To prevent monkey pox: "Recommendations from health experts include washing your hands frequently and avoiding contact with infected people, among other measures."

Also, not picking up anything from the ground by bending over; the safe recommended technique in this case is bending your knees and lowering yourself while maintaining the upright posture in the upper half of your body. This message is approved by you know WHO.

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Very well done!, We all want to be saved, but since we don't believe in religion anymore we need to find another way to be saved. Medicine!! yes we can still feel saved by the priests in the white coats. Its just a little bit inconvenient that we are actually going to die in the end, and that the doctors can't really save us from that, but lets forget about death and just be saved now! St. Fauci is the most popular savior but there will be others.

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Holy Booster Hymn

One shot, Two shots

Three shots


Soon your body will be out the door

Four shots, Five shots

Six shots, Seven

Now you've gone to Covid Heaven

floating through the Pearly (Bill) Gates

where eternal damnation awaits

'cause you fell for their propaganda and lies

Please don't give me alibis!

you fell for their propaganda and lies.

Don't be surprised if your vaxxed child dies

from myocarditis or gets paralyzed.

Saint Tedros, Saint Anthony, Saint William Gates---

these are the scumbags every sane person hates.

O Holy Jab the MSM hallows!

Hang the bastards from the gallows.

Bathe in the mRNA ablution.

People, it's time for a revolution!

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So funny! That's how we get through this: Humor! Thank you Tessa! Another one hits it out of the park. I wrote this letter to "The mandaters". In WA state all state agency employees will be required to be fully boosted by July 2023... best to start in now b/c I think they are on their 2nd or 3rd so far! In it, I include 5 common reasons, all sensible, for why many refused to take the jab...and why many of these state workers will end up retiring. I can't wait until this is over!! Keep up the spirit! https://turningpointnews.org/corona-virus-reports/a-letter-to-people-who-support-covid-vaccine-mandates-in-wa-state

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Our Tedros,

Which art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy game,

Thy Reset come,

Thy will be done,

On earth,

As it is in heaven,

Give us this day our daily booster,

Forgive us our tweets,

As we forgive those who tweet against us,

And lead us not into discussion,

But deliver us from healthy debate,

For thine is the serfdom,

The plates of insects and the gory,

For ever and ever,


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You, my friend, have outdone yourself! In fact, I'm seriously considering opening The First Church of Pandemia in our community in NY! And I can justify it with Voltaire's quote, "If there were no God it would be necessary to invent (one)." What better one than this? Expect royalties.

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I was looking for "useless eater" and was disappointed no such moniker had been invoked. "Useless breather" is good but not an exhaustive disparaging term. Otherwise read with satisfaction. Thank you!

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Cute if it wasn't so darn serious.

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Another great one Tessa! 💜

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I needed a good chuckle - thank you!! Let’s include zee bugz and cannibalism in part 2!! :D

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Hobbits as miserable slaves would please him far more than Hobbits happy and free.

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What a gift this young lady has. Bravo!

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Gold! Absolute gold!

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Great read, true, ironic. Just last week I also wrote something about having an imaginary conversation with a Woke cultist, lol.


Great minds, Tessa!

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I will never succumb to this or any other religion!

Thank you Tessa for a great belly laugh this morning!

Here is my effort in the fight against mockery:


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We need to call the moneypox what it is, and stop using the WEF's preferred euphemism, blaming it on monkeys. Unless the WEFers are all monkeys?

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