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Yes, nicely elucidated. I'd conceived of the famous product as the first test run of the new global stakeholder capitalism system. Government reduced to a role of bullying the population into a "need"; the attack on logic, science, our bodies and all things natural as a new mode of imperialism and a new mode of war. Derrick Jensen describes agriculture as the original scorched earth policy and that's what they're attempting here. Clear out the natural and roll in a constant stream of artificial inputs. As an indicator of what's to come it's already clear this leads towards a catastrophe on an unimaginable scale.

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I’m in this Greek mountain village, and a lady was just telling me how they have lost the local seeds for fruit and vegetables, that the older generation used to save from crop to crop.

Now they have to buy seeds that will not give a crop unless they use pesticides on them. (Which they also need to buy).

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Today's meme seems kind of odd, but I like the analogy presented by Thierry Meyssan that the Global War On Terror was World War Three and the "evil empire" lost and had to agree to some terms at the recent meeting between Putin and Biden.

Europe is having to foot the bill for now, but the price of the bill can be negotiated down, which is why Merkel wants to meet directly with Putin (and Macron). (NATO tool) Poland is currently objecting to that, but it looks inevitable. My personal opinion is that this negotiation was better settled before the global financial collapse/reset, so it could be less-worser. The days of the petrobuck are numbered. I just don't know what the number is.

Thanks for sending me this collection of articles, Eleni (in neocolonialized Greece). The one I found about the new war on domestic middle-aged white racist terrorists in America fits right in, since the same tactics that worked so well against Sunni and Shia Muslims can be readily adapted to work against woke and un-woke Americans.

First, the basis of the failed Global War On Brown People in oil and mineral places.

The Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine, by Thierry Meyssan

For two decades, the Pentagon has been applying the "Rumsfeld/Cebrowski doctrine" to the "wider Middle East". Several times, it thought of extending it to the "Caribbean Basin", but refrained from doing so, concentrating its power on its first target. The Pentagon acts as an autonomous decision-making center that is effectively outside the power of the president. It is a civil-military administration that imposes its objectives on the rest of the military.

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greed,like Goya's Saturn,is a profligate father that has to devour its children to survive

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Great article!

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Wow yes, the same premise that humans are fragile and dangerous. Powerful insight that reveals fundamental premise of so much going on. I’m curious when the next iteration of yourself may be.. from Tessa Fights Roboys, er Freudian typo, Robots to ...,??? I’m wishing to see your beautiful talents more fully anchored in your divine creatorship. As beautiful, spot on and needed as your commentary, insights and reflections on the evil ones are I sense so much power in describing the the seeds of potential, sprouts and future memories for humanity prevailing. And a world running on love, sovereignty, harmonious with the unified field of consciousness and celebrating so many shades and facets of our gifts and talents ... or something like that


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Perhaps this is a good opportunity to develop recipes for "Rich Meat", ETR (Eat the Rich) has been a growing movement among former peace-niks since Rousseau. Formerly an anti-capitalist slogan, it may well become the symbol of "capitalism for all", instead of the exclusive bankers' club socialism rails against.

Socialist's real objection is that the poor ( they) don't get to participate fully in Capitalism, yet socialism ends up producing the same dynamic between the politically advantaged and politically disconnected in the end. Always it is the battery of human society providing the energy, while those in "charge", hook up their engines to that current, and the rest of us provide the labor to maintain the machine. Call it what you will, all systems of authority end up the same.

As the media has portrayed since "Metropolis", Socialism must inevitably end in a dystopian future of technocracy. Who knew that Capitalism would do the same?

Now is the time to ask if the wolf, and the lion are the wisest species. Biology tells us carnivores harvest the energy gathered and concentrated in the bodies of herbivores. This is the natural prerogative followed by the elite. They dine on us. We are taught we are the herd.

We are asked to question our sexuality, our food, the stability of our planet (the Maunder Minimum can't come fast enough), our reality, our attitudes, our racial attitudes, our diets. But, whisper softly the one thing they do not allow us to question...could it be we are not really the herd?

Could it be we are a school of piranha?

Are we like Orca perhaps, and they, the whales we should prey on? Casino language! Hah!

No, that we are a herd, they will never ask us to question, because question begets question. That is, "do we really need governments?" The second is, "Can we live in a world without banks?" And the third is,"If we do the math, will it show taking all they own, 99 percent of all wealth, for us 7 billion to share is the best course of action for our kind?" What if the answer is yes?

A reduction in population will result in a smaller gene pool, likely reducing the chances that humans will eventually and naturally evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. Yet that seems to be the goal of those in charge. Rather than pursue a course to strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual existence, they are bent to destroying the human race while they fiddle around in the midst of the fire. Nero envies them.

Is it time to dine on the concentrated energy of wealth they have collected for the rest of us?

Before the French Revolution, it was the Nobility and the wealthy who enjoyed freedom! Before the US Constitution, the concept of God given rights was reserved for those with power. Those two changes, developed our human world for the better but as all machines must, it has gone the way of entropy.

I will have a Bilder-burger with Cheese with a side of Banker's fries, please, hold the mayo.

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Firstly I want to let you know I love your writing, your light touch for such a heavy situation is a tonic.

I find, living in Scotland, I have started growing food, spending time in nature and veneration the old Gods. There are others like me who's resistance- psychically, spiritually and physically has been to run towards nature. Somewhat counter-intuitively I feel better and more whole than at any time in my life.

Go figure.

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It needs a re-working but certainly the thrust is in the correct direction, Tessa.

Your analysis ends at the beginning: human livestock is what you are, always, never changing, the first thing. Money is a few things, one of them is the overseer with debt the whip ensuring compliance, for example.

So your fourth is actually the millenia-long first thing.

Here is something that may help Christians and others understand it., the bible with the proper words in it,. I will do print editions more sooner than later.

"Managing Your Human Herd: The Bible as Media Product"

"One of the most important aspects of Ending Slave Culture is recognizing Slave Culture.

Links below to a properly copy-edited Christian Bible. The following replacements have been made in the King James version:

‘The Slave Master’ copy-edited from ‘God’, 4,111 replacements.

‘Earth’ copy-edited from ‘earth’, 1,038 replacements.

‘Will’ copy-edited from ‘Spirit’, 176 replacements.

‘Self’ copy-edited from ‘Soul’, 1 caps; 536 lower case replacements

‘overseer’ copy-edited from ‘angel’, 299 replacements

‘The Free Man’ copy-edited from ‘the devil’, 44 replacements

‘The Free Men’ copy-edited from ‘the devils’, 15 replacements

‘complacent’ copy-edited from ‘holy’, 617 replacements

‘submission to the master’ copy-edited from ‘faith’, 247 replacements

‘docile, submissive’, copy-edited from ‘faithful’, 82 replacements

We know from life today that those who own the media, control the media. Owners control not just the message, but who can communicate the message, what words can be used to label different things and ideas. These are aspects of the narrative totally controlled by the owners, no one else.

When viewed for what it is, a media product, the Christian Bible message becomes clear. It is a piece of media meant to provide the basis for and practical applications for the practice of slavery. Produced by slave owners, slave masters who owned other people. How to manage your human herd. ...."


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the hate and ineptitude of the elite - projected onto the 99%. Show me one elite that has been a great artist, athlete, musician, or creator - over the last 500 years - and I'll eat my own foot...( and there is nothing great about Bill Gates - nor what he created)

They destroy what they aren't - which is anything beautiful, engaged, and free.

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Your Blue Ocean Strategy insights are rather gripping. I hadn't in any way considered this, though somewhere few years back I did come across that phrase and business position.

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This article is so spot on Tessa. What we're living under is not just a war on freedom, but a war on everything that is free, our immunity, our communities - they even want to control - and own - our imagination. I believe by hoovering up everything they can about people on social media they are trying to recreate, and then replace, our freely interactive existence with their digital - paid-for - version - a digital dungeon for the mind and soul. Love is free, friendship is free, the earth belongs to no one, and in truth there are no countries or borders, these are all deeply embedded fictions. People have been so blindly immersed in the illusion for so long they will fight you for trying to reveal it; it's worse than Stockholm syndrome, they already live in a mind-prison... Blake's 'mind-forg'd manacles'.

Perhaps we are at the point of reality or existence splitting, with those of us who remain free-thinking sheering away from the mind-manacled masses....

As a slight aside, have you ever considered that the black monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey looks very like a mobile phone? Screens are the portals into which they are luring minds, especially those of our young. And when I see here in the UK the government coercing even our youngest people into taking a vaccination they absolutely do not need, I want to weep. I am very glad to read your work Tessa, thank you.

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Very insightful Tessa I’d not consciously considered Human Resources in those 4 ways until now. Very enlightening. Neither had I considered my happy, healthy, natural approach to living could be interpreted by some as insulting and a threat to ‘progress’.

I resonate with what you wrote.

🤔 RESONATE, isn’t that one of those words I suspect the people who have become disconnected with nature, no longer deeply understand. The value of INSTINCT, INTUITION, INSIGHT and MAKING SENSE of the world, rather than just thinking about it, have similarly been forgotten.

Thank you for caring & sharing!

Ian 🤠🙏🏻🍃

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Brilliant, as usual!! Thank you! Sharing.... :)

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The other day I was exposed to COVID-19 at my job. I got tested because I have another job, and I tested negative. Now the county I work at says I can’t leave the house except to go to work where the ppl have COVID. All this because I’m not immunizatied. You can’t make this shit up unless you are Orwell or maybe Kafka.

At the same time, I’m reading an article called It Can Happen Here. Of course this article was the same partisan nonsense we’ve become used to in this brave new world.Never mentioned was the lockdowns, the almost mandatory gene therapy that we will all have to endure, or the tracking devices we will all soon carrying around to ensure compliance. I remember reading dystopian novels and wondering what totalitarianism will look like. Now we know. Like every abusive father, it is killing us but doing so “for our own good “ Nothing like have the spike protein of some genetically altered bat virus injected in our body. What could go wrong? So I’m gonna try to keep my natural immunity and thanks for sharing.

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I'd like to insert your artikel at polish blogsphere where I am wrighting my notes (with links to here). Could I?

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