#Elections2020: A Nation of Televangelists

I refuse to get mad at friends—or strangers—over presidents.

This piece was almost written when the word got out about calling for Biden’s victory, so I get to it in the middle of the story.

I refuse to get mad at friends—or strangers—over presidents.


Well, why would I?

Let’s be honest: the pissed off feeling is not really about the vote. It’s about the fact that the other person dares see the world in different colors—and while I am freaking out about “that one thing,” they are not freaking out about it and not helping me delete it.

I’ll address the elections in a second but first, let’s resolve the fundamental thing: Are other people entitled to having impactful opinions that don’t coincide with mine?

If the answer is yes, the rest is easy. And if the answer is no, please say hi to your inner fascist.

Now, do I have a “thing” that freaks me out?

Yes. I am freaked out by technofascism, by the attack on nature, on privacy, on human contact, and on the physical world at large. I am freaked out by the attack on my ability to move around as I please, to have consensual physical interactions of any kind, on the sovereignty of my body, and on my right not to harm myself. (Spoiler alert: Neither candidate is very helpful in that regard.)

These are basic human rights, and the cunning monsters who attached a partisan tag to them—and then cooked up an emotional association between an intrinsic thirst for sovereignty and “selfishness” (or, better yet, a neurological disorder)—have created not so good karma for themselves. Their pitiful choice is between them and the universe—sadly, I can’t change their choice but I can reject their abusive narrative—and I can choose to not feel guilty or alone. So yes, I am going to insist on sanity, with as much kindness as I can muster. And yes, I will try my best to be courageous and walk straight up. And yes, I abhor the lies, and I abhor, abhor, abhor the Great Reset. I am not ashamed of that!

But I am not going to spend my days fuming at my fellow citizens who have temporarily become victims of abuse. Abuse is tricky. Not everybody is prepared. And most importantly, it is impossible to “cure” people against their will.

Since I am human, I’ll probably get irritated every now and then, I’ll probably complain to my closest friends and then get over it—but I am going to make it a point to not turn my love into toxic bile!

As far as the presidents…. I feel like I am on the Moon, and everyone’s on drugs.

In one corner of the ring, there is Mr. Trump and his Operation Warp Speed, which is about as swampy and deep-state’y as it gets.

In the other corner is Mr. Biden, a liberal who is campaigning essentially on the platform of making all citizens cover their faces. What’s next, a liberal campaign to ban sex before marriage? (Ah never mind, Britain has already done it, more or less).

How can anyone make a good voting choice under these conditions?

Now, let me quickly register my reaction to the news and carry on. Here’s my reaction:

By the way, my brave friend, Professor Mark Crispin Miller, has been screaming from the rooftops about election fraud since the early 2000s (see his book “Fooled Again”)—earning himself the honorary title of a “conspiracy theorist”—so today’s obvious bi-partisan shenanigans are nothing new, they just grew bolder because we allow it, and blame “the other side.”

Yes, we are stuck between two competing mobs—and some people are enchanted by Mobster #1, and some are enchanted by Mobster #2, and some are fed up with both. I am the latter. But ultimately, we all desire joy and dignity, and everybody walks a different path toward their truth. So, love it is.

Seriously, what’s more important, my connections to real human beings—whose ideas are a product of their lived experience—or some stupid noise generated by some lying bastard on a television screen?

What psychopath from hell has dragged the entire nation into a mental state in which we believe that media soundbites are the Holy Script, so holy that we are willing to sacrifice our friendships to ideas?

How did we turn into televangelists?

What’s with all the salesbullying?

It goes against my senses, and I refuse.