In the last two days of patient consults, a little more than half of my patients brought up their grieving specifically for multiple COVID-vaccinated parents, relatives, co-workers and / or friends who were injured or killed in recent months following COVID vaccination.

Disclaimer, this information is skewed by my position as a naturopathic oncologist, as well as by the fact that I have never given or taken a vaccine in my 14-year medical career. My patients know this and have mostly come to the same position themselves, often before ever meeting me. So I doubt that we are representative of the rest of the population in our own medical choices. However, we should be somewhat more reliable statistically for the injured parties of our acquaintance.

Those injured parties would have mostly been labelled "unvaccinated" by the Orwellian Newspeak, but had all been recently COVID-vaccinated.

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Weakening Evil, blog post looks into the chinks in the armor of the vaccine-or-expulsion business model. The vaccines are so very far from being helpful to society.


The biggest weakness of TPTB is their cobbled-together narrative, which requires as much constant support as the New York Stock Exchange these days.

I have concluded from early February 2020 that the weapon leaked from Fort Detrick, Maryland in early June 2019:


That is sort of by-the-way, but it sets a timeline for Event 201 in mid October, where governments of the world war-gameda coronavirus pandemic. At that same moment, the US military was attending the Wuhan Games, the first military olympics attended by the US military. Numerous players could not compete, due to a mysterious viral pneumonia that hospitalized some of them.

Another consideration is that this was a SNAFU, not a planned release. there may well have been weaponized releases, such as the COVID pandemic hit Iran at that big funeral for (US assassinated) General Soleimani on January 7, 2020, but I don’t know.

The implication is that this narrative is thrown together on the fly, making it more fragile. Monitoring social media with AI lets the narrative turn on a dime, and amplify “favorable” fear trends, but there are some turns it won’t be able to negotiate. I think we are entering one.

Efforts applied earlier can be more effective. The earlier we call the vaccines making people sicker, the more minds will be lightly primed to notice it before some cover-up can be confabulated.

It’s not that the current narrative is void of truth, but that it may be exactly wrong, that can be a wake-up call.

This is not 100% certain to me. There is a specific mode of antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) of viral pathogenicity described here: https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/08/vaccines-help-delta.html

A support of this hypothesis is provided, in Israeli cases going up, up , up, and UK cases and hospitalizations and deaths ramping up among the vaccinated, more than among the unvaccinated recently.

Several trends in viral evolution to exploit host weaknesses are present. Some hosts are vaccinated with January 2020 alpha-COVID spike protein antibodies. Those are both (good) “Blocking antibodies” and (bad) “Enhancing antibodies”. There is a mixed cloud of helping, suppressing and ineffectually neutral antibodies as a viral host environment. Viral mutations that change the attack target of blocking antibodies are selected for. The viral mutants that are not affected will reproduce faster.

We take for granted that viral mutations will “make the virus immune to the vaccine” if the vaccine remains the same for a long time.

The worrisome feature is ADE, which occurred with all animal tests of coronavirus vaccines in the SARS and MERS period of scientific study. The vaccines worked in the test animals. They made antibodies. More of the vaccinated animals died when exposed to the viral challenge, than did unvaccinated animals… every time.

It seems that a booster shot of Pfizer increases a waning benefit in the short term. That can only be the case while the blocking antibody effect exceeds the enhancing antibody effect, which will depend upon how long a viral strain has been mutating in this particular environment of vaccinated hosts. Some very successful strain will arise somewhere, and spread predominantly, due to escape from blocking antibody effects, and then, increasingly, from further mutations that exploit the helping hand of enhancing antibodies.

This kind of progression has now been documented in a Vietnamese hospital, locked down for 2 weeks while a specific delta-COVID variant spread among the vaccinated hospital staff. It was distinct from what was in the community. It caused viral loads (number of viral particles per drop of snot) to be 251 times as high as what had been found a year and a half earlier, using the same techniques in the same area. The delta-COVID in the vaccinated had a whole lot more reproductive success than the alpha-COVID in unvaccinated people had in early 2020. https://www.johndayblog.com/2021/08/vaccine-diamond-princess.html

Explain this clearly now, and the benefits of your words will be amplified as time unfolds.

It’s not just incompetence, IT’S BETRAYAL!

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections

Results SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13.06-fold (95% CI, 8.08 to 21.11) increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021. The increased risk was significant (P<0.001) for symptomatic disease as well.


US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, "All Cause Severe Morbidity"


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Whatever turns out to be true in the short/long term about the vaccinated/*un*vaccinated profile of those who succumb to complications from SARS-CoV2, what remains solid and undeniable beneath the commercial/political narrative-construction, is that we are experiencing a pandemic of those with metabolic dysfunction and other co-morbidities. If those in charge of laying out editorial pages and scheduling lacquer-headed interviews, and those in the public-health-industrial complex, were actually interested in preserving lives, rather than boosting other objectives, the focus would be there.

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PCR test "which in itself is a work of art" . missleading. it is inappropriate to be using it as a test in the first place. To many false positives and negatives.

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Sep 2, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

So, anyone who dies from an mRNA clot shot before 2 weeks AFTER the second injection cannot by definition be considered the death of a vaccinated person? Well that makes perfect sense. After all, it is well established that this is an epidemic of the unvaxxed, and the hard data of these deaths clearly support that conclusion.

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Sep 1, 2021Liked by Tessa Lena

Hi Tessa,

Another excellent analysis.

But please check on the following from your essay:

"According to the CDC, a person within the first 14 days of the first dose of a two-dose v-e or the first dose of the one-dose v-e is considered unv-d. Same is true for anyone whose status is not available."

I am fairly sure that the CDC does not consider a person to be V'd until 14 days after the second dose of a two-dose product.

Algorithm for Algebra Enthusiasts: If you get your first dose on Day 0, and your second dose x days after the first dose on Day 0+x, then you are not considered fully V'd until Day 0+x+14.

If I have misinterpreted what you meant, feel encouraged to clarify.

Your devoted & intrepid (but human, so occasionally incorrect) volunteer proofreader,


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If I was a bingo-playing woman...

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This is a remarkably detailed and researched open letter about vaccine-adverse events and deaths, from Steve Kirsch, Director of COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund. Maybe something like 1/3 of COVID deaths could be vaccine deaths. The data collection and categorization makes it impossible to tell from what is publicly presented.


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Thanks as always, Tessa. You went back and forth, using both the abbreviated and non abbreviated for "vaccine" and "unvaccinated" in the article. Did you intend this?

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A "Covid patient" is one whose diagnosis code reflects "Covid" from a false PCR allowing medical providers to be reimbursed (paid off) at a higher rate.

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It's not just like changing the definition of murder to include insulting someone's mother. It's like contorting the definition of murder to only count if they died >14 days after a murderous act like stabbing them in the heart or shooting them in the head. The vast majority of the vaccine deaths and major adverse reactions are occurring within the first 14 days.


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The lady in the picture is kinda hot though not gonna lie.

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Confused? Were working on the vaccine for that. It's called the "confusion-enhancer". You'll also need two booster shots before it kicks in. Until then, you're un-f-ked.

To your health, Tracy

Author: A New Theory of Cure

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The common denominator to the plandemic is not the intense propaganda but the VIOLENCE perpetrated by those among ourselves who for whatever idiotic reasons follow orders. Yes Tessa, language plays a major role but to quote from the Declaration of Independence :

"In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury".

Not much happened till George Washington mounted his horse. As a matter of fact tyrans do not stop at their free will. Before long the unpleasant choice would be inevitable. The "vaccinated " are already walking dead.

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