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I love the way that you are stepping back from the media narrative and focusing on the soul and love. It's easy to get swept up in v versus un-v, but this is the side show. The true battle here is spiritual. Claiming soul authority is a beautiful step towards unity and love. Keep writing! I always love your perspective Tessa!

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About that narrative you're promulgating, sirs...


​John Ward has done thorough research here. His use of the English language is always exemplary:

Autoantibodies, Fauci the antimatter liar, Ivermectin the Saviour – & a way for those already vaccinated to avoid death

​ ​Collating eclectic data from around the world, The Slog takes another stab at waking people up….while showing that, even for the doubled vaxxed, there is a still huge advantage in saying NO from here on.

​ ​One can observe categorically that medical researchers in Australia, India, France, the US, Germany and Japan are showing why the mRNA Covid “vaccines” tested by Oxford Recovery on dogs killed all the vaccinated animals. The detailed nature of deadly Cytokinic overreaction is closely allied to the study of how ‘autoantibodies’ develop. These little mothers are not always good news.


​ I have been waiting for the details on why these 2 distinguished career​ technocrats recently resigned. I knew it was about mRNA vaccines, but what?

​How significant is it that the two top FDA officials responsible for vaccine research resigned last week and this week signed a letter in The Lancet that strongly warns against vaccine boosters? This is a remarkable sign that the project of government-managed virus mitigation is in the final stages before falling apart.


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Good stuff as always Tessa. I suggest the word "spirit" over "soul". Soul tends to be associated with religions, spirit is a more general term. Our spirits are our intentions. Free will is about freedom of intention, not of religion. In the VAX/Anti wars, religion is a distraction. I do not want the COVAX. It's nothing to do with religion. My spirit wants to be free.

To your health, tracy

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Beautiful writing. Know this dance well. So glad I was gently directed to your writings.

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A truly beautiful piece Tessa. Thank you.

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"And so, if the child has received proper love, then most likely, the imprint that he’ll be trying to leave on the world will be......love"

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I love this! Thank you for reminding us of your earlier works!!

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"Soul Sacrifice", Carlos Santana at Woodstock, video


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Yes, we do. Author - it - Y Y author it - let the world write it for me.... NO! My soul is all I have. I am home in my soul, quietly shattered and broken and dirty and hurt. But it is my home. Like the Ethiopian boy's smile and delight. I moved from Ewa Beach, Hawaii to New York City at 8 years old in the middle of the winter. It hurt. You people hurt me. Your cold faces and words. Tessa - you warm my frozen fingers and toes, my chapped nose. Thank you darling Thank You . Dance Maestro Music!!! Music!

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Want some fun and in same time connecting the dots?

Secret Societies, Jesuits and Other Elementary Facts of History (podcast)

By Matthew Ehret

Freemasonry, Great Reset 1.0 from 1933, Depopulation, Socrates Philosophy, FED, Two Americas, Pope Francis,etc.


( Sponsorship commercials: 31:30-39:45 and 1:12:30-1:19:50)

Same on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Vhex3O_2B2k

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"...and some get knocked off their soul connection easily and then take a long time to find their way back."

That would be me for sure! Thank you, Tessa. Felt really good to hear that.

Spirit, Soul, The Real You, The True Self, God....to me, these all mean the same thing. If you are living with a felt sense of love in your heart then you are all these things.

Interesting how certain minds can be thinking the same things at the same time despite being nowhere near each other physically.

A dear friend of mine who moved far away across the country recently invited me to visit her and her family. Here is a copy of the last part of our text exchange:

Her: "(Big American City, now largely abandoned) is the opposite of what you would ever imagine. I've never experienced this level of freedom anyplace else in the world. It's staggeringly beautiful, mind-blowing. People here are cool AF. No Trumpsters live here."

Me: "Hey love to see you! But that brings up something - I am not a Star-Bellied Sneetch as so many are these days. Areas containing lots of them tend to be hostile to me. (Dr. Seuss reference, Star-Bellied Sneetch = human being rejecting natural autonomy in favor of abiding corporate control.)"

Sadly, as yet no reply. But I'm giving her time as most folks tend to not see the deeper agenda afoot behind the "public health crisis" being used to separate natural autonomous humans from corporate-controlled humans.

Tessa, with her laser-sharp mind highlights the "new normal" that was forced (and continues to this day)upon indigenous peoples. This is a very apt metaphor for what we are seeing now. Those who wanted no place in it fought it and died early on. The rest of them conceded defeat and either accepted being assimilated/culturally destroyed or they refused assimilation, doing what they could to sustain their culture while living in poverty, exclusion & bondage as dissident wards of the corporate state.

It occurs to me now that my anger over all this has run its' course and I do not see "Zombies, Robots, CovidNazis" etc. anymore. I just see folks who are choosing to abandon any chance they might have had to discover a deeper human experience in order to live as corporate-controlled people. It's an elitism of sorts now infecting our social spheres. Star-Bellied Sneetches seems an accurate term for the corporate folks.

As the Dr. Seuss story goes, certain groups of Sneetches decide they are superior to other Sneetches and so identify themselves as such with green stars on their bellies. The SBS's then turn their noses up and ostracize the normal Sneetches and bar them from normal Sneetch social activities. The normal Sneetches then encounter a huckster who, for a price, can put a star on their bellies. Soon enough all the Sneetches have a star and no one is "special" or "elite" anymore. The huckster shows up again. For a price he can remove the star. Which of course creates a new "elite" of star-less Sneetches and 'round and 'round they go endlessly. The only one not miserable and lost trying to feel special, superior or accepted is the huckster making a tidy profit.

Even as we are folks who value natural autonomy, we risk thinking of ourselves as "superior" to those who do not value this. (And maybe we actually are, in terms of our connection with deeper human realities). The sneaky trap we risk falling into is the same old crap: That our deeper human experience means makes us "special". This mentality, if we buy into it, drives the love out of our hearts and we find ourselves creating and using derogatory terms.

Being human is not easy. Being deeply human is even tougher. Really tough. Life is like a wild, wide-open, mysteriously beautiful school where we all get to learn about being human should we choose to do so. This means we make mistakes as we go. Lots of them. Sometimes we make the same mistakes over and over again until we finally get it the 1,000 time.

If some of us humans have a deeper sense of what it means to be human, then that is because we have learned this. Learning from our mistakes puts us farther along the path of what we might call "Spiritual Education". Should we, as relative college-level students, turn up our noses and look down on the kids still in high-school, primary school, kindergarten?

One lesson is apparently particularly difficult to learn: To thine own self, be true. No one but yourself is your master. Think for yourself. Beware the minds of others.

If you follow the Bible, there it is for you, Commandment #fucking 1 for a very good reason:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

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I totally agree that children are like sponges, soaking up the world around them, for better or for worse. To assure their survival, Mom's will often try to get them to go along to get along, especially if they live in a society that doesn't allow people to speak freely, act independently, or challenge authority, especially if the child is female.

That being said, I can't make sense of you ssying children were free to walk their own path "In older cultures, it was considered a self-evident truth—but in the modern world, the Machine has managed to break many people’s connection to their own soul authority—and consequently, their respect for other people’s soul authority as well.". What older cultures are you referring to? The ones where children worked in factories, didn't attend school and died at a rate of 50% before the age of 18? Having grown up in a fairly broad minded, intellectually curios, liberal household, I can't relate to your cry that we no longer honor the individual or reward critical thinking and new ideas. I simply think some people are confusing freedom with irresponsibility, for the sake of it, rather than for any great alternative plan, love of country and family or for any goal other than that of saying, "Look at me, I'm so free and "independent" (as part of a group totally dependent on YouTube and blogs to get and share their "ideas").

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Not Beauty but “Beast” loud thinking… Is it time again to fix big to fail machine? Scrap it? Or just cover it with innocent sand and immobilize it for ever? They will drain your soul, or you will drain their engine oil. Eye for eye, rule for rule. Again, global “machines” want to change LIFE rules for all and make world in their model. They moved long time ago from taking psychotherapy to understand human environment( time wested), which was build upon their old powers , to building new “ lego” order pyramid system. From bottom up flow of zeros and ones to absolute power on top with AI switchboard. With autopilot light always ON. Next by, psychopath RA seat will be mostly efficient empty. Psychopaths eradicated emotions from humans, because those were acting as unproductive sand in perfect machine…. But, end result was, without “ higher” motivation ( destroying other planets ?), they self inflicted own testosterone/adrenaline death. Use it or lose it. And SkyNet expansion/aggression war-algorithm took planet “business” over.

“……. psychotherapist for psychopaths only, teach them how to emotionally behave in UK?”

I couldn’t believe, what I was reading today morning in New Statesman article. I prefer(from continental Europe), instead of Psychoanalysis, to take friends to bar….

“And now for something completely different”

"Susie Orbach might be Britain’s best-known psychotherapist – she was Princess Diana’s shrink, she wrote Fat is a Feminist Issue (1978) – but to some of her patients, she’s just a “nice lady in Hampstead”, north London. She still sees around 18 people a week, from a diverse range of backgrounds, and adjusts her fees accordingly. Some have been patients for decades: once they discussed new parenthood, now they talk of grandchildren. She has forged a “profound form of intimacy” with them, though an unusual one, in which she is mostly the listener, the holder of stories: “We’ve grown old together.”' - Sophie speaks to psychotherapist and author Susie Orbach about our current mental health crisis.

“Orbach has found that, in the five decades since she started training as a psychotherapist, most people have woken up to the importance of feelings, but few have become more emotionally literate. They still struggle to relate to other people’s emotional disclosures: “If somebody has a miscarriage, do you cross the street, or say something stupid like ‘Oh, better luck next time’ or do you, and without wanting to sound too British Airways…”  she dropped her voice, so that it was gentle and tentative: “say: ‘That’s so difficult.’ Can you say something real? I don’t think we’re there yet.” “

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For someone so young you have so much wisdom. You will make a wonderful mother. You are already a wonderful teacher. I am so glad that I have come into contact with you. There is no such thing as a coincidence. thank you.

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