Nov 23, 2020Liked by Tessa Lena

I believe my literary apogee may have occurred just about half a century ago. My article on local pizza parlors was voted best of the year by the staff of the liberal weekly at my college. (Which vote, I assure you, was in no way influenced by the surprise arrival of a half dozen family sized gems sent not long after press release.) Since then my grand luminescence may have dimmed just a tad, but as an engineer my blurbs were at least found entertaining from time to time. I had certainly had the opportunity to read some pretty good work through the years. And I am simply dumb struck in awe of yours. I believe I sure a very common vantage point with you, but you have depth and bring clarity and richness that I could never resolve. Mine is just one small voice, but your writings are simply the best i believe I have ever read.

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