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The Great Reset is a new Manifest Destiny, and I see it as all a continuation of Progress - which is the civil religion of technology-as-God that has permeated much of the human race.

Certainly there is a lot of propaganda, but from my perspective the propaganda only works because it speaks to people's belief in Progress. The "internet of bodies" and digital identities and Neuralink all sound cool to a generation raised to believe in a Star Trek future.

Of course, actual progress is coming to an end as we reach the limits of our finite planet, so the wealthy must convince the masses that their planned austerity and control is actually Progress to a better future.

We could be less vulnerable to this sort of manipulation if we could stop believing in Progress. If we could be OK with a world in which we live well and then die. A world in which it's OK for a pandemic to be beyond our control, or at least in which we recognize when our control attempts are ineffective and causing serious harm. A world in which we focus on the joy of being alive instead of devoting ever-larger proportions of our collective time and energy toward avoiding death. A world in which we find more joy in the return of springtime than in a shiny new gadget.

I awakened from Progress after six years of attempting to engineer cyanobacteria to produce hydrogen. It turned out that this was a much-overhyped idea with at least five insurmountable obstacles to real-world success, and yet the media was happy to report on every laboratory advance. Once I realized that the capacity for rapid evolution and growth within these 2.7 billion-year-old organisms far overwhelmed my attempts to make them do what I wanted, and I saw that green living solar panels would never make ecological or economic sense, I started to doubt the whole project of Progress. Now, how to awaken the others?

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Hello Tessa Fights Robots,How are you? Would like to re- blog your writings at https://www.tumblr.com/blog/garudabluffs ~ but perhaps you can open a Tumblr account to post directly? I should hope so, as elegant,interesting,& informative as your writing/reporting/analysis is.

Be Well,Stay safe,Take are, a fan

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I remember reading an excellent book "4 Arguments Toward The Elimination Of Television" and not understanding why the author saw what waa happening as such a disaster. I assumed that we would be able to keep our religion, our sense of community and our standard of living. What Western elites once did to indigenous people is now being done to us. Ultimately they will leave us with nothing but the clothes on our back. And if we are sex slaves, they may not even leave us with that. We must be reminded not just of our humanity,, but the awe and wonder of the non-human world. I remember regaining my sanity by being outside and truly seeing a sunrise and a sunset again. It reminded me of being a kid, long ago, outside looking for nests and snakes . Going outside again on long walks with my dog reminded me of what it is lije to be human.Your writings do the same thing

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Brave New World shows better than most dystopian novels what kind of world they want to build: a world where motherhood is replaced with birthing machines, where everyone is an identical clone stamped out on an assembly line, programmed from 'birth' to become a perfect slave to the system.

They will succeed in this, for at least a subset of the human population anyhow, because there are too many people out there who desperately want this--both the masters and their slaves.

The problem we face, human nature, is explained by the story of Genesis.

Let me say first that I'm not any kind of religious zealot. I'm a scientist, first and foremost. There is no place in my mind for magic or mysticism. There are many things I certainly don't understand, but I do know that everything does have a rational, logical explanation, based on fundamental laws of nature. The Bible and other religious texts are steeped in metaphor, the product of wise philosophers over eons of thought and reflection, and they can teach us much.

The story of Genesis is really an analogy for the story of humanity; how we began as primitive creatures living on an earth that was essentially a garden paradise. Actually this was not the true beginning state, but a late intermediate stage, which had been created by humans after millions of years of "progress." This was the world as it existed before the invention of agriculture.

In the very beginning of man's ascent from animal to world domination was the discovery of fire. I believe this was approximately 5.5 million years ago--not coincidentally, at the start of earth's current ongoing glacial cycle.

Fire was used for cooking, for clearing land, for hunting, for warfare. As humans grew and expanded to cover the face of the earth, we burned down the planet in pursuit of our vision of "progress." With the widespread destruction of trees and the soil in which they grew, the glacial cycles began.

(I will explain in detail how this works, later.)

When earth's forests and soils were depleted due to ever expanding human activity, the resulting glacial periods were always accompanied by a collapse in human population. This allowed the earth to recover for a time, only for humanity to begin expanding once again, starting the cycle anew.

The garden planet as it existed in Genesis was the result of humans moving from place to place, dropping seeds wherever they went, over eons. At first this was accidental; later purposeful, as cause and effect was noticed and understood. Desirable fruiting plants and trees were encouraged in their growth while less desirable plants were destroyed, and over time, the planet became something of a garden paradise.

In time, man learned to till and cultivate the earth. This is where Genesis picks up--the beginning of agriculture. Read "The Plowman's Folly" by Edward Faulkner (published in the 1930s) for more information about the plow's destructive effects. Clearing of the land and tilling it made the food supply more reliable and predictable, increasing population growth, while greatly accelerating the rate of soil destruction. The glacial periods became more regular and distinct, particularly around 450,000 years ago, as mankind progressed in its knowledge and destructive activities.

In Genesis the two protagonists Adam and Eve begin in this garden paradise, but then they consume fruit of the "tree of life" or "tree of knowledge" which alters their understanding of the world. Research shows this holy 'tree' is none other than cannabis sativa, aka 'marijuana', the Original Sacrament, which has been revered by cultures throughout the world since the beginning. This is thought to be the first plant ever cultivated by mankind. This "tree of life" is mentioned in more detail in the Book of Enoch, and in numerous other religious texts.

"Adam" appears to be a phrase from an ancient tongue which means "red man."' It seems the author of Genesis believed that the "original" man was not white, black, or yellow, but the red man, like people of India or the Americas. He may have been of Indian origin himself.

According to the story, consuming the tree of life and wisdom enhanced human understanding. The ancient man begin plowing and tilling the earth. The human cranium increased in size to encompass a larger and smarter brain, without a corresponding increase in birth canal size, resulting in difficult labor. Humans were "banished" from the garden paradise, fated to till and plow the earth wherever they roamed, moving from place to place as the soil was depleted. They begin making clothes for themselves--to survive the cold which their own actions had created.

Looking at a globe today, we can easily see the result of the past 13,000+ years of human 'progress', since the previous glacial period. Note the large bands of ever-expanding desert surrounding the equatorial regions in particular. Everywhere there is desert, there was once lush tropical rainforest, followed by human settlement, agriculture, and animal husbandry, gradually resulting in the absolute desolation we see today as the soils were totally depleted. Without vegetation, there could be no water. When the water disappeared, so did life.

In the middle of what is now the Sahara for example there was an ancient kingdom whose name comes down to us as Shamballah; a legend long vanished into the mysts of time, like Ozymandias.

And herein lies the real tragedy of Genesis, and of mankind: our sad fate to always be expanding and increasing our knowledge and our population, changing the world around us, and in our imperfection always leaving death and destruction in our wake. We are now fast approaching the next glacial period which will result in yet another major population collapse.

In Genesis we are warned of a spirit that exists within humanity--the spirit of "progress." We can see this spirit at work today everywhere in the world. Humanity tries to progress, but we are imperfect and destroy everything we touch. Actions have consequences, and side effects which are unforeseeable and unpredictable. Gradually these consequences pile up, and in time, destroy us.

You could say there are two archetypes of humanity, one extreme represented for example by the Amish, and the other extreme by technology zealots like Kurzweil and his ilk. One group wants to "stand still" and live in harmony with nature accordance with old knowledge and ways, while the other wants to totally dominate and control nature, i.e. "progress." The world we live in today is the result of a perpetual tug of war between these two archetypes.

But even the Amish don't really represent the one archetype clearly; a more apt analogy would be apes living in the forest, who are actually related to us genetically, descended from the same ancestors. The only reason these great apes are still alive today is because they have essentially "chosen" to be completely primitive, and therefore pose no threat at all to human "progress." There have been many humanoid populations somewhere "in between" apes and modern humans which are no longer extant, because they competed with humans and were thus exterminated long ago. The fossil record is littered with their remains.

Personally, I'm somewhere right in the middle. I love computers, technology, machinery. You could even call me a sort of human robot, in some ways. But I also love the earth, forest, nature, animals. I want us to advance, but a true advancement in harmony with the laws of nature, not like this cult of "progress" which is essentially a death cult.

We should progress, and we will progress; there's no stopping it. But we must do so with the full knowledge that we have no idea what we are doing, and that all our plans will inevitably come to ruin. We are flawed and imperfect creatures, and are destined to always be so. Perfection is not something that "progress" is leading us towards; only bigger problems and more responsibility for those problems. This is the key lesson of religion, which Lucifer and his minions (Kurzweil et al) reject.

Even now they are building the "beast system" designed to rule us all. They will fail; they must fail; and we will ensure that they fail. We will make certain of their failure not by living as the Amish do, rejecting technology, but by using the same technology for higher purposes. With this blog being a perfect example of such.

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Thanks for another great treat filled with your clever insights.

We are not "lumbering robots". We should see the madness that is transhumanism for what it really is.

Ever since we started to use tools as a species we have had this unhealthy obsession with our tools. Transhumanism is the ultimate evolution of the tool where we merge with and become the tool. (This was the underlying premise of '2001 a space Odyssey', the movie that today's transhumanist elite grew up with)

On the philosophical front - Descartes tried to bridge the spiritual world with the science of his day with his 'Cogito, ergo sum' but ironically ended up doing the exact opposite. Before the Cartesian Revolution the world was alive and everything had a soul, after the Cartesian Revolution the world was dead and barren. Now, his extreme line of thinking made many scientific breakthroughs possible, but it has run its cause in the last century.

Unfortunately transhumanism did not get the memo.

In a perverted way transhumanism tries to reclaim the soul their philosophy took away from them. Biological enhancement and immortality are only there to be had for the faithful! Of course heretics seldom fare well in zealous crusades.

I agree with your conclusion that all this will inevitably fail; The more complex a system grows the more vulnerable it becomes to catastrophic failure. Case and point - All civilizations before us failed.

And speaking on that note, I think you might enjoy Joseph Tainter's lecture on that exact topic as it could give you a future angle of attack to fight our elites. Tainter gives us a very sobering picture of the limitations that our social and technological advancements inevitably create.


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I have been perplexed by the brazenness of the Great Reset sell, which seems about as appealing as having mice with ears crawling up your legs in a dark room. But looking around I see friends and family brain hardwired to MSM through an almost visible digital umbilical cord. In that light, the grand presentations of the Great Reset can be seen as an expected functional part of the process. The comparison to Manifest Destiny is alarming.

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Thanks Tessa,

Time is short. I am working on spiritual transhumanism, a term that just popped into my head and onto this keyboard, and the ethersphere. Well, we have to do one better than the masters of money, technocracy and militarism. Clairvoyance would work, if we do it right. It's a platform the owners don't own, because it is "anathema" to them, beyond their ken. It's their blind spot. They do "robots", not "Zeitgeist".

Gotta' bike to work at the clinic, now. I'll meditate compassion. I can do that.

It's kinda' like chewing gum, after you practice awhile.


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My guess is that the National Security State isn't nearly as powerful as you think it is. They do not seem to even be able to overthrow the governments of Venezuela, Nicaragua or Syria. To someone living in E Germany toward the end, Stasi seemed all powerful but was in fact in its death thriws. There's no doubt the deep state has tried to influence all kinds of things, but of late there is no evidence that any of it has been successful. Cynicism toward government and govt controlled media has reached an all time high. What all this means for Jeff Bezos etc is an interesting question.

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My personal response to all of this is to feed the birds, take a walk, talk to the mailman and plant a garden.

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Once again, Ms. Robot Fighter knocks it out of the park. You write so evocatively, Tessa. Bravo!

In terms of colonization, did you ever see the 1973 French animated film Fantastic Planet? It's a nonpareil sci-fi dystopia. Let me know if you can't find it. I have a copy.

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Another brilliant commentary - thank you.

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It's incredibly syncronistic for me that you named this ''The Last Squeeze'' as I was calling all the last ditch power grabs that (in my head) for a couple months now that I've woken up enough (to more clearly conceptualize what's going on). You will forever be imprinted in the book of my life for this! Oh and everyone needs to read this right now. You're a beautiful soul. I salute you divine!

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Listening to Jeff Buckley's music woke up my heart and sent every atom in my body buzzing with bliss for months. How does one quantify that? This bliss has been experienced by millions of people, triggered in infinitesimal ways, often not by intention. The heart is the brain of our intuitive nature, it understands the natural earth better than science has ever tried to explain. The first step in becoming an expert in anything is to understand your subject completely. No molecular gene-editing geneticist can claim that. Life is too vast and unpredictable to reduce to algorithms. Fear of our inherent genius and creating a world that nurtures its fruition stems from simple jealousy. This blissful energy cannot be bottled - ever. We should all seek to return to our natural state of health and vitality that springs from the eternal fountain of heart-activated love.

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What keeps us bound to the line that is progress is simply fear of the new/unknown, the fear of change and the change we need now has never looked more different. I think one needs to be very familiar with the darkness before it starts to look like a very attractive attraction to a complete rebirth. I appreciate your hard work and attention to detail leading to real insights, Tessa.

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I Love this: "to prevent this joyless hell and to stand up to billionaire abuse, we need to remember that being human is good and pleasant without any gimmicks, that joy is our natural state, and that no one needs efficiency at the price of freedom and happiness."

And I saw birds flying, almost in a circle high in a blue sky with sparkles. And I went out on the cold earth in bare feet. And I danced.

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