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Wow. Just wow. Every. Single. Time. Your words touch my soul. Thank you.

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This is beautiful, Tessa. "And courage, as the sword and the chariot that carry love through fire and through darkness" - that brings tears.

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"In a way that comes from being born into this world, having no idea what it’s about, being rejected by a million people including by those close to you, forgetting who you are, succumbing to self-betrayal, feeling the unbearable pain of it, pedaling toward healing for your dear life, screaming, not knowing why it has to hurt so much". pedaling away is how I emigrated in 1982 to France to live in what i call 'socio-economic, political exile', for a decade. So it hits the spot.

There isn't a day goes by now, when I don't think about what happened to me, when I was in my earlier adulthood.

Oh, I've been there, like from 1956 to 1987 or so. Living as in exile. But (never start a sentence with a but, - bad grammar), I'm a male and I'm supposed to bear the piling on of many more layers ... Don't become a mess though. Who really has the time for a mess, hmm?

I really cannot encourage emotionalism though at times like this. I do fear the monster.

The possibility that we're just in the 'eye-of-the-storm' at this moment. That these ogres, these specific organisations and these 'off-shore' enemies are preparing an even greater onslaught or conjunction of some very unfortunate coincidences. An attempt to define our resilience in a grand-final 'show-down' event. Like ... a new virus out of Wuhan that interacts with your vaccines (if you took 'em), and er; - well you know, that's it, bye-bye-happy-hour!

Sadly the internet, I've learned is not a place where people want to read my truths or aspersions; - so I'll leave it at that. And don't forget. Love is not a place to hide if one is truly worried about being abused or hurt. Sure, I love you. This is the internet. So what the hell does that mean?

Fill in the blanks here. "Please look after yourself", he said fading into the distance.

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Thanks so much. Courage to love the monster is much needed.

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Isn't it also fanatic and cruel to insist that people who actually do science and)or believe in the scientific method are "asleep", "sheepies" or co- conspirators when all they are doing is responding reasonably to an existential threat? It's ok to question the science, but, when your objection is countered, it's not okay to dismiss the answer by suggesting the answer is a lie, because it's "known" or " suspected" that the scientist has ulterior and malevolent motives. These aren't arguments, they're, beliefs and should be presented as such. Lives are being lost and "suspicions" shouldn't be confused with scientific fact.

For instance, masks. "Do masks help prevent disease spread?" That is the question. In answering it, one cannot cherry pick data that supports either the yes or the no...Since the data supports "yes" , with obvious caveats as to type and fit, why waste time and lives supporting "no"? It is, as you say, "cray-cray" and cruel when people scream at school board members and threaten doctors because they are recommending something that has been scientifically proven to save lives

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Love your writing - so very relatable.

Can you explain more about this S. China sex trafficing situation - not to pry but how did you get in a situation like that?

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The monster mash:


From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”​ , Whitney Webb​ 2/5/21

Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy. The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.​..

...​When the world’s most powerful people, such as members of the WEF, desire to make radical changes, crises conveniently emerge—whether a war, a plague, or economic collapse—that enable a “reset” of the system, which is frequently accompanied by a massive upward transfer of wealth.

​ ​In recent decades, such events have often been preceded by simulations that come thick and fast before the very event they were meant to “prevent” takes place. Recent examples include the 2020 US election and COVID-19. One of these, Event 201, was cohosted by the World Economic Forum in October 2019 and simulated a novel coronavirus pandemic that spreads around the world and causes major disruptions to the global economy—just a few weeks before the first case of COVID-19 appeared.​..

​Rather than preparing for a potential medical pandemic, Cyber Polygon 2020 focused on preparing for a “cyberpandemic,” one that mainstream media outlets like the New Yorker claim is “already underway.”​...​

​ ​Cyber Polygon 2020 was both an ad for pro-Russian relations and a promotional exercise for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. Some of the people who took part and supported the Cyber Polygon event are involved at the highest levels of cyber intelligence; some may have even been unofficial representatives of their national state intelligence apparatus. The decisions of several national governments to participate directly in the WEF-led Great Reset is no “conspiracy theory.” For instance, the incoming Biden administration sent its climate envoy, John Kerry, to the WEF annual meeting last month, where Kerry underscored the US commitment to the Great Reset agenda and the associated Fourth Industrial Revolution that seeks to automate most jobs being currently performed by humans. With the governments of Russia, China, the US, the UK, Israel, Canada, and India, among others, on board with this transnational agenda, it becomes deeply unsettling that high-ranking operatives in both the public and private sectors joined the WEF to conduct a simulation of a crisis that would clearly benefit the Great Reset agenda.​..

​ ​A massive cyberattack, such as that simulated at Cyber Polygon 2020, would allow faceless hackers to be blamed for economic collapse, thus absolving the real financial criminals of responsibility. Furthermore, due to the difficult nature of investigating hacks and the ability of intelligence agencies to frame other nation states for hacks they in fact committed themselves, any boogeyman of choice can be blamed, whether a “domestic terror” group or a country unaligned with the WEF (for now, at least) like Iran or North Korea.​..


Here is the under-2 minute-advert for the "cyber pandemic with COVID-like characteristics". It appeals to my fears.

It works much better than that "You'll own nothing and be happy" drivel.

This is a real threat. My heart is beating faster and my attention is focused. I need to know a lot more about this!


Clues to The Elite's Next Pandemic:

Cyber Polygon and SPARS

Zoom Presentation June 10, 2021​ ​

Presented by​ ​Cat McGuire


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