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Tessa, WHAT a GREAT essay. The visual images really convey what is going on. I am striving to be as kind and light filled as possible to combat the darkness coming down on us. I also was pushed in July to write this book which chronicles the shared experience of unvaccinated people and also shows how the vaccines don't work as we had been promised. I also talk a lot about death, injuries and propaganda. I'd like to mail you a copy. I think we have corresponded by email so I'll email you. it's nice to have so much info in one place. You know it all, but it's like a keepstake. How weird this world is!

The book is called "Unvaccinated-Our Turn to Talk" and is on Amazon.

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tessa, you and sage need to make a movie out of this.

after your quadruple album of course ;)

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Jimmy Dore said recently that he's lost respect for a lot of people, which means he's lost many friends, and like you, he's waiting for them to come to their senses.

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I like your "habits" model, this makes a lot of sense to me!

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"Impunity" is too dangerous for society to allow.

The elites who all coordinated, without truth or transparency, knowing that they were lying/misrepresenting facts, for expediency, all appear to believe that they will always maintain control of the societal narrative.

Why? How?

It is as if something is coming which will remove the question.

Am I wrong in that?

It seems like a sprint to the finish.

What would be "the finish"?

I don't have "the-answer", though I am looking at scenarios which would be "a finish" for the world as we have known it. Such things have happened to life on this planet before, but we never thought of them as "threats", just ancient history.


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Top shelf as usual.

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Not that I listened to/watched this--

Both Charles and Tessa are cut from the same cloth, at the end of the day both speak in support of existing ruling powers/systems which renders them unable to bring anything new to the table.

Both speak of peace, harmony & love, Charles via his "love thy neighbor" view and Tessa through her "live by the heart" proclamations. Yet, when it comes to actually applying these noble sentiments to real change, both come up short falling into the same old trap of supporting the status quo by advocating what thousands of years of human civilization has shown us over & over again simply does not work. Always, without fail, force-based ruling systems slowly blow up in our faces via horrifying atrocities ever-expanding in both depth and scale.

As is typically, exhaustingly the case with folks attempting to speak toward positive change in the world the root of things is never seriously approached nor acknowledged, let alone addressed. As (some) doctors know, without knowledge of the ultimate cause of any given malady, one is doomed to treat only symptoms. The disease, an indication that something is amiss/not being attended to in the bodily system, remains and we suffer without end.

All the so-called peace, love & harmony among us, how will this then serve as remedy? In fact, these have the opposite effect, one of side-stepping root cause and perpetuating suffering through the application of mental self-medication/deception known as "belief". Charles & Tessa, while no doubt well-intended, do nothing to inspire real change among the herd, say nothing that might rally it in a new direction nor act to amass any kind of conscious force among humanity whereby existing systems may be peacefully rendered obsolete.

Sadly, the net effect of all their writings/talkings is to lull us into some narcotic haze where we wander 'round in circles telling each other that "love will win the day". The painful truth is that within each of us, love has not at all been victorious. We are unable/unwilling to see is that the "love" we believe we possess & hold precious in our hearts & imagine that we are living out in our lives is pure vanity, a mental construction existing as thought/idea, a mere picture we hang on the wall and not at all a tangible, conscious spirit presence. Empty of this presence and relying exclusively upon the mind and it's petty, identity-based reactive emotions we are utterly unaware that we are habitually & compulsively supporting a mental conceit of colossal proportions. The effect of this upon us all is nothing short of devastating.

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You won't believe it? The CDC/FDA have ordered Pfizer to investigate (IN HOUSE) the suggestion that their Vax causes Myocarditis! Over a 5 year period??? I doubt if they'll find a connection????

Unbelievably, this 'investigation' to be undertaken by the SAME UNSCRUPULOUS PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING MONEY FROM THE POISONS!

Most VAXXED will die before completion of the ridiculous, unrealistic, LONG-TERM 'investigation' into Post Vax MYOCARDITIS!

What a joke the FDA & CDC are and probably incentivised by Big Pharma?

REINSTATE LIABILITY and this carnage will cease overnight. Hopefully taking Pfizer and the other conspirators into a speedy BANKRUPTCY.

Pfuck PayPal for failing to get Adolf Schwab's (WEF) agreement to apply $2500 fines for any Customer daring to denigrate Covid tactics, mentioning 'DEATH BY VAX' or even suggesting trying safer, proven alternative pre-existing medicines like IVERMECTIN!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to fight Vax Tyranny which is really a DEPOPULATION program.

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A nice example of the two-sides game is showing up right now in bitcoin. Until last week the public face of bitcoin advocates was strictly "right-wing", including many of our familiar realists. The public anti-coiners were strictly Woke, ESG all the way, mocking the "incels" on the pro-coin side.

Now that the "election" is over, Bankman-Fried's massive contributions are no longer needed, so his FTX bitcoin empire is being exposed and collapsed along with all the others. Regular establishment sites like Fortune mag and the Ankler substack are detailing his complex WEF-flavored mess.

The Woke anti-coiners can';t absorb this sudden switch. They're still mocking the "antisemitic" "conspiracists" in the supposedly Incel group... but in this case the regular establishment agrees with the "conspiracists".

Traditionally, most theories are sort of true in broad outline but wildly embroidered. In recent years the facts have been frontrunning the embroiderers.

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A conspiracy has to be hidden, or not well-known. The Great Reset fails the litmus test.

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Yes. They are unions. Doctors lawyers politicians pharmaceutical manufacturers. & it's an adversarial system, by design. Designed to bring the best, the cream to the surface when rigorous debate & presentation of argument hypothesis theory is presented for the scrutiny of the public. & within the unions. In theory. So how come they look like "legitimised " glorified Mafia & drug dealers? They function to the benefit of all & themselves on the Provisional condition that they all , as actors act in good faith. Ram Lila.Material benefit should come when so acting, but a faith & devotion to believing that acting with integrity, with universally agreed convictions of moral precepts can only be practiced (universally) if all the actors also believe in intangible or immaterial benefit......^....*. (..But we have no universally agreed code of moral precepts. All the religions laws medics etc attempt such framing of moral codes (10 commandments laws of the land etc) but they all seem subject to provisional rationalising of our/their actions (the elites patriarchs)(or the actions of those "made in the image of (god) claiming a hotline to god to speak on his/her/non-gender specific behalf). So convenient- Don't kill- (humans)-but animals ok. Presumed but not specified. In the bible. Then eating them, selling them, depriving them of autonomy- supposedly for our & others & their benefit- that's ok. (They wouldn't survive or exist otherwise- rationalising).But one (universal non-sectarian & (claimed) eternal (noble)path of practice (Dhamma) that did ask it's devotees to abstain from all actions at the foundational level-even at the level of thought- that harm any beings peace or happiness-certainly autonomy , ie "l take refuge in the (qualities) of Buddha, Dhamma & Sangha" is there. And was given as the inheritance or legacy of all humans & celestials. And will, of necessity, both antithetically and antidotally energe out of this dark time)....cont........^.......*...& that such intangible or immaterial benefit or "assets" or "legacy" or volitional conscious "spiritual " (internal) companionship (intangible

immaterial) has far greater value than ephemeral material & sensual gratification. Both immediately,

in the long run & day to day, month to month.............................¥...(Material comforts, sensual gratification being subject to floods, fire,theft,fulfilling conditions of vaccination passports, performance of inane & meaningless rituals of sectarian dogma driven face diaper wearing & pcr rat tests,separation from (material requisites), having to wage war on external imaginarily constructed & invisible enemies(ln the sense that the "enemy" -the "other"- representing all of our own- individually & collectively- spiritual enemies- what we cannot or are unwilling to take responsibility for, within ourselves or our communities civilizations- nothing more than the first noble truth- of suffering, (germs, ideological apostates, thought criminals- ) - in defence of the empire. Defending the barricades- from the deplorables- our own communities.)......................................¥.... ....................And having a community one feels safe within, to express vulnerability grief joy wonder perplexity confusion ignorance whatever, .............#

...(which is so obviously necessary now- & to which the generals & majors of captured medical political media corporate cartels can no longer "legitimately" service. & it's obvious- the public is traumatised, lost, betrayed & awakening.... ......to the enormity of the task ahead. General & major despair , it's perpetuation & profiteering from constructed or projected misery...................₩....(within themselves which they cannot or are unwilling to take responsibility for- not knowing-or having experienced a path out of their own suffering)-........₩ ...is the fruit from medicines toxic or bitter seed. Laws of nature playing out.It's sad really. It's dukkha........................€ (Interestingly many western academic intellectuals , having found fault in religious dogma or practice, embracing the "god is dead" or agnostic atheistic position, would appear to share this in common with what is commonly understood of "buddhist" theory- no gods- no soul. But this is not correct. Siddharth guatama, according to the text, visited or transported himself to the celestial realms, not to be granted favours or boons but to share his experiencal understanding of the path out of suffering. And to give it to them, according to merit, as it ripened within the celestial aspirants, understanding that they, like humans & all living beings were caught within the "wheel of suffering- birth & death"- And they practiced it, got benefit & were grateful.Buddha understood that humans could not be favoured by gods, cursed by devils, but only be the beneficiaries or victims of their own actions & volitions . Whether acting freely & pro actively or reactively- under coercion or subjectication. All being subject to, and not masters of or inventors of, universal non-sectarian & eternal laws of nature.Yet, western "intellectuals"- having discarded various theistic "dogma" & ritual practice- condemning it- are susceptible to the actual practices of the various theistic paradigms- animal slaughter & consumption (of animal corpses & also willingly embrace sectarian rituals as signals of (false) virtue/piety- which are in no way universal & are transient being subject to the moving feast of "following the science"- masks, vaccine passports, no jab no job, pcr rat tests..........................€

............... These perpetrators are now the lowest caste in hell.Within themselves. And they are trapped, they have been gamed, groomed, they need a lot of compassion- and amnesty. For sure. Even if they are unaware of it- cognitively dissonant- disassociated- the ones who jump ship- and whistleblow- the Peter McCulloughs even though subject to censure, castigation etc, they are the lucky ones, the fortunate- it doesn't look that way- to them or those remaining within the double prisonof the medico pharma dependent cartel- but the world & the spiritual realities we live within have levels or realms of apparent truth & deeper levels of actual truth- simultaneously that we have to live with navigating this world- like that we are both gross or material with bones puss etc & are vibrating & pulsating atoms or kalappas) ...........................# which come as "side effects " "benefits" . But it doesn't seem to play out that way. Why? These unions- medical associations- political "parties"- armies- are only able to express solidarity & act forcefully & with influence

dependent on the individual actors agreeing, consciously or unconsciously to forfeit or sacrifice what has value to them(that is intangible) individually believing that , in return, a guaranteed wage or the possibility to achieve "power", or socially sanctioned "status" will or could result from such sacrifice of what is only really immaterial & intangible- such things as conscience universal love compassion tolerance etc. This is the Faustian pact or Mephistophelian bargaining waters we all have to navigate through as "rites of passage"- as youth & seemingly now- almost continuously- daily. & if you admit to anyone that your not only struggling to find the best path to navigate but even listening to, debating, reasoning with, seeking people to sound board of, mentor, their is armies, unions of predatory demonic hosts that will coerce mandate medicate vaccinate you. And they get paid to do it, the "paid to care" & medicate & vaccinate have status as experts, and have certainly sacrificed much more of their conscience, truth etc than you have to get to the top of the shit pile. Which is the lower realms of hell. Will you submit to them?Spiritual war alright. But it's always been a spiritual war, it always will be. & Mara is there, always, & nothing more than our own internal mental impurities defilements weaknesses. All the small sacrifices made to the altar of material comfort, to personal sensual gratification, of conscience, of truth, of unconditional love; they bare fruit, their is reaping.And they shut you up,censor & censure you & they are , supposedly, the cream of our " civilization".& l certainly have & l think most humans have sacrificed conscience truth unconditional love & other immaterial & intangible faculties as, it's just what we have to do, it's reality, get a grip on yourself, live in the real world, get a job ya hippy loser drugo sex fiend. I actually see this whole covid climate change thing, not as a psyop or a conspiracy theory etc but more like the taking flight of , of a intoxicatingly sensorially captivating & eternally present spiritual hunter, or adversary. Leviathan, Lucifer, Mara, fire dragon, whatever name you wish to ascribe. Nothing more than a symbol or projection or image of our own personal mental weaknesses Collectively. Individually & collectively. Not to in any way trivialise that.Or be flippant. It's profound. I think a good way to conclude this (unedited- will be edited) post is to consider wisdom & folly in terms of whenever there is renunciation or sacrifice there is always a filling of that vacuum with either an increase in folly or wisdom. With nature, whenever something that has great value to the individual or civilization is renounced freely voluntarily willingly nature will give back in return something of greater value & this is wisdom. Whereas folly acts such that whenever something of great value to nature or the individual or civilization is sacrificed or renounced & something of lesser value is given in return then this is foolishness. What has value? In the long run & immediately?

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