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An important correction of the comment about seven clan mothers in Europe: I did not mean that all life originated from there, which I realized it sounded like when I listened back to the interview. I meant all life in Europe, according to that theory.

Here is an article I wrote more than ten years ago about Bering Strait theory (debunked) that mentions theory about seven clam mothers:


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This country is run by mind controlling parasites…

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Germany plans China-style color code vaccine passport upgrade with multiple tiers of “rights”

Those who aren't "freshly vaccinated" will be subject to restrictions.


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Great discussion on rounding the Earth! 👍🏽💕

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As to mind controlling parasites...If one can call an organism such as a fungus (they vary such a lot!) a parasite...Candida for example...then, without the help of any mad scientist, Candida, a yeast infection, asks the body for MORE sugars, carbohydrates in order to proliferate...it sends messages to the brain, saying 'feed me'...Definitely mind control by a parasite, as those suffering Candida definitely obey...until they decide enough is enough, they then set about getting rid of the nuisance!

If mad scientists decide they can make pathogens to control the mind, they'd better not think it will work for long, they'll be so disappointed...we'll get rid of them!!!

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One thing to add/remember to any such discussion is this (the following contains rather unpleasant truths, so the tone may seem very harsh despite my intent which is increased understanding and mutual respect between different peoples):

No race (culture, ethnicity, people) has an intrinsic or unalienable right to exist. (For one thing, because rights do not exist on their own in reality, they only ever exist via human interaction.)

That is not to say any race (etc) should be exterminated or made extinct through other means, absolutely not - all the other issues and aspects aside, once gone it is gone forever never to exist again.

However, that also means no race (etc) has any obligation to help another ti survive, especially if the endangered one a) is guilty of endangering itself, b) persist in attacking its neighbours.

In all other eras of our existence as humans rather than apes, this has been pretty much self-regulating, and all races (yet again: etc) realised these truths as being grounded and founded in this: that's the way the world works, no matter your opinion. (Also the original purpose of philosophy as opposed to religion: figure out what mechanisms are manmade and which simply are, perfect and eternal truths in and of themselves. In religion the answer is always given: will of the god[s].)

But western greater discourse on any topic, in which Russian must be included at least from after its industrialisation, for some 400-500 years now presupposes western dominance and hegemony as a natural and given condition of life/existence. (The one exception to this being Nietzsche's writings.)

Which it is not; it is a blip in time unless continuously defended and renewed, just as it is for all others.

None of this means one must hate xenos, rather the opposite: one must understand and respect xenos. One must endeavour to understand the other as the other understands himself, and one must respect that his customs no matter how abhorrent and anathema still are the highest good for him. Which in no way means endorsing or even accepting their practice on territory you control - nor is he required to accept yours on his turf. Knowing and understanding is not endorsing or being understanding.

I write this because all the variants of freedom preaching people always forget this, since we all are conditioned from birth to equal sentiments like blood and soil with fascism and worse, which is simply false - all races centre on blood and soil, are all races then fascist? Is the very concept of culture fascist? Ridiculous, as is the eternal misuse of terms like collectivism and marxism, socialism and so on by libertarians - it's like old communist propaganda in reverse. "All we like = good, all we dislike = wrongbadevil". Libertarianism needs mature from its eternal puberty.

We, as westerners and the russo-slavic sphere belongs there if seen from outside, must accept this: we are fewer than 1 000 000 000, and have the lowest nativity figures. China or India alone are more than us and more prolific, and are also when compared to Africa relatively homogenous.

Life and land belongs to the tribe that succesfully uses force to take and hold it. All religions, philosophies and ideologies must acknowledge this as true, else they are disasters in the making. Ignore it, and someone else will move in and take over, via war or via nativity.

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I still live a simple life with blackberries coming on, kale waving their fronds.

Paul explained our war isn't with people, although people are complicit.

My mate and I were thrown up against witchcraft immediately after baptism, and it hasn't stopped for long.

You're explaining how so much unseen is real, happening: viruses,

mind controlling parasites and more.

Well, the Bible's true also and ahead of its time. Believers put on

Spiritual armor. Until recently, that would have been dismissed as

metaphor, as if Paul couldn't write properly.

The armor protects believers from what's now known really happens.

One time, many years ago now, I caught satan's agencies out.

I was waiting for a transit train. About 30 yards, almost outside my peripheral vision, but not really much in sight was a young man with long, blond hair.

Remember this was long ago now. Clear as day, a voice in my ear said 'jerk',

clearly referencing this young man.

Ah, but satan isn't perfect, timing was off. I DIDN'T have time to SEE

the young man let alone THINK poorly.

I IMMEDIATELY rebuked the evil spirit saying 'I have NO IDEA about this

young man'.

He was turned away but as SOON as I THOUGHT this, he turned back

around and SMILED directly at me! I slightly nodded, he turned back to his friends.

For sure he couldn't see me, but he KNEW.

As Tesla said, it's vibrational. The Secret Life of Plants, amazing book explained how plants pick up your thoughts. Lots of experiments proved this.

Plants love my mate, tolerate me.

Further, an old man explained to me how he BLESSED all his appliances,

how all his friends laughed 😅, but how all his appliances totally

outlasted their's. I think our fridge may be celebrating entering

senior citizen, is a trooper, and I beam that.

We've all heard the song, 'The hills are alive...'. Everything is.


God only knows. My mantra.

Gotta go positive, Tessa this time.

Blessings to all.

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