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Great post Tessa! CT's are a sane reaction to pervasive criminality. I like how Edward Dowd explains that deductive reasoning is a skill used by detectives... and sane people. With deduction you don't need a wiki entry, just a preponderance of evidence. A recent definition of a CT I heard was that it is a Fact, that IF TRUE would derail people's view of the world.

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Great post as usual Tessa. I believe a lot of people in this part of the world cannot realize that their own leaders (political or corporate) can do them harm willingly. This is very different of course if you live in Africa or India for instance. When Nestlé killed a million newborn every year (according to USAID whistleblower) it was ok it was in the Third World. Wd didn't SEE it. When Monsanto glyphosate or Coke/Pepsi corn syrup kill people around here we don't see it either because it's slow.

Now we experience direct brutal malevolence here, fist hand. We are not used to that. People find it difficult to fathom...

I always did. Since I was a child. I knew we lived in a corrupted world led by a large group of malevolent people. That's the good thing with not being nice. At least you can (if you want) see things.

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These people are psychopaths. Their trademark is networked criminal conspiracies. They recognize each other from an early age. They are trying to kill us, e.g. population reduction. They laugh at normal people. See my post that explains. https://robertyoho.substack.com/p/149-testing-for-psychopathsthe-stuff

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a goldmine of receipts to rival the great reset for dummies.

one for your collection: kw noticed the mysterious timing of the gates microchip patent https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/p/four-american-war-criminals-i-think

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Wow! What a collection! I intend to review again. It seems anything that makes someone uncomfortable when they hear it has the potential for being labeled as a CT. Thus the eye rolling you mentioned. It's like they aren't ready to deal with it or even entertain the potential thought. You have more patience with those eye rollers than I during the current scenario. 🙏 I see it more like: 🙈🙊🙉 My patience is wearing! Keep on writing! Reading it helps me feel sane!😅

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A surprise party is a conspiracy. It would defeat the purpose if it weren't.

I associate conspiracies with concealment, or subterfuge. If it's not hidden, or was exposed, it's not a conspiracy.

I also don't get the controversy over conspiracy theories; the supernatural is more 'out there' than any theory.

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Doggies this is quite an impressive collection fer the fact checkers! Bravo Tessa for the exhaustive list (entertaining too, and a'course a reminder of just how dystopian n' Freak'a'delic things have become).

In truth...and this is from a Proud Crackpot (literally)...

You, Me and other Conspiracy Theorists are Good People!

(We all need to RIFF on Igor Chudov's very excellent recent essay that proudly announced that, "You, Me and other Anti-Vaxxers are Good People.")

We the flexi-brained thinkin' cap-on conspiracy theorists, are just wired for curiosity. Wonderin' leads to wanderin' and wanderin' leads to knowledge (and a passel'a rabbit holes...Curiouser N' Curiouser...).

How else can we figger out the the world if our feet and minds can't wander (or wonder)?

Thus, in the land of the blind... the pineal gland is KING! (i spy with my third little eye...)

So let's all roll our eyes together just for the sheer goofy-ness of it! Ready, set, ROLLLLLL!

(And the naysayers and factcheckers can roll back but if they're runnin' away "skeered" they're gonna trip and skin their little knees)

Thanks for sharin' all this! (it does feel good to feel vindicated even if we cheer quietly...)

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Another masterpiece of words and heart and soul, and so much verification. Thank you, Tessa.

I wanted to invite you, (and anyone else in NYC, if you can / feel called / have capacity), to a 5g Jumbo Pole walking tour this Saturday on the Lower East Side. (To share information, and not get too close to the poles). Need more NYC'ers aware that this onslaught of invisible radiation is happening, and is not harmless ..

There's more and more wireless infrastructure, and now huge 32 foot poles will have antennas from multiple tenants, for multiple technologies, Wi-Fi, millimeter wave 5G, sub-6 GHz 5G and 4G LTE. The millimeter range frequencies are higher than most of our consumer meters can measure. But measurements so far have been high, and we can be sure we will be exposed to a greater variety and density of wireless radiation.

And with pulsed, microwave radiation injuries / erosion of health, as with "vaccines" (and, vaccines), the injured are gaslit, and "safety" claims are based on scientific fraud. (Claimed safe if within FCC Exposure Limit - but that's not true At All).

( ** https://mdsafetech.org/problems/industry-influence-in-science/ - Really really super informative page, about the same bullshit of corruption in research, academia, "regulators", media, etc ..)

This Saturday, Sept 24, New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech ( https://newyorkers4wiredtech.com/ ), will host an outreach event, in connection with "Global 5G Day," and those in Europe who are aiming to get 1 million signatures to take to the UN and European Parliament to roll back this technology.

This is our current schedule:

3-4pm - Jumbo pole by Trader Joe’s at 400 Grand (at Clinton Street)

4-4:30pm - Jumbo pole at Grand & Essex Streets by the Pickle Guys

4:30-5pm - Jumbo pole at East Broadway and Rutgers Street on the Seward Park side across from Wu’s Dumpling King



Feel free to spread the word! Thank you ...

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One man’s war criminal is another man’s war hero. All depends on who wins the war and who does the trying.

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"And when Hitler decided the time was right, Germany went to war, not by declaring war, but by a carefully prepared sneak attack."

That comment stuck out to me above all other things in the "Don't Be A Sucker" video (coincidentally created by the US War Office, "not...to be shown...to the general public without permission of the War Department).

In 2020, The Hydra (globalists) went to war on the common citizen. It was phase one, a way to exploit our defenses and see what "compliance" looked like.


They didn't declare war, they had a carefully prepared sneak attack in the form of an invisible enemy, a virus. They'd planned for this for years, and that's been well documented here and in other places.

Tess, you're right on the money. You keep shouting like you are. I'll gladly bear the gold star as a conspiracy theorist and spreader of "misinformation", and anyone else with eyes to see should be glad to bear the same.

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Thank you Tessa for your thorough run through. The thought never enters my mind. Are there conspiracies? What? Of course there are. People conspire continously. They've just tried to demonise the word. It'd be like if they rebranded bullying. There's no bullying. Its just people disagreeing and one person being persuasive. Theres no such thing as bullying. That's a myth.

Of course conspiracies happen. Sometimes (quite often lately) they move from theory to fact. I like to keep about a dozen in rotation in my head at any one time. The most ridiculous thing to believe is that their are no conspiracies. Some people actually believe this. Crazy tinfoil hatters!

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what's so hugely ironic is the worse the agendas of systems that be, the more likely they are ignored as hype and complete bs. there must be a name for that phenomenon....entropy...?

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Obvious when you say it like that. :-) Perhaps the way to combat the use of the term "conspiracy theorists" as an epithet for epistemological injustice (i.e. a reason to be dismissed), is to adopt proudly. Like "yes, I'm a conspiracy theorists because I see the world is full of very corrupt, selfish, greedy people, don't you agree?". Or point out that they themselves are conspiracy theorists... "so you don't actually believe that Trump conspired with russia to rig the 2016 election? and you no longer believe that all white men are conspiring against other races and women?"

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never do the few succeed without great support!

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........'the antidote to all this is spiritual strength'...https://stopworldcontrol.com/lions/

I love this sit, even though there is, here and there are here and there (to put it politely), some pretty whacky contributions amongst some really good stuff.

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