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This is beautiful- and the video is one of the most toxic, psychotic encapsulations of all the dehumanization that has transpired. I am in a RAGE at artists who participated in the propaganda and lies, who spread FEAR thru story and artwork...

They don't EVER deserve an audience or a platform - for they are parrots - and don't SEE anything.

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I stumbled across your writing about six months ago. You helped me realize that even in all of the craziness that we're dealing with, words matter. Your writing has brought comfort and sanity into my life in the midst of this chaos and I'm very appreciative of your perspective. Your work helped me figure out that I could and should talk about these issues without contributing to the division. So, I started a podcast this year. Humans are love dependent animals and as a mother and early childhood educator I am acutely aware of the need for bonding, connection, love. So I decided to write and speak about the biology of love, so when my kids are grown they know that I didn't stay silent. That I took personal responsibility for their well being (and my own). Thank you for your continued wisdom and bravery.

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Months ago I apologized to my kids that the world that they knew before Jan 1, 2020 would never return, despite what they kept hearing from the ignorant media and elected officials that we just needed to 'flatten the curve', etc. I wished even then that I was wrong, but I knew 100% that I was correct, and that it was my duty as their father to tell them. They doubted me then, but not any more.

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This is the most befuddling time in my life. Parenting years ago seemed more than challenging, so I can hardly imagine how young parents manage today. My views have been effectively cancelled by some people important to me; the barrier is now impenetrable. At first I thought sending source information to links like I see posted here would eventually work. But no. Well. Wow. Not at all ok then, but I do recognize my efforts are in vain with some. If the bug strikes, It could mean their lives. I will just have to live with that. As to the masks, as I see it, many entirely loving parents will do all the wrong things with absolutely all the best intentions. Children are incredibly aware. Their parents utter devotion by itself, in spite of all the mistakes, is sustaining.

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There is only one acceptable reaction after reading this and watching the video. Crying. If there are still shreds of humanity left inside us.

It's not the first time in history that children are exposed to such cruelty at such an early age. The big difference is that this time it is happening on such a large scale.

Keep on Tessa, expose them. Lay bare their hypocrisy and their pseudo-morality.

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I do not believe the conscious advocates of democratic socialism are wanting to take the majority of other's money by force. The system is so far out of balance most do not see the depth of imbalance and are too often the receptors of scare tactics of extremist capitalists.

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Hi Tessa. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your heart. I had a mask made on Etsy that says "miss your smile." The dehumanizing effects of this pandemic psyop are more brutal than anything the tyrants of the 20th century could cook up.

My mantra remains "love wins." They will fail. Hubris, plain folly, or good ol' Nature will see to that. What we will have to rebuild with remains to be seen, but seen it will be. It's just a matter of time.

All happiness,


P.S.: My other self-designed mask says "STILL HUMAN"!

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It is truly sad and heartbreaking what we as a society have done to them. Not only the people who actively forced it on them, but also all the cowards that passively went along with it, afraid to speak up.

I really wouldn't blame these children one iota if some of them choose not to forgive us. I would hope they would find it in their hearts to do so though, and I have faith that most of them will nonetheless.

The Gary Jules cover of the song "Mad World" by Tears For Fears would also go quite well with this video.

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Guess who said this in 1933 regarding Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal?

"I believe that President Roosevelt has chosen the right path. We are dealing with the greatest social problem ever known. Millions of unemployed must get their jobs back. This cannot be left to private initiative."

It was Joseph Goebbels. Mussolini and Hitler were also enamored with FDR's New Deal.

That was after the Great Depression had begun. What precipitated the Great Depression?

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. But the US entering the European war 4 years later, which made it a world war (WWI), was also essential to the long term plans of the Money Masters. Had there not been a WWI and the Treaty of Versailles, there would not have been a WWII.

This is just another cookie cutter. So it's time to stop talking, and start acting, if you don't want WWIII.

The good news is that We the People now have the technologies to starve out the Money Master Globalists by disconnecting from them through Localism. But 1st you need to get off of the Silicon Valley Ferris wheel.

Get off of FB and Twitter completely and delete your accounts, and stop buying through Amazon, just for starters.

Next up on the list, Google, Apple, Microsoft. Then Web 3.0 using peer to peer blockchain technology like the cryptocurrencies use.

Markets abhor a vacuum. So use their own game against them, and cut off their oxygen.

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As soon as it began I knew it was bullshit for a lot of reasons. Then I followed the money to see who benefited the most financially from the Corona Canard.

It is all laid out here with tons of irrefutable evidence:



But getting angry is not only useless, it is exactly what they want. The people behind this are just petty tyrants, and the best way to deal with a petty tyrant is to refuse to join them by indulging in the same negative and indulgent emotions that they exhibit.

"Resist not evil", are the 3 most important words in the New Testament. Because as soon as you resist by reacting the same way they would react, you've lost. And you find out the hard way why self-importance is mans worst enemy. Feeling offended leads to acting offended, and you give away all of your power.

As my mother always told me; "The best way to deal with a Bully, is ignore the Bully".

The children will eventually be fine. They were destined to learn this lesson about adults. It's a very valuable lesson.

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I think the kids will be alright with COVID. It's not much threat to them; WAY less than measles used to be, and everybody passed it off, because they'd had it a long time ago, and didn't remember. I had it in January or February of 1965 and it was interminable suffering in every fiber of my body without respite, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. I remember. This novel coronavirus is now endemic. It will never go away. It is with the other 4 now. I have already had 2 patients really catch it twice within 6 months, and that's the period of best immunity. It's pretty much gone by a year. All coronaviruses are that way. Humans don't mount much of a response to them, and forget it pretty quickly. The kids will be alright by just getting re-eposed and re-exposed and re-exposed.

Ivermectin kicks butt, though. Really:



Do keep your vitamin-D levels up. Take 5000 units per day, forever. It helps a lot.


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Satanic .

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It's a beautiful piece of writing. I wish I could read it to my son. You never know, one day it might happen. Thank you.

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Was it love...or fear? Cowardice? When put in those terms, maybe not so noble after all. Just the common stuff of human weakness.

I would like to forgive their ignorance, but *willful* ignorance is unforgiveable. Especially when it's accompanied by ridicule and insults to whose who speak truth.

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OMG I could not keep watching the video - the heartbreak and sorrow just overtook me. I thank God above that I did not have small children during any of this but I still couldn't protect any of my family from taking the fu%*@ng shot; I alone refused. I wonder what the future holds for them.

God Forbid this ever happens again, yet I suspect that the elites are working very hard at putting us right back in their line of fire.

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