away from the crazy..."

Having lived in Canada my whole life, there is no déja-vu, no groundhog day for what is happening. I assumed that everyone around me felt as I did about ideals such as freedom. Even though as Canadians we could go about our lives, taking those freedoms for granted.

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To know history is to know the future. To know Soviet history as you do is to see a similar history unfolding here. The problem with concentrating power into the hands of the few is that mix if competence and incompetence accelerates the onset of societal collapse. It is coming. I have begun a Substack to address these issues. In particular see, https://edbrenegar.substack.com/p/future-complexity-collapse. Thank you for your contribution to the future recovery of our world.

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very cute photo of you as a young sprout... thank you for the wisdom about mistakes, forgiveness & positivity! 💕🐱🙏🐱💕

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