Thanks Tessa. They have been trying to get computers to learn medicine for so long, and to replace human. It's possible in a way, but will not lead to health or satisfaction.

To me, the answer, my answer is to be more human, as human as humanly possible.

I think I'll be serving patients in a different setting

I await further orders from the Divine...

Wednesday at clinic, while I was finishing work at my desk, the Medical Director, a good guy, who I have known for 15 years, came by with an envelope.

I anticipated that the clinic would need to side with federal payments over a state order against vaccine mandates. That's the case. Some uncertainty has been inserted into the system by Governor Abbot's order. There is a bill in the legislature to bolster that. We will see how it fares.

I was dismayed that the position of the clinic administration is that I am being fired for cause, other than refusing to accept mandatory experimental vaccination.

The last 7 weeks, since the clinic announced the mandate, and I made my position clear, that I must stand with the under-class of un-vaccinated, has had more discord.

I was told that I must stop prescribing ivermectin-based treatment for COVID, with any link to the clinic, after over a year of doing so, and to good effect.

I was written up for prescribing ivermectin based treatment to the 17 year old son of a coworker, without an office visit, or writing it up in documentation.

That was true. I have prescribed for staff and some family members since spring 2020, and have maintained my open offer to do so.

I have continued to advise patients who have recovered from COVID against receiving vaccination, on the grounds of all-risk-and-no-benefit. I have discussed the shifting risk profiles where the vaccinated become more prone to catch COVID than the unvaccinated (Public Health England data is especially clear.)

This comes as the clinic is ramping up vaccine events, and is vaccinating children whenever parents will consent.

My approach to treatment of each patient, using my best judgment and giving my best medical advice, has become directly at odds with the policies of the clinic, lately a Federally Qualified Health Center. The clinic follows recommendations, policies, and incentives (for vaccinations), which come from the federal government.

It is appropriate that the clinic and I part ways, if we cannot share the same approach to patient care.

It is apparent that we cannot.

Of course I feel personally wronged in this, but there is not much to be done for this progression of the organization.

I was once mainstream. I'm about the same as I was then.

It has been awhile, and the change has been gradual, and not brought to a crisis until now. I am not the only one departing soon. Yesterday three competent people told me they had handed in their resignations for November and December. I already knew of another. These are people who accomplish critical tasks.

I know there are others who are now keeping their eyes out for jobs elsewhere. The first four are leaving with no new job, "taking some time off".

This is my small world experience. There are a few in the hallway who glare and will not meet my eyes since I sent out the email last month likening the unvaccinated now to the Jews in WW-2 Germany. I sought to explain my sincere position of standing with the underclass, but it was not something that some people could consider.

I was reprimanded, and twice disparaged in administrative emails for my communication.

I was asked not to respond to those reprimands, and I had no intention to do so. I only wanted to explain my position once.

I had explained.


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Thanks, Tessa, for bringing this to our attention. It is much bigger than we may think. Your point about AI "human" rights is the critical one. There is a collection of short animated films that address the backstory/futurestory of The Matrix, entitled The Animatrix. One of these shorts is made as a news broadcast about the global takeover by AI and awarding it human rights at the UN. It's so unnervingly accurate it seems predictive. Highly recommended.

On a side note, I subscribe to your Substack and receive emails, but it's still asking me to subscribe. Ideas?

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It's even worse than you think. In Klaus' book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, he promises that we will soon have at home diagnostics such as Smart Toilets, capable of tracking health data and performing health analyses.

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In a nation where human beings are burdensome and are condemned to suffer or die through lack of health insurance, this seems like a natural progression.

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Lots of excellent information Tessa. Thank you.

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Jaw. Dropping. I was prepared for robot enforcers and underlings, but never did I consider the possibility of robot physicians!

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"If this bill passes, AI will prescribe your drugs and—since the language of the bill includes unspecified “other purposes,” perhaps AI will also vote on panels deciding what v-nes or therapies should be recommended or mandated?"

Presumably, if this bill passes, it would not be unrealistic to expect that AI "medical practitioners" will also be serving on death panels--deciding if someone lives or dies.

This is scary. It is not far-fetched.

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