I'm going on a charm initiative (I was going to say "charm offensive", but it's ...).

A couple of days ago I emailed the Medical Directors at my clinic about the Houston nurses (and others) fired for their refusal to accept experimental genetic engineering "vaccinations" into their bodies.

I said that having given it deep consideration, and not thinking that our clinic would act this way (I don't), that if such an edict came down from Washington I would have to resign my position.

My statement of principle and position was politely received, with the reply that this was not a near-term consideration.

I have made the loss of my services a set-piece going forward. I don't really want that. I have worked 17 (discontinuous) years at this clinic. I am versatile in what services I can provide, broadly experienced, do very good work, as judged by patients and reviewers, grow the vegetable garden, and go pretty slowly. I am not "productive" as business managers judge those things, or as payers reimburse. I am a money loser.

I have not taken a vacation, and have lost almost all of that time by not using it, in the 8 continuous years I have been working there recently. I work all day every Friday. Nobody wants to do that. I work a 12 hour long 8-hour shift, and I don't leave until everything is done.

Since I am not monetarily "productie", I seek to be generally helpful and to prevent bad things from happening on my watches.

Fifteen years ago, when "the kids" were teenagers, we sold the house and cars, and traveled around the world with bikes and backpacks.

We were "home schooling" the kids. It worked out fine. They learned stuff. Nobody missed a year.

Two places we visited taught the same lesson, Dachau concentration camp in Germany, and Tuol Sleng torture prison museum in Cambodia.

The lesson was not that the people who did those things were monsters.

The torturers and guards were ordinary people, which is a really important insight. They got mired in a sequence of slightly easier decisions to not quite do the right thing this time. They entered Hell gradually, having no-other-choice, each little step of the way, as they saw it.

Things did not get better. Things did not go back to normal.

Knowing this feature of history, one must determine how one would avoid getting caught in such a trap, should it be laid for them. One must act when one still has some autonomy. That is pretty early in the process, clearly before things "get bad". When does the frog jump out of the progressively warming water?

What might be the signal? You can see that I have chosen the signal of forced injection of genetic-engineering black-boxes, the elimination of personal choice regarding bodily autonomy, as my hill-to-die-upon.

I'd rather not die on that hill, so to speak, but I can't work in a setting that has adopted that human-as-property ethos.

I'm going to find ways to be even nicer and more useful than usual. I think the vegetable garden emails that everybody likes are going to become a bit more frequent.

The garden is producing. It's June.

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Jun 19, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

Tessa, you continue to lead with revealing light into the Tunnels of the Weird. Trying to watch that video with Illien feels like trying to wrap my head around a recently punched out mealworm that is trying very hard to perform a happy smile. Decidedly WTF. Love your work!

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"If something can go wrong, it will go wrong."

Let's help!

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The potty training is beyond comprehension.

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Wow Tessa, you've plumbed the depth of so much my head is reeling and to comment on it is just too much for me today, so all I will say, is that the word 'Elite' is far too lovely a word to be connected to the monsters, mad men and women perpetrating and wishing to perpetrate their nightmare scenarios on humanity. Let us find a more appropriate definition..... I'd love to see a few examples ;-)

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Jun 18, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

Excellent, thanks Tessa. Do you have the archived link for the Business Insider story about Illien? The links above are dead ends.

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Again I am in awe of you. It will take me some time to digest it all.

To add a (very small) piece to the puzzle - The scheme getting rid of vitamins and other supplements has been underway for year. There are regular 'studies' warning about the dangers of such supplements.

The supplement industry is perfectly happy to go along with this because making their product prescription-only offers them the opportunity to jack up the price.

No competition, produce less and earn more . A capitalists wet dream.

I understand that a bottle of vitamin C that goes for less than $5 in my Netherlands cost over $100 in Korea's prescription only pharmacies.

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Hi Tessa, your lovely work is flying far and wide around the world...wonderful!!! Just read your Ode to the Brave. All things you mention so wonderfully expressed.

Thank you for being so literally lucid.

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Fair enough then. I guess if you want to sell insect burgers to people then you kick your PR and marketing team into high gear and pull out all the stops.

This is how it's done folks-- in baby steps. They mashed up the bugs into a patty that kinda looks like a real burger and had our grandfather Klaus Schwab hand it to us. Nice ol' slow-talking' grandpa with big droolly lips-- he's gotta be a good guy!

Once we start eating those then next it will be the insect pizza. "Would you like that with worms?"

"Oh yes! that sounds yummy, thank you. And we are saving the world!" says the interracial transgender hybrid alien child into the camera.

Eventually it will be considered inhumane to kill even insects for food. Don't they have a right to live out their lives too? And while we're at it, why do we kill and eat plants?

"Just because an insect is ugly it's okay to kill it and eat it? Just because a plant has no face it's not a living being with a right to live out its' own life? What is wrong with you! That's speciesism!"

And so finally it will come down to a marketing coup de grace, the likes of which we've never seen before: The Shit Sandwich.

Will we eat it?

To save the world? You betcha!

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What about fuckitalism?

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