Essential and beautiful!

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Food for thought indeed. By the way, I do believe that there is a peculiar type of power --which is not neutral and and is mighty-- attached to the symbolism of money (and money is a symbol). Of course it has a strong relation with power itself which makes the two addictions (to money and power) difficult most of the time to distinguish. Wealth is not quite the same either, but somehow money condensates wealth.

And as a footnote, I got my first paper in English on the Great Reset published by Paul Cudenec int the Winteroak. Not on such a different topic actually. https://winteroak.org.uk/2022/05/30/francis-a-pope-of-the-poor-a-pope-for-the-environment-or-a-pope-of-the-global-elite/?fbclid=IwAR0lDkMS5iieX9GcRK9pI8IMdJY4IjBkbJGB8d_F2KnNTK_9_ngZYBzNul8

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I love your thinking. It resonates so deeply for me. I didn't like it at the time, but two organisations who tried to sack me in return for my honesty did me a wonderful - if backhanded - 'kindness'.

I could have bowed down, ignored their embedded corruption and become a grudging, disillusioned but quiet collaborator, right until I retired. So many of us take the easier route.

But instead I spoke up, got mentally savaged, secured victories over them, departed their clutches and this extended ordeal opened my eyes to the widespread, even global extent of their mendacity. This felt like it was stored up ready to be unleashed, then inflicted upon those who try to be honest and open.

I have never sensed that there was any angel helping me, sadly. It all seems to have come from within. Maybe that's where the good angels live?

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Thanks. Your second to last paragraph the higher, spiritual subversion of Schwab's 'you vill own nothing, and be heppy'. As for viruses/their proteins staying in cells and permanently affecting behaviour - very salutary in light of past 2 years.

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I absolutely loved this. I also found it so synchronistically timed for myself. Last night I awakened in the midst of a nightmarish dream and it felt spiritually parasitic. I found myself yelling aloud- deep voice- trying to sound scary to whatever was invading in my dream- stating "I am scarier and worse than you! Leave!" "You are not welcome here!" I felt it was something evil. But it was on the other side of a door, also a portion had an invader in my home. A person zombie- like- in my kitchen in the shadows. The dream kind of jumped around from scene to scene. The next thing I know, I was nudged- by my husband who noted my upset. The nudge hit me just as I was seeing a bulge come through a door at me- like a hand.....really freaky! I then was relieved and remember stating "I'm scared, that was scary," repeatedly. Then I went right into calling upon angels for protection and repeating "Thank you thank you!", repeatedly. I don't generally recall my dreams so vividly nor yell during them. When I awoke, it must have been around when I received this article of yours....Says about 1:30 AM. Upon arising in the morning is when I noticed I had received your article around that time. I also noted that the prior day was a 6/6/6 day.......6th month, 6th fay, 2022 (adding up to 6) I was in the midst of the dream at the close of that day It hadn't even dawned on me- the actual date- before this......Sorry so long winded on this, but I really felt I had to share this as I was reading your article. It was like medicine for me. I feel more balanced. Thank you. You have a true gift in your "craft". Keep doing what you do.

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Good reminders Tessa. Your essay reminded me of a yogic saying, "there is nothing but air under our feet."

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And the paragraph: Here's how I think it works...and the one that has Being human is beautiful... put them together and stick it on the refrigerator, because that is the truth about being human.

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Beautifully written Tessa - I am new to substack and still finding my way and searching for the word. Thank you for the inspiration

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I think we had some similar thoughts on Tuesday.

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Great article!

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Lovely! 💕

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Michael Hudson's latest essay focuses on the urgent choices that face the food-importing nations this summer, especially those with $US debts to pay.

I​ am greatly appreciative of Professor Hudson's persistence in bringing this attack upon humanity by global multinational financial-capitalist interests​ to global attention.

​Professor Hudson's analysis of the $US global hegemony, even without the backing of gold, was the book "Super Imperialism". He did not intend this, but his book became the intellectual foundation for the Nixon/Kissinger/Saudi "Petrodollar" arrangement. No current economist elucidates global capital flows and trade considerations better, or more nobly than Michael Hudson.​

​ My personal read is that the WEF & Friends Great-Reset plans have gotten out of synch with events on the ground, but that there is no way to change those plans, now in motion. The world was supposed to become more compliant and fearful with COVID. Some did. Others became warned and vigilant. Russia was forced to fight Ukraine, either by attacking or being attacked. Financial/economic sanctions were to crush the Russian economy, removing Russian options for economic action, paralyzing Russia. They did not. Russia is not paralyzed, currently has cash and oil and gas and grain and a level of trust and respect which is growing in the world.

The food and fuel crisis was to increase costs to "global south" countries, so that they would be unable to buy food, fuel and to also pay their $US debts. They would be forced to comply with some new regime, which would further reduce their national rights and their national abilities to feed their people and economies. They already have the minimal economic levels for these needs, as they are commodity-exporters to global financial capitalism, and should keep all costs down, so that profits accrue to global financiers.​

​ This card is now being played, but instead of having no-choice-but-compliance, these nations now have a global champion who has weathered the attack of western-finance and NATO, has oil, gas, wheat, and fertilizer, and has enough budget-surplus, despite supporting a war against NATO, to make good deals on oil, fertilizer, wheat, and even good-for-cheap anti-aircraft missile systems, if something like that would also be useful...​

​ The result is ... to be determined in these next few critical months...​ If the tipping-point has been passed, neoliberal globalism will lose power quickly.


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Tessa said, and I agree:

"If our parents, loving as they may be, don’t see our pure soul or ignore it, something doesn’t balance. The parents could be struggling and overworked, or they could be rich and busy—it’s not the material condition that makes the difference, it’s the spiritually intelligent love, the recognition of our soul. And so, if we don’t get “seen” as children for the uniqueness and beauty of our soul, something important never clicks, and we keep chasing ghosts, stuffing our being with all sorts of love substitutions."

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My God(literally, respectfully), this has to be, I think, your most mind- blowing, utterly profound article yet. Toxo's power in mice is

incredible and if mice, why not somehow people.

BTW, I tried writing one of the researchers with this possible

connection of a virus changing people). Toxo was irreversible, at

least ...so far. How amazingly tricky. What level of deception.

Apparently it's been around for a long time, too.

I wonder when it first arose?

Think of the horrifying possibilities for humans, turning off and

reversing that gene...permanently?

So many important themes, each one pertinent.

Thank you.

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When confused, I often turn to the proverbs, sayings and idioms from swedish tradition and history. Some of them go back before there are any written records at all, and I think that's a good testament to wisdom and truth, that it lasts ages. But it is also fun and useful in many ways to learnt the idioms and sayings of other peoples too.

This one is from Havamal (if I'm not confusng things): "Grass growing on the path between neighbours is a bad sign".

Came across this one, allegedly ukrainian/russian:

"The Goat sued the Wolf, and all that was left were the horns and the beard"

That kind of deeply layered lakonik truth holds much wisdom and anchors the spirit well, giving it the stregth to ride out any storm.

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