It was the absurdity of it all that bothered me most. Daily life was like taking part in a theatre of the absurd and I couldn't understand why everyone was going along with it. It was like everybody had lost their minds.

The final straw was when I saw a man drag his toddler away from a playground that was tied up with 'Danger - do not cross' tape. He said to her "No you can't play on the swings until the government says it's safe".

I took scissors out of my bag and cut off the tape and the 'danger' signs wherever I saw them.

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"Protect your spirit, because you are in the place where spirits get eaten." ― John Trudell

Yes, they feed on us, on our energies, on our pain, distress, fears, anger. This is like being in a toxic relationship or being with toxic friends who are resentful when you are happy and oddly satisfied when they have brought you down or when you have encountered some misfortune.

The title of this piece was perfect, as were all the ideas expressed in it! Particularly, the deliberate suppression of our humanity and vital energy, which was indeed also stolen in the past by religion. The River of Freedom trailer was great, it is always heart-warming to see and hear real human beings!

The covid lockdowns were an important step towards dehumanization, the outlawing of something as fundamental to our humanity as touch.

I believe that it was deliberate because it is part of the shifting of humanity towards the machine, robots, AI and transhumanism. First they suppress the need for human connection and its natural expressions, then they propose to redirect and fulfill this need with digital AI "friends" (it is already happening), robot "animals" (as in nursing home) and robot "people" (they will make robot partners available who will, being programmable, appear to be a perfect fit - better than any human being ever could - to customers).

It is a long term strategy but they are not finished with lockdowns due to "pandemics" (biological weapons) and to "climate emergencies".

Bottom line: they need us to be wired to the machine so they can control us completely from the outside and the inside. They are control freaks, yet, on a side note, we don't hear psychiatrists diagnose their pursuit of absolute dominant power and control as being a pathology, which tells us all we need to know about mainstream psychiatry, which is part of the monstrous system and one of its enforcers.

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Plandemic. Excluding the vaccine controversy, here’s what they learned;

- Authoritarians could get most of the world to bow to their will over a well-played phantom menace.

- They could dispense with the Nuremberg Codes overnight.

- They could oust political leaders they didn’t like.

- They could eliminate Informed Consent.

- They could inflict a biological clinical trial onto a purported 5.5 billion people.

- They could get most everyone to disregard the long-standing VAERS (Vaccine Event Reporting System) safety data.

- They could potentially collect billions of DNA samples via PCR testing.

- They could convince young and healthy people to believe they were in mortal danger when they weren’t.

- They could redistribute wealth to their distinct advantage.

- They could show people who fancy themselves as sovereign who’s really sovereign.

- They could reinvent the medical landscape to fit a No-Rights agenda and make it sound virtuous or, at least, inescapable.

- They could use pandemic panic to accelerate the WEF’s Agenda 2030.

- They could sucker otherwise learned, intelligent people to walk in lockstep to lunacy.

- They could use the political divide to their advantage.

- They could monetize hospitals into killing patients by denying proper care and blaming it on covid.

- They could make everyone believe there is actually such a thing as a non-essential worker. Newsflash: All workers are necessary, valuable, and essential.

- They could make contact tracing, passports, and vaccine compliance cards sound perfectly reasonable in supposedly free countries.

- They could lord over the medical and scientific community over an unsequenced, unconfirmed, unproven-to-exist virus.

- They could confuse and destabilize critics with a barrage of hypocrisy and lies that you know…move at the speed of science.

- They could fool most into believing masking and distancing worked so well it eradicated influenza.

- They could use a fake emergency to do anything they want, anytime they want, to anyone they want. They hopped in a boat to arrest a lone paddle boarder. Remember?

- They could get people so frightened and confused they’d horde toilet paper. ???

- They could disrupt supply chains that led to empty shelves that contributed to sky high food prices among other economic hardships..

- They could make it so they didn’t have to follow their own draconian protocols at all but you’d lose your job, education, or military service if you didn’t.

- They could cull the herd via stress associated alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicide.

- They could make people believe their deadly, killer virus could be rendered harmless by plexiglas, restaurant tables or, protesting (for the “right” cause).

- They could make elbow bumping great again.

- And, the greatest evidence that their brainwashing was 99% effective…..

…..Music masks. Masks with a hole through which to play a musical instrument.

Seriously. In any other circumstance you couldn’t make this level of stupidity up and expect anyone to believe it. Bravo to the hypnotists. Well played.

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It’s a clown show start to not yet finish. As Stephen Frost astutely states, it has been psychological torture. The victims are not seeking out punishment as masochists do. This is cultural rape and murder for power and plunder.

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If only people would wake up.

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This whole thing has traumatized me. Not only are we losing all our most basic rights and freedoms--the kind even ancient slaves and serfs in the middle ages enjoyed--we will soon become chattel of sadists. The same kind who delight in doing unspeakable things to helpless children on islands.

No one believes me when I share my fears. So, I am still alone after lockdown. This knowledge combined with the past 3 years keeps me up at night and sick to my stomach all the time.

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That was the best recap of the sick, twisted insanity much of the world fell for starting March 2020. It was, and still is the most hideous spectacle of evil mass influence most living humans have ever seen outside Holocaust survivors. When I see the soft minded still wearing masks to this day I must suppress the urge to become a murdering bastard.

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Really good point Tessa Lena.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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Thank you, Tessa. This is indeed an important lens with which to comprehend the cooties theater. Ditto the illuminating power of fairytales. The one big lesson I've talen from the last few years is that both superstition and a compulsion for engaging in perfomative piety are brightly alive in many of those, indeed most of those, who consider themselves "rational" and follow the so-called "science."

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Thank you for your service during the madness. Just in case the Powers that be are stupid/arrogant/ psychotic enough to try it out again this winter. :)

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Dear Tessa, Let's make some soup! Shall we?


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As usual a top shelf essay. The COVID cult-like behavior continues, and you have made the brilliant connection to S&M. If Marquis de Sade was alive today, he would be in "COVID Ecstasy."

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About the doctor with the vape clouds and masks-- that's Dr. Ted Noel.

For those who don't do video:

Boom! Dr. Ted Noel Demonstrates That Aerosol Will Not Be Stopped by Man

Mask Demo (Quick and Dirty Version)

from Doctor Ted with Careful Consideration for Our Common Concerns


Published May 15, 2022



DR. TED NOEL [wearing a blue surgical mask]: So without further ado let's cut to the chase and take a look at an ordinary surgical mask. And I'm using a vape. [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] As you can see, that vape which has aerosols the same size as covid-19 or larger [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] goes through and around a surgical mask.


[wearing a cup mask] Now if we take a cup mask and have a good look at it, here we go. [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] Notice it goes right through the mask easily and goes in every direction. The aerosol is not affected by the mask in any material form.


Now we look at surgical mask with a foam strip to protect above

and keep my glasses from fogging. [now wearing the surgical mask with foam strip] [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] Lo and behold, the aerosols go all around it. It has no effect on me spreading aerosols to you.


[in a blue cloth mask] Now a cloth mask I borrowed from my wife. Once again, here we go, boom! Straight through and around. [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the mask and the sides of the mask] It has no effect on the spread of aerosols. They go everywhere.


[shows package containing Guard mask] And then I went and bought a Guard mask with a high efficiency filter material. That one? Here we go, watch for it. [now wearing in mask] Through and around. [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] It had no effect on the vape aerosol which, remember, is the same size or larger.


Now I don't have an N95 mask, I have these shop respirators where they could put all kinds of things in them [pointing to filters] but they're like an N95 because when you breathe out everything goes out through a valve. [puts on mask] [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] Guess what? It might protect me from you, it sure isn't going to protect you from me. Let's look at that again. Boom! [puts on mask] [exhales, clouds of white smoke come out of the sides of the mask] Any mask with a button on it has a valve that lets everything go from you to your neighbor. It has no effect on anything.


I think you can get the picture now. There is absolutely nothing that any of these masks do to protect you from me. And the fact is that unless I have a mask which is fully sealed and where I breathe through the filter material both directions, and I have a really high quality filter, nothing is going to protect in either direction. Because just the same way that the vape went out, around, and through, it will come in, around and through. Aerosols will not be stopped by man.

You don't need a big study. All you need is this [holds up vape] because the aerosol here is actually larger in molecular size than the aerosol from your breath. And because your breath has a smaller tighter aerosol, just because it can't be seen ordinarily, that aerosol will go everywhere. It gets through easier, it gets around easier.

Masks. Guard masks. Cloth masks. What are they good for? Oh, here's what they're good for. If I'm going to cough, they make it so I don't have to do this [coughs into a stack of what appears to be Kleenex] and catch the aerosol. Or here [indicates behind his shoulder]. Or pull out a handkerchief and do it.

They don't work.

Remember, I am a doctor. I do not play one on TV.



# # #


Dr. Ted Noel's podcast is


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the s&m angle fits with my hypothesis that the cabal want to torture us just as much or maybe even more than they want to kill us. Yes, they feed off our life-affirming energy but they also feed off our pain. And whichever the case, they want to max out our suffering before they finish us off.

Not exactly a way to make friends, which I think dooms their sadistic little plot.

btw “the chernobyl exclusion zone has become home to a host of rare and endangered species”

true that. Birds, trees, fish, wildlife. Mutating and having all kinds of reproductive issues and birth defects.

Same to a lesser extent in iraq and kosovo where clinton and bush dropped all those depleted uranium bombs

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On a side note, I reckon this Microsoft water news will infuriate you - https://gizmodo.com/microsoft-water-usage-ai-iowa-data-center-1850826419

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Thanks for compiling all this together. It could be used in a court case!

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